A Science-Fiction Horror Comedy?

Or … Is It the World We Live In?

Blockchain Nation is so unlike anything else I’ve written that I asked my friend and editor at Huntington Press (Deke) if he would read it and give me an opinion. I wasn’t submitting it to HP for publication because it had nothing to do with Las Vegas or gambling. I just wanted a book industry pro to tell me what he thought of it.

A week later, Deke told me he thought it was the best thing I’d ever written, but “there isn’t a publisher on the planet that would touch it with a ten-foot pole.”  It didn’t surprise me. Publishers prefer manuscripts that fit into any of a dozen common genres, like science fiction, romance, western, mystery, etc.

Blockchain Nation could be classified as sci-fi or horror, but it had three characteristics that didn’t fit the standard formulas for those genres. First, it was sexually explicit. Second, it was politically incorrect. Third, it was too funny to be taken seriously as anything other than a satire of whatever genre it was reaching for.

The Story:

Ten years after the crypto-concussion devices had opened the doors to the parallel universes, Wally Denton was still trying to find a universe with rules he could tolerate. He’d never thought of himself as a rebel. But dodging the fouchies, the bugs, the billies, and the squealers as they chased him from universe to universe, where every runhole he fell into had ever more repressive rules and brainwashed followers, was quickly radicalizing him.

He’d had no run-ins with the Blockchain authorities until the Sovereign Brain outlawed glopping the playground. He couldn’t help it if he was addicted to prayer. Nor could he understand why they would pass laws against normal everyday activities. He tried to explain to the stompers that he was a nilly, even identified as a nilly on his slaver’s license. Didn’t nillies’ lives matter?

They threatened him with Kansas. That terrified him. There was no coming back from Kansas. Was there no way out?  All he wanted was to escape the reach of the universally-feared Interblockchain Brilliance Authority.

Blockchain Nation is a novel for adults. It deals with adult themes and many scenes might be disturbing to some people.

Blockchain Nation is available at Amazon as a 240-page paperback for $16.95, or in ebook (Kindle) format for $2.99.

You can read the first two chapters of Blockchain Nation by clicking FREE PREVIEW below.

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