“I Just Watched Everyone in the White House Get Arrested”

This comes from an unknown source, so it’s for advanced readers only.  You have to judge for yourself how credible this report is.  I’m interested in it but can’t vouch for it.

But I figure if you’ve hung in there through the details of Jill’s shoes, you deserve to know about it.

EarthTV provides a White House live cam.  A person who is followed by a friend checks in on the WH live cam regularly and reports he saw hours of unusual activity tonight.

First, when he started viewing, the White House was lit up with floodlights, not the usual elegant night lighting, but floodlights, like a prison yard.

He reports streams of cop cars with lights flashing red and blue seemed to be driving in a loop around the area and that went on for two hours.  Then three buses got escorted into the White House grounds by the cops.

Then suddenly the lighting returned to normal and the inauguration night fireworks started.

On the video he says, “I just watched everyone in the White House get arrested.”

You can see the entire video here.   Watch it now, because Twitter takes down this kind of thing fast.  If you can’t see the original video, you can see a screenshot from it and a brief report on it in the first minute and a half of this video.

There’s a bigger, better original of the video somewhere, and I’m looking for it.

As of today, DC is wide open except for the Capitol and White House complexes.  The razor-wire topped security fences remain around those.

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Why Didn’t Biden Get the Traditional Inauguration Gun Salute?

Here’s the Presidential Battery Salute (21-gun salute) at President Trump’s inauguration in 2017.  Note it’s a four-gun salute.  Three are actually fired; the fourth is there in case of a misfire.

Note that you can hear Trump taking the oath in the background at roughly 1:46 before the guns are fired.

Now, some media claim Biden got a Presidential Battery Salute at his “inauguration” as well.  It’s always done at presidential inaugurations.

But Biden didn’t get one.  Instead there was a three-gun 21-gun salute at Arlington National Cemetery.  (Two guns are actually fired; the third is on standby.)  That’s the salute used when laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  Note the difference in the intervals between shots for the two different types of salutes.

Here’s the salute for the Biden wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

The military is particular about these differences.

So Trump continues to fly military aircraft as a president is entitled to do while a former president isn’t.  Meanwhile Biden reportedly took a private jet to his inauguration instead of the government or military flight traditionally offered to the president-elect.

And Trump got the traditional four-gun Presidential Battery Salute for his presidential inauguration, while Biden only got the salute for laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Seems the military still considers Trump president.

See more evidence from blog reader Joe below.

Continue reading Why Didn’t Biden Get the Traditional Inauguration Gun Salute?

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What a Beautiful Day Not

Here’s a screenshot from CNN’s coverage of the Biden inauguration.  The time is helpfully marked on the shot; it’s 8:43 am PST, which is 11:43 am EST.  Kamala Harris had just been sworn in.  Biden was sworn in 7 minutes later.  (Click all photos to enlarge.)

A few little nothing puffs of cloud and a big bright blue sky.  Look at the bright light and shadow on the Capitol dome.  What a beautiful day!

And look at the bright light and hard shadows in the close-ups, and all with no studio lighting set up on that balcony at all.  Look at the shadow on Amy Klobuchar’s yellow coat.  Look at Kamala and Roy Blunt squinting in the glare.

Now here is footage of the event from someone I actually know.   You can watch the whole video through the link, but here is a screen shot.  Amy Klobuchar spoke at 11:30 am EST; this is between her speech and the swearings in minutes later.

The sky is completely overcast.  It’s not partly cloudy, with fluffy clouds occasionally shading the sun.  It’s solid gray.  The reporter says the temperature is 25 degrees with snow flurries.  He says there are about 100 people at the event.

Note the complete lack of shadows.  Note the complete lack of bright light hitting the balcony where the speeches and swearings in took place.

Here’s a screenshot from when he scans his fellow TV crews.  Note the heavy jackets, the lack of shadows, the gray light, the need for special lighting for the on-camera reporters.

Here’s another screenshot from when he scans the reporters’ balcony.  No shadows.

