Biden’s Private Jet

Simon Parkes said that Biden had filmed his Oval Office Executive Order signings on a Los Angeles movie set.  See my posts about that set here and here.

Now Roger S. has come up with an interesting piece of data that supports Parkes’ contention that Biden has been in L.A.

The Boeing 737 private jet on which Biden flew to DC for the inauguration left Van Nuys, CA (L.A.) on Monday, January 18.  It flew all the way to Wilmington, non-stop, in order to fly Biden the half hour from Wilmington to Andrews the next day.

These jets are available for charter for $12,000 to $19,000 an hour and you typically have to pay for round trip even if you only fly one way.

If the plane had flown to NYC before Wilmington, we might believe some Hollywood type had chartered the plane and it just happened to be convenient for Biden to rent.  But straight to Wilmington?

There are lots of these luxury Boeing 737 business jets available for charter, especially on the East Coast, that would have been a lot cheaper to rent, unless Biden did indeed have to fly in from L.A.

But if Biden did fly into DC to be there on the 20th, it raises another conundrum.  If he was in DC on the 20th, why didn’t he sign his Executive Orders in the real Oval Office?  More on that tomorrow.

Roger S. points out other odd connections between the photo in an article about the jet and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.  Check out his full comment here.

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