An Interview with Indie Author Jonathan Sturak

Jonathan Sturak

Jonathan Sturak self-published his first novel, Clouded Rainbow, in 2009. In the three years since its publication, it’s had more than 100,000 downloads on Amazon’s Kindle. Since then, Jonathan has self-published another novel, A Smudge of Gray, and a collection of short stories, From Vegas With Blood. Jonathan maintains a fiction blog at

I became interested in Sturak’s work after he submitted an extraordinary novella to Vegas Lit, which I’ve asked him to expand into a full-length novel. I was also interested in interviewing him for Write-aholic because of his resourcefulness and success at self-publishing. Continue reading An Interview with Indie Author Jonathan Sturak

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Interview with Michael Konik about His Novel Becoming Bobby

Michael Konik

Michael Konik is one of those renaissance men who’s been everywhere, done everything, and somehow keeps finding new ways to make us normals envious of his talents. He’s been an actor, an improv standup comedian, a TV commentator, a jazz musician, a magazine columnist, author of seven nonfiction books (including one of the most acclaimed books of gambling stories in print, The Man With the $100,000 Breasts) and now we get his first novel, Becoming Bobby.

I had the honor and privilege of editing this novel, which meant I got to start laughing a few months before anyone else at Michael’s hilarious and brilliant take on Las Vegas casino culture as a metaphor for America. I caught up with Michael in L.A. for an interview as Becoming Bobby was about to go to press. The novel is available now at and will be available at Amazon in about a week.  —Arnold Snyder
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