FBI Criminal Complaint Theater

A supposed FBI criminal complaint has been filed against 33-year-old Sean McCreary for the supposed riot at the Capitol.  The media depicts McCreary as a Trump supporter in DC for the January 6 rally, who stormed the Capitol over his frustration with the election results.

You can read part of the FBI criminal complaint here.

Here is the photograph of McCreary in the Capitol that the FBI included in the criminal complaint:

McCreary is marked, by the FBI, with the red arrow.  Take a look at the painting hanging on the wall at the Capitol to the right of McCreary and that red arrow.

I’ve enlarged that painting in the Capitol below.  It’s a little blurry from the enlargement:

You can see the image in the screenshot of the actual FBI criminal complaint through the link.  The person who posted the screenshot of the FBI complaint is a former Senate counterterrorism advisor and Intel Policy Officer.

The entire “storming of the Capitol” was a hoax, complete with FBI informers leading it, Capitol police opening doors, and fake shootings.  And now the FBI criminal complaints connected to it are hoaxes too.  Read more about it here.

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Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down on Military Coup

Steve Pieczenik talked to Alex Jones today and said he is doubling down on what he said about a military coup taking over the country.

He says it’s still in effect right now.  He says he’s not directly involved in military operations now as he was in the past, so he can’t give information on timing.

Pieczenik says he has faith in the people with whom he was involved in planning the election sting and the military coup.  That would be some generals he has mentioned before:  Paul Nakasone, Keith Alexander, General Jerry Boykin and others.

He says what’s happening is “the biggest Apprentice show Trump’s ever done” to show the public how awful elites in our government and corporations truly are.

He says what’s unfolding is arrests, the revelations about groups like the Lincoln Project, the exposure of the corruption of people like McConnell, the take-down of the Italian government and the Pope, and the resignations of people like Bezos and Zucker.  He says most of all what we’re seeing is the truth about Obama and Brennan.

He says it’s all part of a psyop and Biden’s “presidency” will be very short.  We’re supposedly watching the self-destruction of the globalists.

Jones basically speaks for all of us and says he’s sick of this show.  He says Trump needs to take charge, emerge from hiding, and save us before it’s too late.  He expresses fear at Biden’s announcements about declaring half the country domestic terrorists, etc.  Pieczenik says Biden’s not in control so they can’t do any of the things they’re threatening.

Pieczenik ends by expressing faith in Trump, in the generals he’s worked with, and in the American republic.  My gut feeling listening to all of it is that, like Jones, I’d be happier with a plan that required less faith.

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The Asphalt Road Behind the Culver Studios Oval Office

There’s no asphalt road behind the real Oval Office windows.  There’s a stone path about 35-40 feet away and a service road even farther away.

But there is an asphalt road directly behind the fake Oval Office at the Castle Rock White House set at Culver Studios.

It’s all a movie. They’re all colluding in presenting a fake presidency.

Rumor About Upcoming Announcements

There’s a rumor that the military announced martial law to the public on January 29 (after implementing it on January 20), but the media refused to report on it.  Reportedly, the military expected that.

Supposedly the military also announced the arrests of hundreds of congressmen and senators on January 31, but again the media censored the info.  Supposedly the military expected the censorship and found it convenient at that time.

Supposedly the military will do some kind of emergency broadcast about all this tomorrow, February 5, in the evening.  Then on February 12, they will supposedly reveal the evidence of foreign countries conspiring with internal enemies to overthrow the U.S. government via election fraud.

This info reportedly comes from a source in The Netherlands.  I have no idea of the quality of this source.  I’m passing this claim along because of something vague a reliable source said that makes it worth keeping in the back of your mind.  I wouldn’t change dinner plans over it though.

Jeff Zucker Stepping Down

First ABC News president James Goldston, then Bezos, now Zucker at CNN.

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Juan O Savin Says It Will Be Obvious By April 1 that Trump is President

Juan O. Savin did an interview on January 31 with Sean Stone.  He said that by April 1, it will be obvious that Trump is our president.  It won’t necessarily take until April 1; at a different point, he said we could even know by Super Bowl Sunday.

