Gen. McInerney Asks if the Sec. of Defense is Complicit in Treason

Is Lloyd Austin Complicit in High Treason?

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney asked to appear on the Two Mikes show yesterday.  Here’s the interview.

He says some remarkable things.  First, he says that the Kraken presented by Mike Lindell in his film Absolute Proof is indeed a smoking gun and irrefutable proof that the election was stolen.  He says that the evidence presented in that film further proves that it’s impossible that the military doesn’t know the election was stolen.

He explains that the capabilities of the Cyber Command and NSA make it impossible that they don’t know.  He says that anybody in the DHS or DOJ (Chris Krebs, Attorney General Barr, etc.) or military who is denying the election was stolen is complicit in it because the evidence is so overwhelming.

He says he’s *heard* the military has taken action.  He’s *heard* the military is in control.  But he says he hasn’t *seen* it and he asks straight out if the new Secretary of Defense is complicit in this high treason.  (Remember, he asked to do this interview yesterday because he wanted to put this out there.)

He also says they all know Trump is still president, otherwise they wouldn’t be  impeaching him.  (General Flynn said the same thing in his interview.)

So General McInerney is now publicly calling out the Secretary of Defense as complicit in treason for serving a fake president that has been installed by an unconstitutional and treasonous process.

We know Biden isn’t being allowed to travel on Air Force 1, a military aircraft.  We know he didn’t get the traditional inauguration 21-gun salute from the military.  We know Biden isn’t really in control of the military because General Flynn’s brother has just been nominated to command the U.S. Army Pacific, which makes him chief of the Army in any conflict with China.  Yet the hoax drags on.

Is the purpose of this prolonged hoax to root out the traitors in the military?

McInerney says the corruption in the government goes back to Bush ’41.  He’s encouraged by seeing Bezos forced out, and thinks that has something to do with the asset seizure provision of Trump’s E.O. on foreign election interference.

But he says if we don’t see Trump put back in the White House soon it will mean the Deep State is so deep that we’ve failed and America is gone.  He compares the situation to Nero fiddling while Rome burns, with the military playing the role of Nero.

What haunts me about what McInerney said is that the first thing Steve Pieczenik said after it appeared Biden had been inaugurated was that the military must have backed down.  It wasn’t a tweet, it was a response to someone in the comments.  He appeared genuinely shocked and horrified that the inauguration had appeared to go through.

Since then, he’s come back and said Trump will return as president.

I’m probably going to stop blogging on this topic.  It seems clear to me that some part of the military, at least, is with us.  Either it’s enough of the military or it’s not.

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Simon Says Friday Revelations were Contingent

Simon Parkes has released a new video.  He says he got the same alert as Charlie Ward about a February 5 release of news about arrests and martial law.  However, he says he was told the news release was contingent on other plans/developments.

Parkes spends a long time in the video discussing what he sees as poor communications on the part of the military with the public.  I certainly agree with him there.   We’re expected to fight fight fight, but not really.  Really we’re expected to sit here passive, losing our businesses and homes and sanity, while they goof around with whatever it is they’re actually doing.

It’s not the way this country is supposed to work, even in a fight like this.

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CEO Stepping Down after Time Reveals His Role in the Election Fraud

Is This the Happy Face of a Winner???

You remember that Time article I posted about yesterday in which Time admitted a cabal of rich elites rigged the election?

One of the groups Time outed as conspiring in the steal was the Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a quote:

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day.

Now suddenly, on the same day as that Time article comes out, the Chamber of Commerce announces that Tom Donohue, their CEO, is stepping down.

For readers so overwhelmed with stress they can’t see the meaning of this, let me explain what just happened.  The CEO of the Chamber of Commerce conspired in the election steal.  And Biden is in office, right?  So Donohue won, right?  He and the rest of the cabal beat Trump, right?

So if Donohue’s buddy Biden won and is in power, why is Time revealing that Donohue committed the very serious crime of conspiring to rig the election?

And why is Donohue stepping down?

Those are the actions of a guy whose buddy lost, a guy who is facing prison time and asset seizure for helping foreign enemies attempt to overthrow our government and the guy who is actually in power.

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New Video on the Capitol Riot Hoax

The “storming of the Capitol” is the false flag hoax that keeps on giving.

Here’s a new video analysis of how staged the whole thing is.  Don’t miss the Mona Lisa smile on the “shooting victim’s” face.

Worst acting jobs in the world.  There isn’t a single real cop or medic or protester in the entire video.  Be sure to hang in there for the fake arrest, to go with the fake criminal complaint I posted about here.

At the end there’s a beautiful moment when the actors all go outside screaming that a woman’s been shot.  I had never seen this footage before, and it’s pretty clear they’re trying to incite an actual riot so the Deep State will have something better to go with than this crummy hoax.

