Biden’s White House Photographer

Reader Anon Amous points out that the Biden administration hasn’t made any photos public yet on the official White House website.  h/t to him for the links that launched this post.

There’s an official White House photographer named Adam Schultz and we’re told by the media that Biden’s been busy busy busy.  Why isn’t anyone posting Scultz’s photos of Biden at work?

On the White House Instagram page there are a couple of canned photos of Fauci and a transgender woman in the military.  There’s an obviously cut and pasted photo of Biden and a workman around a giant copy of a supposed Biden EO.

There are a bunch more photos of Biden posters and supposed Biden EOs.  It’s the fakest Instagram account ever.

The only supposedly on-the-spot photo of Biden is a suspicious one of him walking in the WH Children’s Garden in his shirtsleeves on Friday when the high in DC was 50 degrees.  A runner might wear a shirt and T-shirt at that temp.  But an elderly guy going for a stroll?

Here’s that post.

The message at the side says:

After a busy first few days, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took a walk through the White House grounds after their first weekly lunch on Friday.

Those low plants along the path edge are covered in yellow flowers on January 22?  I’ve seen other photos of that path in the winter where the edging plants are purple ornamental kale.  The White House gets snow in the winter.  There have been plenty of freezing days there this season.

In any case, here’s Wikipedia on the Chief Official White House Photographer.  And here’s Wikipedia on Adam Schultz, who worked on the Biden basement campaign and was supposedly just appointed to the White House Photographer job.  Here’s Schultz’s photography studio.

Here’s Schultz’s Instagram page.  Not a single photo since the campaign.  No inauguration photos.  Tom Hanks supposedly threw a star-studded inauguration party at the White House that night, so where are the photos of that?

Where are the photos of Biden signing EOs or talking on the phone to Putin?

Schultz supposedly took those pictures of the Bidens’ dogs on the White House lawn.

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10 thoughts on “Biden’s White House Photographer”

  1. Look at their shadows. Those are not shadows that is produced at lunchtime. Not only that but if you look at weather history for Washington DC around lunchtime that day it was mostly cloudy.

  2. Hey Arnold.
    With all the EO continued to sign off by CB and since the white house lights were off for the last few days and on American Media Periscope one of the guests stated that the white house is permanent closed, where do you think he’s signing the EO from? CB has been signing EO almost everyday since he took office. Hoping the military would happen soon so all the EO would not be legal.

  3. FYI, still no official WH photos.

    And thank you for your post about the cannon blasts. I was researching the same an the duck machine led me to your site where I found your research and commentary making mine both inferior and redundant.

    The more I think of this cannon salute issue, the more of a story it tells. Ships and shores used this comm as a simple code for “I do not intend to kill you”. As far as foamy mouthed Belgian Malinois not barking goes, this tell tail is like a Buick hurled by tornado.

    1. Anonymous, you notice how every single outlet used WaPo footage?

      You notice how the Walter Reed vaccine distribution was an empty cafeteria with one guy getting a shot?

      You notice how the door Joe and Jill came out of was the same “WH door” that was locked when they tried to enter it on “inauguration day?”

      Notice how it seemed like there were no reporters there at the White House? Just one or two? No other shouted questions? Where was the roar of the helicopter that Trump was always shouting over?

      That’s why Jill had to walk him out the door to kiss him good-bye. It was the fakest “leaving of the WH” and “trip to Walter Reed” I’ve ever seen.

      1. How cold was it in DC today? Under 30 degree? JB was wearing a short skirt. At her age, it must be very cold for her.

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