He explains what’s been going on.  Basically the military got the DNI report detailing foreign interference in the election a couple of days after the December 18 deadline.  Then they waited as the civilian government was supposed to deal with it.  January 20 represented the failure of the corrupt civilian government to deal with it.

At that point, they essentially took control of the government until they could safely restore legitimate civilian authority.  Supposedly they’ve had to complete their own investigation confirming the report.

We know from Sidney Powell’s affidavits that military intelligence had already tracked the election fraud, but we don’t know what else might be involved in completing that investigation.  I assume it would be tracking down all the domestic agents of the foreign enemies who hacked our election.

So Savin says the only question is whether the military has the will and capability to do the right thing.  He assures us they do.  He says the military has been compromised too, but not enough to stop them from doing the right thing.  He assures us that when they are ready to act, the action will be fast and decisive.

Essentially, we’re living through a military regime after an insurrection attempt.  Biden has no real authority, but he says we are in a really serious situation.  He says no one should underestimate the danger a Biden administration would represent.

Savin says 80% of the people who voted, voted for Trump, not Biden.

Savin also confirms Biden’s Oval Office scenes were filmed at the Castle Rock movie set, that Biden hasn’t flown on Air Force 1, and that the Biden admin still hasn’t been given access to critical military info.

I haven’t followed Savin before, but as I look at what he’s said over time, he’s clearly said the same stuff as all the other good sources.  Like Great Source Terrible Timing, he has never thought Trump would be properly inaugurated as president on January 20.  He always predicted there would be a delay.

This interview was sent to me by another source I know very well.  During the interview, Savin points to a lot of publicly-available evidence that confirms what he’s saying.  You will recognize it as evidence I’ve been posting about for weeks.

Space Force has Never Briefed “Biden Admin”

I’ve reported before that the military has never briefed the fake Biden administration.

Now Biden’s fake press secretary admits it herself:

Space Force not only has cyber warfare capabilities, it controls all Department of Defense satellites. We were under cyber attack as Biden supposedly took office and a space weapon had been used to stop an assault on our communications infrastructure in Nashville.

If Biden were getting defense briefings, he would have gotten a Space Force briefing. But Psaki doesn’t even know what Space Force is, even though she knew in advance she’d be getting questions on it.

Weird Military Activity Continues in DC

Richard Potcner and other citizen journalists continue to confirm unusual military activity in DC through this morning.  Potcner videoed military helicopters flying low over the Capitol this morning.  Eight more buses of National Guard arrived yesterday at the Capitol as well.

Kamala Harris said she wasn’t moving into the VP residence at the Naval Observatory because the residence was being refurbished, yet no construction or remodeling work is going on at the VP residence.

The White House continues to look uninhabited this morning, with no lights on in the windows even though the day is dark and overcast with snow flurries.

And there were huge military ATVs parked in front of the White House yesterday.  Not the kind of vehicles generals would arrive in for a briefing.  No normal motorcades of foreign dignitaries, no meetings with Congress, no Secret Service coming and going.  Just huge military vehicles parked there, as if the White House grounds have become a military storage place.

Potcner also got a photo of the 10th Mountain Division still in DC a day or two ago.

You can find Richard on Twitter at @dpotcner or on Telegram at https://t.me/s/richardcitizenjournalist.

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Lights on at Castle Rock WH But Not DC WH

Everyday I check in at Richard Potcner’s various social media feeds. Everyday since January 20 he’s reported the White House remains dark and empty, and so does the Capitol.

No cars coming and going.  No lights on in the rooms at night.

Both the White House and Capitol remained ringed with tall security fences topped with razor wire.  Potcner has remarked that he’s never seen the White House blocked off at such a distance before.  Even during last May’s riots, people were allowed right up to the White House fence.

Not now, though.  Now the public is kept blocks farther away.