But people in the crowd recognize immediately that they’re fakes.  One woman shouts, “They’re actors!  They’re acting!”  So the hoped-for real riot never ensues.

You can also see my favorite slow-mo analysis of the fake shooting at the Capitol here.

Remember, this whole thing was set up by the Deep State to give the criminals an excuse to avoid a 10-day investigation of the election fraud and confirm the fraudulent election results from PA, WI, MI, AZ, GA, and NV.

But Trump knew they were planning it.  We know he knew because he had Special Forces in the Capitol seizing laptops for evidence that day, and he deliberately started his speech late and ran long to keep his supporters away from it.  They literally started this hoax while Trump was still speaking.

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100 Million Voted for Trump

Now Steve Pieczenik has weighed in with a number:  100 million votes.

All sources now agree that Trump got 80% of the real vote, or roughly 100 million votes.

The country is not evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.  Voters overwhelmingly reject what the Democrat Party has become.

Pieczenik started working for Henry Kissinger in the State Department in 1974.  He worked on things like hostage negotiations and psyops for regime change.  He became Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in 1976.

He earned his undergrad degree and M.D. degree at Cornell and did his psychiatric residency at Harvard while earning a PhD in international relations at MIT.

He was also trained by the ClA.  Although he left his State Department job in 1979, he continued working for various federal agencies as a consultant, doing the same things he did at the State Department.  His consulting company was called Strategic Intelligence Associates.  You can see his Department of Defense badge above.

To this day, he’s got a handler at the CICIR (China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations).  That’s an outfit affiliated with China’s Ministry of State Security (a kind of combo Chinese ClA and FBI) and overseen by the CCP.

One of the things he consulted on was the military planning for the regime change going on right now in the U.S., away from a completely corrupt federal government and judiciary (he is not part of day to day operations in this effort).

Steve Pieczenik is a fascinating follow even for just his offhand comments.  He has confirmed that big politicos like Hillary and Biden have doubles, for example.  He said yesterday that Time magazine has always been a ClA-controlled rag.

Here he is today pointing out that the Rand Corporation is a “nursing home for operatives.”  He means ClA operatives.  Rand is spewing commie vomit today about rounding all of us up.

I’ll likely be adding to this post throughout the day.

Senior Anti-Trump/Anti-Marjorie Greene Republican Staffer Arrested for Child Porn

27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of northeast DC, was arrested on Friday and charged with distribution of child pornography, including videos of infants being raped.

He’s currently Communications Manager at Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions.  Before this gig he was Senior Digital Strategist for the Senate Republican Committee and the RNC.

He was all over Twitter cheering on the 11 Republicans (good customers?) who voted to oust Marjorie Greene from all her House committee assignments.

He said in a group chat that he liked images of babies being sexually abused:

“babies are some of my biggest turn ons”
“I have been wanting to see videos of guys hardcore raping a baby”
“when a baby screams it’s my favorite”

The criminal complaint says he asked someone to join him in DC to rape a child.

This is the enemy, people.

Lin Wood Hints at the Plan

I posted yesterday that the Supreme Court had listed all those Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Congressman Mike Kelly election fraud lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for consideration at its February 19 conference.

So Lin Wood remains very much a part of the ongoing plan.  His post on Telegram yesterday is another hint on exactly what that plan is:  Trump intends to make the crooks reverse the election result themselves.  He’s going to force them to take the heat for removing Biden and restoring Trump to the White House.  Here’s the post:

The November 3, 2020 election was a fraud. The evidence is conclusive.

Yet there are a number of our fellow citizens who are uninformed about the truth of the November 2020 election. Uninformed as a result of indifference or uninformed by choice as they believe the illegal result furthers their political or social agenda. They will end up being awakened.

There are many people who are informed and know the election was a fraud but will never admit the truth outside of a criminal proceeding because they were involved in the fraud. They will end up going to jail or worse.

And then there are the Patriots. We know the truth. Donald J. Trump won a landslide re-election. He is our President. The Patriots will take the necessary steps within the bounds of the law to make certain that the truth prevails over the lie. The Patriots will end up free and our Constitutional rights will remain intact.

Each day the enemy is increasingly exposing itself as a lover of tyranny and a hater of freedom. The enemy is showing its true colors.

Never get in the way of the enemy when it is destroying itself. In due time, the enemy will completely ensnare itself. Then it will be much easier for the truth to prevail over the lie. Let the enemy do more of our work for us.

In a subsequent post, Wood calls Trump a genius, so I assume the post above came as a result of a discussion with Trump or someone close to Trump.  But there’s no way the Supreme Court has suddenly rediscovered its conscience. Things are going on that we can’t see, except for the prison fence around the Capitol.

If you ever wondered how Nick Sandmann’s defamation lawyer wound up in the heart of the battle against the corrupt federal government, Lin Wood’s been fighting the Deep State crime syndicate for a long time. He represented Richard Jewell in a host of defamation lawsuits, including one against the FBI.