Now here’s a screenshot from the Fox coverage of Amy Klobuchar speaking just moments before.  Look at the bright light and shadow on the balcony rail.

Frankly, they’re not even trying.

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Secret Service Call Box Missing from Biden’s Desk

The Oval Office has a Secret Service call box on the president’s desk.  Reportedly Lyndon Johnson had it installed.

The media made a big deal of saying it was President Trump’s Diet Coke button and that Biden had ordered it removed.  But you can see it on the Resolute Desk in this video of Biden’s Press Secretary in the Oval Office (Biden doesn’t appear in the video).  She didn’t gain access to the Oval Office until January 20.  If Biden really has a Press Secretary and she’s really in the White House, there is still a call box on the Oval Office desk.

In a few minutes of clicking around, I found photos of the call box on the desks of Presidents Clinton, W. Bush, Obama and Trump.

So there’s nothing Trumpy about the call box.  There are many photographs of the call boxes in other White House locations as well, including the cabinet room and the president’s dining room.

The one place you DON’T see the Secret Service call box is on the desk where Biden signs his Executive Orders on inauguration day.  I’ve got a collection of photos of Biden at that desk from every angle.  Where is the Secret Service call box?

We’re told Biden flew a particular private jet (we know its call sign) to DC the day before the inauguration.  We can track that jet from Van Nuys, CA to Wilmington on the 18th, then from Wilmington to DC on the 19th.

If Biden was on that jet and in DC on January 20 for the inauguration, why didn’t he use the real Oval Office to sign those orders?  If he didn’t fly to DC on January 19th, why did the media make the big fuss over the private jet?

Call Box Timeline

Biden signs EOs January 20 starting at 5:15 pm.

Photos and videos of the signing, noting the missing call box, are posted on Twitter at 11 am EST on Thursday, January 21.

Social media starts going crazy over the missing call box.

Biden’s handlers get word that they screwed up on the stage set props and put out their talking point.

Around 9 pm on January 21, the media starts reporting Biden ordered the call box removed because it’s stupid and Trumpy.  As usual, 100% of them use the fake talking point.

Early on January 22, the video of Biden’s Press Secretary in the Oval Office is posted, showing a call box on the Resolute Desk.

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Biden’s Private Jet

Simon Parkes said that Biden had filmed his Oval Office Executive Order signings on a Los Angeles movie set.  See my posts about that set here and here.

Now Roger S. has come up with an interesting piece of data that supports Parkes’ contention that Biden has been in L.A.

The Boeing 737 private jet on which Biden flew to DC for the inauguration left Van Nuys, CA (L.A.) on Monday, January 18.  It flew all the way to Wilmington, non-stop, in order to fly Biden the half hour from Wilmington to Andrews the next day.

These jets are available for charter for $12,000 to $19,000 an hour and you typically have to pay for round trip even if you only fly one way.

If the plane had flown to NYC before Wilmington, we might believe some Hollywood type had chartered the plane and it just happened to be convenient for Biden to rent.  But straight to Wilmington?

There are lots of these luxury Boeing 737 business jets available for charter, especially on the East Coast, that would have been a lot cheaper to rent, unless Biden did indeed have to fly in from L.A.

But if Biden did fly into DC to be there on the 20th, it raises another conundrum.  If he was in DC on the 20th, why didn’t he sign his Executive Orders in the real Oval Office?  More on that tomorrow.

Roger S. points out other odd connections between the photo in an article about the jet and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.  Check out his full comment here.

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Jill’s Shoes

There’s some talk about shoe changes in the middle of the inauguration.  So I thought I’d take a look at shoes just to get it over with.

It’s easiest to get photos of Jill’s shoes, so let’s go with Jill.  C-Span shows Jill arriving at the inauguration in tan shoes.  You can see it here at 17:14.