But there have been lights on and unusual activity at the Castle Rock White House at Culver Studios.

Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO of Amazon

This is a big one neutralized.  See it here.

Rudy Giuliani Retweets Video of Moscow Arrest

Rudy has reposted this video about the arrest in Moscow of a “Central Banks Deep State agent.”

Steve Pieczenik Says, “Lots of Stuff Going On”

Dr. Pieczenik just recently started retweeting stuff about a fake White House set and Biden’s fake presidency and things like Bezos and the ABC News exec and the PA Sec of State stepping down.

People noticed and asked him for an update.

He says, “Will let you know.  Lots of crap going on.”

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Nightwatch is Circling

Not sure this means anything but the Nightwatch plane (officially the National Emergency Airborne Command Post) has been flying back and forth from its home at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa for the past two days.

Other military aircraft have occasionally been relocated from Offutt to MacDill when Offutt flooded, but there’s no flooding at Offutt right now and this back and forth is unusual.

This is the plane that took off from DC to Abilene, Texas shortly after the “storming of the Capitol.” That was when Trump was releasing green screen videos of himself, from a springtime WH Rose Garden, telling everyone to go home.

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Still No Flight Restriction Over Mar-a-Lago

MonkeyWerx reports the flight restriction over Mar-a-Lago still has not been restored.

There was a red, permanent flight restriction placed over Mar-a-Lago/West Palm Beach on inauguration morning when Air Force 1 flew to West Palm Beach.  It remained in effect until the evening of the 21st, when a military aircraft left West Palm Beach.

And this despite a steady stream of images of Trump golfing in West Palm Beach and meeting Kevin McCarthy there (worst cut and paste photo job ever).  But no permanent flight restriction such as you see over George W. Bush’s permanent residence (or that of any other former president).

And that doesn’t make sense because if there’s any former president with security issues, it is Trump.  So Trump isn’t at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump not being at Mar-a-Lago wouldn’t normally be a big deal except that everyone’s making a big fuss about Trump being at Mar-a-Lago FOR SURE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.  It’s the discrepancy that shows something else is going on.

Also, Monkey has been keeping a watch out for Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 and neither of them has flown yet since Air Force 1 returned from West Palm Beach on inauguration day.

Trump’s first trip on Air Force 1 was when he flew on his 6th day in office to a GOP planning meeting in Philly to work with Congress on the plan for passing his agenda.

The Fake Biden Visit to Walter Reed

They staged a fake Biden visit to Walter Reed today, supposedly so Biden could meet wounded soldiers (“fortunately, there aren’t many there,” Biden said) and check out their Covid vaccine distribution program.  It was his only venture outside the White House complex since inauguration day, except for a supposed trip to church.

The visit starts with Joe supposedly going over to a group of press waiting on the WH lawn.  Except you can only hear two female voices from the press group the entire time.

The first female voice asks why he’s going to Walter Reed.  When he finishes answering, there’s no shouting of questions from a group of reporters, just one more female voice asking about passing Covid aid.  Biden says Covid aid must pass, even if without GOP support, which is impossible because the Senate has a filibuster and you need GOP support.  Whatever.  Not a single reporter in the invisible gaggle has even one more question.

At “Walter Reed,” the “vaccine distribution program” is apparently a room that looks like a gym where they posed a couple of guys in olive drab at the ends of long tables supposedly getting a shot.  They both look like they’re in National Guard uniforms but neither stands or salutes the president.

\Other than that, it’s nothing but actors in white coats pretending to peck at their laptops or sitting at long tables in front of little yellow tubs that look vaguely medical.  Why you’d have nurses at very long tables, where they can’t actually reach people who come for shots, is not explained.  It’s enough just to look vaguely medical.  They’re not really there to do anything.

There’s no line of troops or veterans waiting for jabs.  There are National Guard troops all over DC at the moment; you’d think they could get together a line of them for their photo op.

If those vaccines are important and this is Walter Reed’s distribution program, we’re in trouble.