Jewell was the security guard during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta who found a bomb and was subsequently falsely accused by the media of planting it.  The FBI had leaked to the media that Jewell was their top suspect, though they never had any evidence that he had planted the bomb, and lied to Jewell to try to get him to waive his constitutional rights.

In light of what we now know about FBI corruption, it seems to me like the FBI was trying to frame Jewell for the crime.  Perhaps the real bomber, Eric Rudolph, was an FBI asset, like perhaps the Parkland school shooter the FBI managed to ignore despite frequent desperate reports from family and friends.

In his book “In Search of Eric Rudolph,” Henry Schuster wrote in a chapter on Richard Jewell that “the FBI loathed Lin Wood.” Lin Wood says, “That was a gold medal for me. I loathed the FBI too. I still do. Corruption in the FBI is only exceeded by corruption in the CIA.”

Right now, Wood reports on his Telegram account that the FBI is trying to intimidate him by intimidating the wives of his friends when they are home alone with their kids during the day.  This is exactly what James Clapper reported Rod Rosenstein’s Dirty Tricks Squad (comprised of FBI, ATF, DEA and other federal agents) would do to control and shake down people.  If they couldn’t scare people into submission, they would plant fake evidence of crimes on them or members of their families.

In other words, instead of trying to get to the bottom of the election fraud and other Deep State crimes identified by Wood, the FBI is trying to intimidate Wood into silence by terrorizing his friends.  We have a long way to go in this fight.

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The Only Important Moment of the Flynn Interview

Right at 45:45, Doug Billings says he made a bet (a bottle of wine) that Trump would win the presidency.  He says he guesses he has to pay the bet because Biden won and we have to come to grips with that.

Flynn says, “I would not concede that bottle of wine.”

Here’s one of the things I’ve learned over the past few years of listening to sources on politics.  Even the very best, most knowledgeable, most honest insider source will get things wrong a lot.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable sources of information.

Usually, it’s not that they actually got something wrong, but that plans changed at the last minute, or a deal was struck that required a new narrative about what happened.  Often, as Charlie Ward has said, sources put out info not so much to inform us as to scare the enemy.  Once the enemy is scared into a deal, events change.  You can still discern a pretty clear outline of what’s happening from what honest sources are saying about what’s happening.  Continue reading The Only Important Moment of the Flynn Interview

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Welp, Here’s Time Admitting The Swamp Rigged the Election

Good God, the dam has burst.

Here’s swamp rag Time admitting powerful DC swampers rigged the election, only they thought of it as “fortifying” the election.  They’re apparently claiming they wanted to teach the public the “system’s fragility.”  Here’s a direct quote (click to enlarge):

Yeah, well, good luck with that.

In any case, as Steve Pieczenik just tweeted:

For you young’uns
Time mag was always a ClA tool
Just sayin’

So this is huge. It appears it’s popcorn time.

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Pieczenik Links to Interrogation of James Clapper

In Which Clapper Admits the Swamp’s Blackmail Control Op

I just finished listening to this doozy, and I’m reeling.  I’ll say right off it’s clearly James Clapper and he’s clearly being interrogated, and not by CNN.

He talks about using Hammer (presumably the ClA program Sidney Powell talked about) to illegally spy on people like judges *and Hillary Clinton* to compromise and control them.  He also talks about what can only be described as an organized crime family within the federal government that was headed up by Rod Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and John Roberts were in Some Kind of Crime Family Together Called the Dirty Tricks Squad

Turns out Mike Pence was part of the Rod Rosenstein/John Roberts crime family with the nausea-inducing Paul Ryan.  Apparently Clapper and pals figured this out by spying on all of them for years, typically on illegal FISA warrants granted by Roberts.

Clapper says that spying is how the “stuff” on Roberts and Pence came out.  What stuff?  The only stuff I know that has come out on Roberts and Pence was Lin Wood saying Roberts adopted kids through Epstein to give control of them to the pedo cabal, and also saying Mike Pence bangs 12 and 13-year-old boys (more on that below).  Oh, and Roberts conspired in Scalia’s murder by poison.  That came out too.

Clapper claims he tried to warn President Trump that people, especially Rod Rosenstein, were conspiring “to get him.”  This isn’t the first witness to say Rod Rosenstein is an arch criminal.

The Dirty Tricks Squad also included people from the Secret Service, ATF, DEA, FBI, and other federal agencies as hackers, “muscle,” forgers and whatnot.  Clapper gives their names.  But even worse stuff is below.

Mike Pence Got His Young Boy Supply from Jeffrey Epstein

Clapper says Mike Pence hated Trump because Trump had taken Pence’s “rightful place as president!!!!!!!!”  (So Pence is delusional as well as a boy banger.)  Clapper does clarify that many of Pence’s homosexual relationships were with adults.  So, I guess that’s good.

