Buckle Up

Simon Parkes says he was told by his good source a few days ago, “Buckle up.”  Now Scott McKay’s sources seem to explain why.

Arrests, De Facto President, and the Collapse of the CCP

If you had a hard time with the posts on shrunken Hillary or Biden’s fake Oval Office, this is likely not the post for you.  Scott McKay says, “Arrests are already happening.”  He says his source gets intel from an NSA general.

McKay also says there is a shadow government going on right now that is controlled by the military.  The military is controlling everything important:  defense, commerce and trade, and the financial system.  He says late in the show that this is due to Trump invoking the Insurrection Act in response to the foreign involvement in the election fraud.

Note that Simon Parkes’ source said exactly the same thing about the military shadow government.

McKay also takes a call on his show from Cirsten W. Guest, who has a diplomatic source in Taiwan from Trump’s inner circle.  Guest reads an email from her source that says Trump is still de facto president.

She says what’s going on is the collapse of the CCP, and that Xi and Trump are making it happen together.  Note that Steve Bannon has said publicly that the CCP is in full collapse.

Note also that the source I’ve referred to as Great Source Terrible Timing has said for a year and a half that Trump and Xi get along great and have made a critical deal.  He gave only the general outlines of that critical deal, but it sounded like a kind of peace deal and dividing up of world territory.  But Great Source has openly worried about the possibility of things going wrong, leading to kinetic war.

Cirsten Guest’s source says that Xi will be stepping down from the CCP and an occupation force from Taiwan and the U.S. will help maintain order in China.  As you know, we’ve been moving naval assets into the South China Sea and General Flynn’s brother Charles has just been promoted to be in charge of Army forces in the Indo-Pacific Command.

She says that’s why we saw Trump change the diplomatic status of Taiwan.

She says everything happens in February and Trump’s status as de facto president will be made public in March.  (Parkes’ source thought it might take into April.)  She refers to things like the CCP’s control of U.S. media and politicians as the reason for the delay in making things public.

So as Trump works to make America great again, China is about to overthrow the CCP and become a real republic.  It’s going to be like the end of the USSR.

Scott McKay says he’s been saying for three years that there are four people working together to bring down the cabal (essentially the organized crime syndicate based in the UK and Europe that’s been controlling the world).  These four people are Trump, Xi, Putin and Modi.

I’m new to McKay, but Great Source Terrible Timing has said exactly the same thing and he’s not from the NSA or the diplomatic corp.

There’s more info on exactly how Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and China worked (China essentially owns Ukraine, apparently).  If you listen, it’s worth sticking with it through early technical problems in the show.

McKay deletes his shows on Youtube after a short time, so if you miss him there, he will be posting his show on Rumble here.

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4 thoughts on “Buckle Up”

  1. Xi Jinping, one of the most prominent members of the CCP, turning on his own party??? That’s HUGE. It’ll be interesting to hear him say why he did that. I also didn’t think Taiwan had a significant military force in their country, certainly not significant enough to take control of Beijing.

    It also looks like the Illuminati will finally be exposed to the light, and I can’t wait to see them whither away for good.

    1. 808, think of it this way. China’s elites are doing everything they can to get their money out of the country. The entire country is basically a denuded toxic waste hazard site. They can’t feed their people. Providing slave industrial labor to the world is no longer cutting it.

      Just as in the U.S. and everywhere else, there are factions in China. Xi is a smart enough player that he sees the CCP faction is going to lose. He’s positioning himself as the ally of the U.S. and we’re willing to go with that for stability in China rather than chaos.

      Obviously Taiwan doesn’t have the numbers to take on over a billion people in China. But they’ve got our military tech and they’ve got us.

  2. Arnold – I enjoy the blog. Interesting aggregation of information from multiple sources. A little background on me to lend credibility to my points. 22 year USMC veteran. National Security and Strategic Studies MA from NWC. Specialized MOS 0505 with a focus on China. I don’t want to spill too much more as I would prefer to remain anonymous. I apologize in advance… this will be a long post.

    I hope your sources are correct WRT military control. Our fledgling Constitutional Republic will not survive four years of a Biden Presidency.

    WRT Xi Jinping and the CCP. I have a hard time believing Trump and Xi have come to an accord WRT global responsibility or that Xi will step aside and the CCP is in total collapse. Here is why… China is controlled by an oligarchy, a mafia comprised of Mao’s former lieutenants and their offspring who use Marxism as a veneer to control their population. They ultimately control China through their military-industrial complex. China also has severe PTSD from the ‘century of humiliation’ (opium wars), WW2 (Nanking), and other perceived insults to their honor between the 1820s-1930s. On top of those stressors, you have the ‘Taiwan Problem’ which must be solved. By solved, I mean reunification. China will not accept anything less. When Chiang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan and established his exiled government it has become a constant reminder that Chinese Communism has failed. These examples are not all-encompassing but provide an idea of how complex the birth of the CCP was and why China is so insular and hostile to foreign influence (think religion, Uighers, etc). Then again… Trump is a master deal-maker. Time will tell.