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General Flynn Retweets Report on How the Deep State Beat Trump

Trump the Moron and His Drunken Legal Team

Patrick Byrne posted a report two days ago titled “How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams.”

It’s a nausea-inducing report on Byrne’s encounters with Trump’s legal teams in the weeks immediately following the election.  It paints a grim picture of Trump beset and betrayed by drunks and boobs and creepy Deep State villains in the legal fight to overturn the fraudulent election.

Rudy Giuliani is portrayed as the Charles Bukowski of presidential attorneys, a guy who downs three triple Scotches on ice in 90 minutes after drinking all day.  Rudy can’t take in information unless it’s put in simple bullet points on a single piece of paper.  As Rudy holds a press conference, hair dye runs down his face in the rain.

Rudy’s chief assistant is an imbecile Byrne calls The Mediocrity.  The election lawsuit staff is putting in half a day’s work for two days’ pay, clearly running out the clock.  The rest of Trump’s team has no discernible job.  All they do is block the flow of info to the president.  Instead of doing something useful, Trump’s kids run around like imbeciles doing pep rallies.

Byrne and General Flynn and Sidney Powell somehow manage, despite these obstacles, to put together a team of cyber geniuses who prove exactly how the election was rigged.  Then the evidence of foreign interference hits, giving Trump even more powers to overturn the fraud.  Flynn puts together a plan for the military to seize evidence in the key fraud states.  All that’s needed is a presidential signature to carry out the plan.  It never comes.

Part 2 is coming but if you’ve gotten this far, you will never want to read it.  Suffice it to say that it’s another in a long line of pieces on Trump as a moron, helpless to overcome the traitors and idiots around him.  But this time, it’s written by a member of Trump’s team!

In fact, Byrne is so worried that you won’t get the message that Trump is a dumbo that a key passage in his report makes it explicit:

One evening, once we were close enough, I let down my hair and said, “This is a shit-show. Is this …. normal?” One of the staffers (and mind you, a highly pro-Trump one) said, “This is it. This is the Trump White House. This is how everything has run for four years.”

If Trump were as stupid as he appears in this report, I’d be thinking right now about how lucky we are he lost to Biden.  So why am I discussing this report?  There are two reasons.

The first is that General Flynn reposted it on Clouthub!

Why Would General Flynn Promote This Story Now?

Here is the comment General Flynn posts with the link to Byrne’s report:

When this MUST READ story is told in full, it will be an international bestseller (I believe not the author’s intent) but instead the story will be a means to an end to reveal a vital piece of American history, the outcome of which is still unfolding (or unraveling), you decide.

So Team Trump definitely wants this story out there.  General Flynn is deliberately posting a report in which Rudy Giuliani is a drunken Alzheimer’s case and Trump is the dumbest executive in history.  Trump’s presidency is supposedly over, right?  Why would MAGA hero General Flynn repost such a mean story?

Flynn is telling us this story isn’t over.  He says explicitly that it has not yet been told in full and the outcome is still unfolding.  He’s also telling us this story will be a vital piece of American history.

Incompetent boob loses to another boob would never be a vital piece of American history.  We’ve seen that over and over.  Nobody remembers losers.  Nobody cares.  Let’s face it, most of the winners of U.S. presidential races have been completely forgettable.

The second reason I posted about this is that whenever Trump has deliberately tried to look weak, he’s been strong.  We’ve watched him play this game over and over and I’ve learned to watch for it before a big move.

For example, Trump literally fed the ridiculous quid pro quo story to ClA stooge Ciaramella to launch the Deep State/Democrat Ukraine impeachment hoax.  Then, as the Democrats paraded their “witnesses” on TV, Dem approval dropped like a rock.

We are watching a movie and the ending is going to be awesome.

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“We Haven’t Finished Yet!”

A supposedly random person on the golf course thanks Trump for his service.  Trump thanks him and responds, “We haven’t finished yet.”

