Snyder’s Back with Radical Blackjack!

A Professional Blackjack Memoir

My Favorite of All My Gambling Books

Radical Blackjack is a professional gambling memoir unlike any other book on how to make money gambling. These are the methods I used personally to win money in the casinos while keeping casino managers friendly.

Most books on professional blackjack focus on how to count cards, how much to bet, and when to alter playing decisions based on the count.  I’ve already written about that stuff.  That’s not this book.

Instead, Radical Blackjack focuses on professional techniques and tactics and how they actually work in real life, at real blackjack tables, even when you’re playing for high stakes and you know you’re being watched closely.

I talk about shuffle-tracking and hole-carding tricks and plays like edge-sorting you may never have heard of.  I tell real-life stories of playing with partners and teams of the best professional gamblers in the world.

I also provide a comprehensive treatment of the value of loss rebates for high-stakes and moderate-stakes players, including in online casinos, the secrets behind some of the most famous gambling stories in history, and lots more.  This is the stuff I never wrote about before because I was using these methods personally.

In this book, you will see how the most valuable techniques in professional gambling work in real life – when they’re going right and when they’re going so badly the casino is ready to have you arrested.

Learning to count cards is just the start. If you’re serious about making money in the casinos, let this book teach you to think like a professional gambler.  Of all the gambling books I’ve written, this is my personal favorite.

List price: $39.95, now available on a prepublication sale for $29.96 if purchased direct through the publisher here. (Scheduled to be in print by February 1, 2021)

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RISK OF RUIN Now Available at Amazon

Risk of Ruin by Arnold SnyderMy novel, Risk of Ruin, is now available at Amazon. It’s the story of a blackjack player/biker/tattoo artist who becomes obsessed with a stripper who thinks she’s God.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can also pick up a copy at the Gambler’s Book Club at 5473 S. Eastern or at the offices of Huntington Press/Las Vegas Advisor at 3665 Procyon Street.

I’ll be talking about the book with Bob Dancer and Mike Shackleford today (Thursday, Nov. 8) at 7 p.m. in Las Vegas on their “Gambling With An Edge” radio show. Last time I was on they had to bleep me. Details:

Live Air-Time is: 7 PM Thursday nights on KLAV Talk-Radio 1230am in Las Vegas. You can listen live at They take callers and give away weekly prizes, but if you can’t listen to the live show they archive all shows.

To CALL in LIVE during the show the Numbers are: (702) 731-1230 & 1-(866) 820-5528

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Don’t Vote! Make Me Prez!

Only Apathy Can Solve Our Nation’s Problems

Once again, I find myself running for president of this country on the Apathy ticket. And, according to Apathy Party bylaws, any eligible voter who does not vote will count as a vote for me.

Needless to say, the polls show me winning by a landslide. But first, let’s look at the issues. Continue reading Don’t Vote! Make Me Prez!

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Paladin, the Berkeley Biker-Poet:
Every Damn Body Was Born to Die

What the hell was this guy doing on stage at a poetry reading? He appeared to be an outlaw biker. He’d been introduced simply as “Paladin,” grabbed the microphone as soon as he hit the stage, and started strutting back and forth, loudly clomping his boot heels on the wooden platform, shooting confrontational glances at anyone who was talking, until he’d shut the whole place up—which was not an easy task.

The Starry Plough was a rowdy Irish pub on the south side of Berkeley and the poets who read on open mic night generally had to put up with the less-than-polite din of the drinking crowd. Decked out in traditional biker garb—very grungy leathers, a dirty bandana tying back his greasy-looking black hair—and displaying a shut-the-fuck-up attitude that was highly abnormal on poetry night—Paladin finally stopped strutting when the crowd quieted down. Then he launched into a loud, abrasive, rhyming poem that went something like this: Continue reading DESPERATELY SEEKING PALADIN . . .

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Announcing Vegas Lit: Seeking Fiction Manuscripts

After almost twenty years of doing absolutely nothing and getting paid handsomely for it since quitting my post office job in 1993, I have taken a position with Huntington Press, or more specifically, with Vegas Lit, the new Huntington Press fiction line that will be launched on September 30. I am the Executive Editor, Managing Editor, Senior Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Assistant, and Assistant to the Editorial Assistant for the Vegas Lit imprint. Which is to say, I’m the only one working there. I would have included Office Manager among my many titles, except I don’t have an office. I’m working out of my garage. Continue reading Announcing Vegas Lit: Seeking Fiction Manuscripts

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