Why is the National Guard Staying in DC Thru Mid-March?

Per Tucker Carlson, the National Guard is staying in DC through mid-March.

I imagine these guys would like to get home.

What reason could there possibly be for this?  Hmmmmm?

If a Second Real Inauguration Took Place, Why Didn’t Anybody in DC See or Hear It?

Country Bumpkin just raised a great point in the comments.  She says:

As far as them having a “fake” inauguration, which I have no doubt was recorded, and then also a “real” one that did manage to take place, what about yours and others’ statements that those in and around D.C. did not see or hear anything that sounded or looked like an inauguration? Wouldn’t that be a fairly easy thing to observe even at a distance?

CB is right.  I checked this morning with my DC friend.  He’s now talked to over 80 fellow residents of DC, including more than a dozen cops, and he still hasn’t found anyone who saw or heard the inauguration.

He started checking because he and his wife never saw or heard it.

Which raises another point.  If they staged a second real inauguration, why did they intercut the real ceremony with the prerecorded one so that the video shows disappearing granddaughters?  Why not just use the footage from the real ceremony?

Also, if there was a second real inauguration, why did they resort to two staged Executive Order signings (see here and here) in stage set Oval Offices?  Why didn’t they just do a real EO signing in the real Oval Office?

And Why is the FAA Flight Restriction Missing For Trump?

Country Bumpkin also points out that MonkeyWerx, who tracks military and government aircraft all over the place for interesting insights, noted this morning that the FAA flight restrictions for Trump’s residence are gone.

These are always in place where a President or former President are living (Bush still has his in place in Texas, and there was one in Florida Wednesday for Trump).   Now there are none in Florida and none in NY at Trump Towers, etc.  And this is exactly why everyone should be following MonkeyWerx.  Where else would you find this out?

It happened overnight. MonkeyWerx and CB ask, where is Trump? It appears that he is nowhere in the US as of this morning.  Monkey has been feeling blue and suddenly he is happy again.

And that reminds me that a source (I can’t remember which one, and I’ve already deleted the post at my old website where I mentioned it) said Trump would be kept out of the country, in a safe, friendly country, while the arrests went down.

So now we have more evidence that the plan may still be on.  It may even be farther along than we assumed.

Thanks for the great intel, CB.  And thanks to all of you who have been posting great analysis or intel, even when you’ve proven me wrong.

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When Did They Have Time to Put In A Road Behind the Oval Office? (Updated)

Here’s Biden yesterday signing his first Executive Orders and Executive Actions.  The media made a big deal about that Benjamin Franklin portrait he installed in the Oval Office (click to enlarge):

That is Not a Real Reflection of That Desktop (New)

Thanks to Pete Dynomyt, who pointed out an anomaly in the photo above.  Look at the reflection in the window behind Biden.  The window reflection shows multiple small piles of white paper on the desk top.  On the real desk, there is only one piece of white paper.

Also, the chair back is in the wrong position in the reflection.  There are other discrepancies as well.

That is not a real reflection of that desk.  That is Biden sitting in front of a green screen.  That will be important when we get to the photos below.

Now look at the big trucks directly behind the Oval Office window in the photo below (click to enlarge).  Biden’s wearing the same tie and jacket.  Where are the White House grounds?  Where are the big trees and evergreens that are supposed to be right outside that window?


Here’s another view out those windows.  A street is right behind him with white lines for parking spaces marked out?

Some people point out other photos of Biden in front of those windows where there is greenery behind the windows.  You can see one here.  It’s a different angle on the top photo (the one with the fake reflection in the window) and is likely a green screen photo as well.

In any case, you can’t have greenery in half the photos and no greenery in half the photos without it being clear someone’s faking photos.

Biden’s wearing the exact same tie and jacket in all the pictures, both with greenery there and greenery missing.

And although there are service drives on the White House property, they are not that close to the Oval Office windows.

They are now also faking a Trump photo with a road close by the Oval Office window.  I can’t find it or anything similar online but someone posted one in the comments.  It had an odd shadow on the right of Trump’s head that made it clear Trump was cut and pasted into that background.

In any case, you can’t have it both ways.  Either the greenery was cut or it wasn’t.  I think when people started pointing out the anomalies in the Biden Oval Office photos, they pasted together new photos, including the photo at the top.  But the new photos have anomalies as well.  Again, see the top photo.

Note the Fake Curtains in the Second and Third Photos (New)

And we’re just getting started with the anomalies.  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Kathy Berkshire, DeeGee, Ruth and Anonymous, I can now point out that the curtains in the second and third photos are fake.  Those are not the high-quality gold brocade curtains Trump left in the White House.  The fabric in the Biden photos is cheap and wrinkled.

Since we’ve already established that the top photo has an impossible reflection and has to be Biden in front of a green screen, we have more proof that Biden is not in the real Oval Office.