This video showed up on social media two days ago.  I don’t believe Trump is in Florida right now (the flight restriction over West Palm Beach was lifted the night of the 21st and hasn’t been restored).  But I do believe Trump made this video to be released now as a message to us.


Meanwhile, here’s Biden. A reporter asks him if he will be required to break up his Covid bill into smaller pieces to get it passed.  This is a question about tactics, not somebody bossing him around.

But he answers, “No one requires me to do anything!”  It’s such an odd reply that it basically confirms Biden is acting under the orders of others.

But who?

I’ve mentioned before that Dan Scavino had hinted that Biden had asked for a deal on November 29 at a meeting with Trump set up by Mitch McConnell.  A few weeks later, Great Source Terrible Timing confirmed Biden had gotten a deal. Reportedly the deal was for a Biden concession in return for protection for Joe and his family, plus freedom from prosecution.

Later, we heard Hunter’s voice break into an “official White House livestream” saying he’d gotten a sentencing deal.

Plus, Biden looks so happy in his little fake Oval Office appearances.  He looks like he’s having fun.  I believe he’s playing a role as part of his deal with Trump.  So, in a way, he’s right.  He’s got a deal with Trump, so he’s finally free of the people who controlled him through blackmail.

When the time is right, I believe the military will present the election fraud evidence we’ve all been waiting for and we will see Biden be a statesman and concede.

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Buckle Up

Simon Parkes says he was told by his good source a few days ago, “Buckle up.”  Now Scott McKay’s sources seem to explain why.

Arrests, De Facto President, and the Collapse of the CCP

If you had a hard time with the posts on shrunken Hillary or Biden’s fake Oval Office, this is likely not the post for you.  Scott McKay says, “Arrests are already happening.”  He says his source gets intel from an NSA general.

McKay also says there is a shadow government going on right now that is controlled by the military.  The military is controlling everything important:  defense, commerce and trade, and the financial system.  He says late in the show that this is due to Trump invoking the Insurrection Act in response to the foreign involvement in the election fraud.

Note that Simon Parkes’ source said exactly the same thing about the military shadow government.

McKay also takes a call on his show from Cirsten W. Guest, who has a diplomatic source in Taiwan from Trump’s inner circle.  Guest reads an email from her source that says Trump is still de facto president.

She says what’s going on is the collapse of the CCP, and that Xi and Trump are making it happen together.  Note that Steve Bannon has said publicly that the CCP is in full collapse.

Note also that the source I’ve referred to as Great Source Terrible Timing has said for a year and a half that Trump and Xi get along great and have made a critical deal.  He gave only the general outlines of that critical deal, but it sounded like a kind of peace deal and dividing up of world territory.  But Great Source has openly worried about the possibility of things going wrong, leading to kinetic war.

Cirsten Guest’s source says that Xi will be stepping down from the CCP and an occupation force from Taiwan and the U.S. will help maintain order in China.  As you know, we’ve been moving naval assets into the South China Sea and General Flynn’s brother Charles has just been promoted to be in charge of Army forces in the Indo-Pacific Command.

She says that’s why we saw Trump change the diplomatic status of Taiwan.

She says everything happens in February and Trump’s status as de facto president will be made public in March.  (Parkes’ source thought it might take into April.)  She refers to things like the CCP’s control of U.S. media and politicians as the reason for the delay in making things public.

So as Trump works to make America great again, China is about to overthrow the CCP and become a real republic.  It’s going to be like the end of the USSR.

Scott McKay says he’s been saying for three years that there are four people working together to bring down the cabal (essentially the organized crime syndicate based in the UK and Europe that’s been controlling the world).  These four people are Trump, Xi, Putin and Modi.

I’m new to McKay, but Great Source Terrible Timing has said exactly the same thing and he’s not from the NSA or the diplomatic corp.

There’s more info on exactly how Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and China worked (China essentially owns Ukraine, apparently).  If you listen, it’s worth sticking with it through early technical problems in the show.

McKay deletes his shows on Youtube after a short time, so if you miss him there, he will be posting his show on Rumble here.

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