This is what the arrival footage looks like:

Another arrival shot in tan shoes, same as on C-Span:

But when Jill walks down the hall to the ceremony, she’s wearing blue shoes:

President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden arrive in the Crypt of the US Capitol for Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 in Washington. (Jim Lo Scalzo (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP)

She arrives on the red carpet for the ceremony in blue shoes:

And she leaves after the ceremony in blue shoes:

The media reported Jill was at Arlington National Cemetery for the wreath-laying ceremony, but I couldn’t find any video or photos of Jill there.  That was the next event after the swearing-in ceremony.  You can easily find photos and video of other wives like Laura Bush in prominent positions there.

But here Jill is for the “abbreviated parade” to the White House after Arlington, back in the tan shoes.  It’s not like she changed into flats for the walk.

President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden walk in a parade during the Presidential Escort, part of Inauguration Day ceremonies, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

And here she is arriving at the North Portico of the White House after the parade.  In tan shoes:

So, I’m no fashion guy.  This by itself wouldn’t seem like the kill shot to me.

But it may be odd that Jill wore special blue shoes for the actual ceremony but tan shoes for the outdoor scenes before and after, especially when all the rest of her outfit, including her blue gloves, stayed the same.

It’s also odd that there is no C-Span footage of the Bidens’ departure from the Capitol building and no Jill at Arlington.  There’s Al Jazeera video of the Bidens leaving the blue-carpeted balcony and a little inside the hall.  But nothing of them outside coming down the steps and getting into their car.

There’s footage of others like Kamala outside coming down the steps and getting into their cars.  There’s footage of Nancy Pelosi waiting for her car, if that’s really her.  She seems to wear giant sunglasses in every shot.

In all of the outdoor photos of the Bidens leaving the Capitol I’ve found, the only people in the photo are the Bidens, or the Bidens and a couple of decorative guards.

I kept having the impression that the event was a small cast of big names they made sure to get on camera, and a thousand anonymous extras whose faces I couldn’t make out.

Maybe you all will come up with more.

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Is Roy Blunt Handcuffed?

If Twitter takes that video down, you can find it here at Gab where it will never be censored.

Roy Blunt is a U.S. Senator from Missouri.

The video shows Blunt, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Elaine Chao and others in their inauguration clothes coming out the door of the East Front of the Capitol.  The inauguration was held on the West Front, so they’re not heading to the inauguration but they could be leaving it.

In any case, I’ve been trying to find other videos or photos of Roy Blunt walking with his hands behind his back and haven’t been able to find any.  Here’s how he usually walks:

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If Trump’s Not Still President, Why is He Still Flying Military Aircraft?

MonkeyWerx gave a report today that just blew me away.

And it’s all based on hard data, not dodgy video, not anonymous sources, not fake news.

On January 20, while the “inauguration” was happening, Trump was in West Palm Beach with an FAA Flight Restriction over Mar-a-Lago.  All former and current presidents get an FAA Flight Restriction over their residences when they are at their residences.

The FAA Flight Restriction continued over Mar-a-Lago yesterday during the day.  Then it was removed as night fell.

If Trump had left for Trump Tower or his Jersey residence, the flight restriction would be posted there.  But there’s no flight restriction over either of those residences either.  There’s no flight restriction right now for Trump anywhere in the country.

So Where’s Trump???  Did the Bad Guys Get Him?!?!?!?!

Before Trump’s disappearance, a C-17 military aircraft did a practice run from Charleston to West Palm Beach to DC.  Then the night the flight restriction disappeared over Mar-a-Lago, a C-17 military aircraft made the exact same run.  This time, when it left West Palm Beach, the flight restriction there was lifted.

That means that C-17 had Trump aboard.

The media made a big hullabaloo the other day about Biden being denied a government aircraft for his transportation to his inauguration.  There are variations on the story, but in the end, Biden took a private jet from Delaware to DC.

Now Trump, as a former president, is no longer entitled to travel via military aircraft.  Yet he flew to DC and possibly on to Charleston aboard a military C-17.

It Appears the Military Considers Trump President

What does it suggest to you that Trump is still flying military aircraft?  I can tell you it made MonkeyWerx, who has been very blue since Wednesday, very happy.