Again, here’s what the real curtains look like and what’s really outside those windows (click to enlarge):

Here’s the Oval Office exterior below.  (Click to enlarge.)  I don’t see that asphalt street with parking spots marked.  I see lots of trees and shrubs instead of space for that truck:

Here’s the view out the Oval Office windows in winter, when the leaves are off the trees. Still lots of evergreens and tree branches.  No road in sight out that window on the right.

Here’s the Castle Rock Pictures replica of the Oval Office used for Disney’s Nixon and 20th Century Fox’s Independence Day.  Finally, a blue carpet to match Biden’s!  (Click to enlarge.)

Q said the final step before the take-down of the Deep State would be “CASTLE ROCK.”  Click to enlarge (ignore the red highlight, that is from earlier):

Please take my word for it that we passed through all of the other steps.

We are watching a movie!!!  What have they done with Biden?!?!?!

In one of his final messages before inauguration day, Simon Parkes said he thought the media might show a faked CGI inauguration, staged weeks earlier. He says that right off the top of the video through the link.

On the 18th, he said his source had said Biden would be arrested before he could take the oath of office, but it was possible the media would show a fake CGI inauguration.

I think Biden’s been arrested.  Continue reading When Did They Have Time to Put In A Road Behind the Oval Office? (Updated)

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The Most Horrible Caper Movie in the World

Simon Parkes has a new video out this morning.  The purpose of the video is to explain what went wrong yesterday and what’s going to happen next.

Parkes is a very earnest man (he was likely chosen because he’s earnest), and he does his best to put a good spin on things.  He appears to believe that what he’s saying will be reassuring to us.  Maybe it will be reassuring to you; maybe my take is wrong.

But if I had to sum up what I heard behind what he says in the video, it’s that the military never intended to save the country.  Instead, they intended to rip off the ClA’s money, and they’re fine with the country going to hell as long as they can keep it.

In other words, the past four years have essentially been a horrible caper movie.  Continue reading The Most Horrible Caper Movie in the World

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Transition Day

Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward Post-Inauguration:  Be Patient

Ward Got the Pre-Recorded Tape of the Inauguration Before It Happened

Parkes and Ward recorded a video discussion after the inauguration.  You can watch it here.

Charlie Ward says that he received a tape of the inauguration, in Spain, at 7 am this morning.  That’s 7 am in Spain, which is 6 hours ahead of EST.  That means he received it at 1 am EST.

So Ward saw the inauguration 11 hours before it supposedly happened.

In other words, the inauguration we saw was a recording.  It was prerecorded.  What we saw on TV wasn’t happening at that time.  Ward got the tape of it and shared it with a lot of other people.

David Rodriguez, who is also in the conversation, points out the event looked like a funeral.  Nobody looked proud and happy.

Simon Parkes Says Trump Is In DC, Not Florida

Remember the anomalies we saw in Trump’s departure from DC?  In one video of Trump heading to Marine One, the trees were bare.  In the video of Marine One taking off, the trees were green.

Melania was wearing a different dress when she got off Air Force 1 in Florida than she was wearing when she got on.  It wasn’t that long a flight.  Did she spill a hot fudge sundae on herself?

Now Parkes says Trump never went to Florida this morning.  He’s been in DC all day.

Parkes and Ward Say They Warned Us, Be Patient

Parkes reminds us he was told for the past week, and told us, that the plan was to “really let them believe they won.”  After Parkes says that, Ward replies, “That’s what the general’s been saying this evening as well.  He’s been telling everyone to keep patient.”

I don’t know what general Ward is referring to.  I assume it’s the person who has been his source all along.  I think Parkes and Ward each have a genuine good source.  I think they have other sources who are less reliable.

When I saw this new Parkes/Ward video had been posted, I fully expected to hear from them that something had gone wrong.  Gen. McInerney was worried yesterday that Trump would betray us.  You can hear him talking about it here (from 23:00 to 28:45 — the rest of the Zoom discussion is agonizing).

So I figured I’d hear from Parkes and Ward that either Trump had backed out or the military had backed out on Trump.  But Parkes and Ward aren’t saying that.

Lin Wood is pretty much just praying at this point.  Dr. Pieczenik is worried that the military betrayed Trump.  General Flynn is silent.

Parkes and Ward have not been told that Trump has backed out or that the military has backed out.  Ward talked to his best source after the inauguration and was told to be patient.  Great Source Terrible Timing isn’t saying it’s over either.

But nobody is saying anything clear about exactly what’s happening.

Great Source expected that Emergency Broadcast like everyone else and didn’t say anything about it today.

For myself, the one piece of solid info that gives me hope is that Charlie Ward got a tape of the inauguration before it happened.  Ward wouldn’t lie about that and it’s not something that can be misunderstood like a source.

The event was prerecorded.  That means at least that all is not as it seems.