But Pence apparently got deeper into boy banging the entire time he was in Congress, and the boys kept getting younger.  Clapper says the young boys were increasingly supplied through Epstein channels!

In any case, Clapper says the boy banging and other homosexual relationships were the Deep State’s leverage over Pence.

And naturally Mitt Romney is front and center among the Rosenstein/Pence scumbags.

Whew!  It appears the only good guy in the government was James Clapper!

Clapper goes on to give a horrifying example of exactly what Rod and his crime family were up to.  They had no problem planting evidence, for example, to convict completely innocent people, or just shake them down for money.  He describes how they shook down a wealthy guy for money by planting child porn on his computer.

In any case, get it?  We’re to the point in the deals where James frigging Clapper is confessing to using ClA software to blackmail and control judges and other swampers.  And the interrogators are releasing all the dirt!

Linked to by Steve Pieczenik, who already knew about all of it.  Again, listen here.

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Charlie Ward Says It’s Today

The Capitol’s been Ringed with a Razor-Wire Topped Security Fence for Weeks, Is Today When We Finally Hear Why?

Yesterday, I mentioned hearing that a source in the Netherlands had said today would be the day martial law would be revealed, reportedly in the evening.  I got the info as an anonymous statement from someone I don’t know well, but who seemed very confident in his source.

The anonymous statement also said the military would inform the public on February 12 of a foreign conspiracy to create a false global pandemic psyop to overthrow the U.S. government.  Reportedly we’ll be told the French, Chinese and other governments conspired in the Bat Plague pandemic hoax.  Reportedly we’ll be told by the military that this was an act of war.

I said yesterday that I had no idea who the ultimate source was and whether this info was real but it seemed to echo something that another reliable source had hinted.  Nobody had given me any specific dates though.

Now here’s Charlie Ward reading that exact same anonymous statement in a video today.  He says the big announcement comes at 6 pm EST.

So I don’t know if the person who sent it to me got it from Ward or from Ward’s source.  Since he said it came from a good source in the Netherlands, I assume it came from Ward’s source, as Ward is not in the Netherlands.

Charlie Ward says it came to him from a very good source who’s working in high office and he’s had it verified by two other people.   Charlie goes wrong when he does his own research.  But he seems to have some genuine high-level sources.

Note that Ward’s source says there were arrests of lots of Congressmen and Senators on January 24 and 25.  However, his source gets the number of Senators wrong.

Note also that Ward’s source says Biden was arrested as well.  My best source said Biden got a deal, and other sources report lights and activity at the Culver Studios White House on January 29, January 31, and other days after the 24th and 25th.  So let’s see what happens.  It might be a matter of details or someone could just be wrong.

Ward says even he feels squeamish giving a specific time and date, but that’s the statement he’s been given.

I’m going to warn you in advance that Ward goes off into some odd stuff after reading the statement and describing his source.  He says the real Biden is dead and the Biden we’re seeing is a double or CGI.

Ward’s not the only one who believes we’re watching a fake Biden but, as I mentioned, Ward does do his own research in addition to hearing from sources and comes up with some really far-out stuff when he does.  You have to try to distinguish between stuff he’s gotten from a good source and stuff he found somewhere online.

On the other hand, maybe we’re watching a fake Biden.  Steve Pieczenik has said doubles are real, but I’ve never heard him talk specifically about a Biden double.

Does Jill know?

Thanks to AZPatriot for the heads up on the Ward video.

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Mike Lindell Delivers the Kraken

Remember how impatiently we waited for Trump and Sidney and the military to take over the networks and deliver the proof of the Kraken?  Remember how we kept waiting to see the explanation of the election sting, and how the votes were flipped and where and when?

Well, Mike Lindell just released the Kraken here — a two-hour show on how the Dominion voting machines were used to systematically flip votes from Trump to Biden until 11:15 pm on election night, when they had to shut down the vote counting because they hadn’t flipped enough votes.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, start watching at 136:00 to watch the real time log of the foreign election steal.

The video shows China was responsible for 60% of foreign vote switching.  It provides an exact log of the IP addresses of vote switchers, owners/sources of the IP addresses (i.e. China-net), IP targets, target states, IDs of targets, and exactly how many votes were stolen from Trump.

SCOTUS Moves Election Fraud Lawsuits to Conference

The U.S. Supreme Court has just listed all those Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Congressman Mike Kelly election fraud lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and elsewhere for consideration at its February 19 conference.

I’m starting to think that the way this is all going to work is we are going to start seeing very different results from SCOTUS and many others.  I’m guessing the military has made it plain to people that Biden will never be anything more than an actor in a Culver Studios White House set.

I think the crooks are going to be made to undo what they did.

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