    So… to my first point. Xi Jinping will not step down. I find this incredibly hard to believe. The Taiwanese government is not going to roll into Beijing and set up an occupation force and stabilize China. I would discount this. The total collapse of the CCP is a ‘red-button’ moment. They will not let it happen. These are committed ‘Marxists.’ Which means they are committed to maintaining power at any cost. Every CCP premier usually serves (2) five-year terms. Each five-year term has a desired end state. These end states cover everything across the national instruments of power spectrum (DIME). Xi’s two end states both address Taiwan reunification. Peaceful absorption if possible, forcible reunification if required. If you research former Premier statements WRT Taiwan you will see a shift from ‘patience’ to ‘we can’t wait forever.’ This is non-negotiable. Pompeo’s recognition of Taiwan was warning China off from using military force to reunify. However, with Biden as POTUS, this means nothing. Case in point… look to the recent ADIZ incursions into Taiwanese airspace with fighters and bombers. To provide more context about Chinese expansion lookup 9-dash line, 10-dash line, first island chain, second island chain, the string of pearls strategy, island-building, SCS, TS, Senkaku’s, Unrestricted Warfare:

    Economically, I agree with Bannon’s assessment. China is in a hurt locker. They have been lying about their GDP for years. China has claimed double-digit growth for years when aggregated it was 2-3%. So if they are now claiming 2.5% you can imagine where it resides. Disclaimer, I have not recently researched China’s current GDP claims or where the rest of the world assesses China’s GDP is at. China has historically inflated GDP by dumping massive amounts of money into its military. They have built their military up for a very specific reason; Taiwan, the first and second island chain, world hegemony.

    WRT the USSR. They were an oligarchy before the fall, they are still an oligarchy now. The prevailing ideology (Marxism) may have changed/morphed, become less emphasized, but how the government functions essentially hasn’t… it’s still an oligarchy. It’s a few elitists ruling the peasants. Sound familiar? Apply this template to China… do the end states change? I don’t know. I don’t think so.

    If I had to guess what is going on… China influenced elections through a prominent American party using leverage, money, and other nefarious means. The ultimate objective was to weaken America globally IOT shrink our influence which has the inverse effect for China… it allows them to expand their global influence beyond their economic sphere.

    It’s what we call a wicked problem. No silver bullet. Although I would contend Trump was on the right path to reestablishing America as the ‘benevolent world hegemon’ and also forced the elitists to expose just how much corruption exists. Even I was surprised at the level of corruption I witnesses. Reference Solzhenitsyn quotes WRT ‘lying.’ As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Before individuals start casting spears about my benevolent hegemon comment… who would you prefer as a world hegemon? A Marxist police state or a Constitutional Republic bound by the rules of law? (I’m assuming that American is still in some form a Constitutional Republic where equal application of the law still exists… after this election, I’m not so sure). Are there good-guys trying to right the ship? God I hope so. If there aren’t… I’m not convinced our Constitutional Republic will survive and we will end up in the dustbin of history as just another two-bit oligarchy.

    I apologize for being a wet-blanket. Buckle up… it’s going to be an interesting four years. Stay safe.


    1. AnonymousK, all good points. Let me clarify. When McKay’s source says Xi will step down from the CCP, she does not mean Xi won’t remain in power. Xi will remain in power but the CCP won’t. Xi is essentially repositioning himself as more an ally of America. Xi would essentially be a Putin. Doesn’t matter whether he’s an American style president in an American style republic. He’s not a Marxist out to destroy America. And he’s an ally against Europe, which is the real problem.

      In China, as everywhere, there are factions. Just as in the USSR, the hardline Marxists are in the process of losing to the other elite factions.

      Since I’ve heard about Trump’s deal with Xi and Putin from multiple sources (from Great Source Terrible Timing, a military contractor, to Guest’s diplomatic source and others), I’m inclined to believe it. I don’t know the extent of the deal but I’ve been told a few details. Russia and China get out of Venezuela. China stops trafficking fentanyl into the U.S. The U.S. gets out of Syria and leaves it to Russia. China gets Iran. The U.S. arms Israel and Saudi Arabia but otherwise leaves the Middle East. We develop our own energy supply instead of permanent intervention in the Middle East.

      India takes its rightful place as a full-fledged world power. We are all allied against the aristocrat Nazis of Europe and their pedo/child-murderer/crime syndicate cabal.

      China has more problems than just its true GDP, which is in bad shape. They are basically an EPA Superfund toxic waste site. They can’t feed their people. The CCP are full-fledged Nazis, running Nazi-style death camps. They have a worse graying of society problem than we do, with a big shortage of women. Their infrastructure is crap.

      Obviously Taiwan can’t dominate China. But America-allied factions within China, with the assistance of America and Taiwan, will dominate China.

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