Although the C-17 landed in DC and stayed there almost an hour, MonkeyWerx believes Trump went on to Charleston, where he could have caught a variety of more comfortable military aircraft to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Since there continues to be no flight restriction over any of Trump’s residences, Trump is almost certainly out of the continental U.S., in some very safe, very friendly place, waiting to return in glory.

I think Trump is still president, or at least the military thinks so.

h/t to Country Bumpkin for the heads up on Monkey’s report.

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Mystery of the Disappearing Granddaughters

Simon Parkes gave an interview to Doug Billings.  The video has just been released today.

Let me stipulate in advance that Parkes may be misinformed or insane.

However, in the video he reaffirms something he said before, that there was a prerecorded inauguration with CGI and then a live inauguration.  He says Team Biden didn’t expect to be able to hold the live inauguration, but in the end the military wasn’t able to carry out their plan and so a reduced live inauguration was able to be held.

Let’s just go with that for a moment.  That would account for the tape of the prerecorded inauguration that Charlie Ward says he received 11 hours before the live one.

Evidence that Team Biden was Worried About a Plan to Stop the Inauguration

Is there any evidence that Parkes could be right?  Well, take a look at this video of the inauguration (and take a look fast, because Twitter is aggressively censoring this kind of thing).


When the video starts, there are three girls at the event to Biden’s left (our screen right) with long brown hair parted in the middle. People say they are Biden’s granddaughters.

One of the girls is dressed in black, one is dressed in pink, and one is dressed in white.

There are a number of cuts during the ceremony.  At first, when they cut to a camera at Biden’s right, you can see the three girls at the ceremony.

But then, when the ceremony ends, all of a sudden the girl in pink and the girl in white have disappeared.

You can see the girl in black is there, and she hugs and kisses Biden.  But where are the other two granddaughters?  Why aren’t they there hugging and kissing Biden moments after they were supposedly there at the start of the ceremony?

Parkes says that you’ll find more of these discrepancies in the videos of the event.  He specifically says you’ll see people’s shoes change in the middle of the ceremony.  I haven’t had a chance to look at enough video to confirm or refute that yet.

I’ll report on the rest of the Parkes video in a bit.

For now, remember that even if you agree that the granddaughters go missing at the inauguration, it doesn’t mean Biden isn’t president.  It’s just evidence supporting Parkes’ contention that there was a plan to prevent that inauguration serious enough that the Biden forces prerecorded a fake inauguration.

Why Would You Record a Fake Inauguration If the Real One was Going to be Stopped?

You might record a fake inauguration to show in the event the real one was stopped by arrest if you wanted to claim that the president was improperly removed by the military.

You might assume Biden supporters would take Biden’s removal a lot harder than an inauguration stopped so the military could investigate foreign interference in the election.

By the way, Parkes also says the Executive Order photos (see my earlier posts from today and yesterday) were staged on a film set in L.A.

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Why are the Lights of an Oval Office Stage Set Reflected in the Real Oval’s Windows?

This photo of an Oval Office set was tweeted by the verified account of the German Foreign Office yesterday with a quote from foreign minister Heiko Maas.

In their next tweet, they say it was shot at the set of a German TV channel Maas joined for an interview on inauguration day.

Maybe it’s normal in Germany for government officials to pose on TV in replicas of the Oval Office. I don’t know.

But why do the same studio lights show up in the Oval Office photos below?

The photo below, showing the same lights, is from cleveland.com.

You can see a slightly different version of the photo here from kshb.com.

There are no studio lights mounted in the Oval Office.  There is lighting embedded in the molding near the ceiling, plus there are lamps.

When they want to take photographs in the Oval Office at night, it appears they turn up the lighting in that molding near the ceiling.

I’ve looked at many photos of people photographing and filming Trump in the Oval Office, and they never appear to bring their own lighting.

Was Biden on the Oval Office set of a German TV station on Inauguration Day?  Or do they use the same studio lights at the Castle Rock Pictures set?

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