A New Video of Pelosi with Escorts Wearing Badges

I also saw a video today of Pelosi with those women who appear to be wearing U.S. Marshals badges.  She was wearing a different outfit than in the earlier photo I posted.  It was the outfit she wore in the prerecorded inauguration.

The badge on the escorts is definitely not Capitol Police.  It’s Capitol Police that normally provide security for the Speaker of the House.  And they did not appear deferential the way a security detail would.  Continue reading Transition Day

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Trump at the Rubicon

Invoking the Insurrection Act to Put Down the Insurrection (Pinned)

What Trump will Do if Legislators and Public Officials and the Courts All Fail Us

At the end of 50 BC, the Roman Senate declared that Julius Caesar’s term as provincial governor was over. Roman law gave its magistrates immunity to prosecution, but this immunity would end with Caesar’s term.

As the leader of the populares faction, Caesar had bitter enemies among the elite optimates, and he knew that as soon as he left office, these enemies planned to destroy him. Caesar knew he would lose everything: property, liberty, even his life.

Caesar decided it was better to fight than accept certain defeat. In January 49 BC, he crossed the Rubicon River with his army, in violation of Rome’s most sacred law, and began a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” said Caesar. The die is cast.  Continue reading Trump at the Rubicon

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The Antifa Murderer of Jay Danielson has been Killed

U.S. Marshals Get the Bad Guy

Antifa Murderer Michael Reinoehl

On Tuesday, I wrote about the organized, preplanned murder of a Trump supporter, Jay Danielson, Saturday night in Portland.  The murder was carried out by a death squad of Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists.  You can read the details of the hit in my post here.

This morning, U.S. Marshals announced Micheal Reinoehl had been killed last night.  Reinoehl was the gunman who shot Jay Danielson in the heart in Portland for wearing a Patriot Prayer hat.

The Marshals had received a tip that Reinoehl was hiding out in Lacy, Washington, near Olympia.  A group of officers from the state Dept. of Corrections, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Lakewood Police Dept., all deputized by the U.S. Marshals and acting in U.S. Marshal capacity, attempted to peacefully arrest him.

Witnesses say Reinoehl was armed with a semi-automatic rifle when he engaged in a firefight with the officers. He unleashed 50 rounds on them before the officers shot him.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Continue reading The Antifa Murderer of Jay Danielson has been Killed

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Democrat Election Document Calls for Riots

Podesta’s Election Blueprint Advises Biden to Strengthen Ties with Antifa-BLM

Third Precinct on Fire in Minneapolis Riot

The Transition Integrity Project (the Democrats’ blueprint for the 2020 election, worked out by John Podesta and 100 other senior government and Biden campaign officials) explicitly urges the Biden campaign to rely on Antifa-BLM rioting around election time.  It directs the Biden campaign to strengthen connections with Antifa-BLM so as to be able to call on them to riot as needed.

In the excerpt below, I am particularly taken by the Democrats’ use of quote marks around “legitimate” in the phrase “legitimate outcome”, as they are discussing using riots to make a Trump win look illegitimate.  That, of course, is the same tactic Democrats used in 2016 as part of their strategy for delegitimizing Trump’s presidency.  Antifa-BLM rioted in cities all over the country immediately after election day and during Trump’s inauguration.

They had already rioted in cities like Chicago, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Jose and L.A. at Trump rallies during the presidential campaign to delegitimize Trump as a candidate.  Here’s the excerpt (click to enlarge):

Continue reading Democrat Election Document Calls for Riots

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Transcript from Saturday’s Antifa Murder of a Trump Supporter

A Well-Trained, Well-Organized Hit Squad

Murder of Jay Danielson

The murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson by Portland Antifa terrorists Saturday night was carried out by a well-organized, well-trained death squad of about a dozen operatives that included a shooter, two spotters, a model, a photographer, two cameramen and others whose job it was to clean up the scene before police arrived.  The operation likely also included two Portland cops.  Continue reading Transcript from Saturday’s Antifa Murder of a Trump Supporter

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The Coronavirus Phenomenon as Psychological Warfare

Bat Plague Measures Meet Amnesty International Guidelines of Torture, Mind Control and Coercion

People who brainwash know that physical control of a population is impossible without the cooperation of the population. To control a population, it’s essential to manipulate the minds and feelings of the people, who then become psychological prisoners of the brainwashers.

This post will show how torture and mind control techniques have been used against us as part of the coronavirus phenomenon.  It’s been used to gain our consent for our own economic destruction and home imprisonment to influence the November elections.  It’s been used to weaken our resistance to a radical left political agenda.  It’s being used to corral us into supporting huge Big Pharma profits from vaccines and treatments like Remdesivir, which don’t work.

Amnesty International’s Report on Torture describes the process used to break the will of a prisoner of war:

  • Isolation
  • Monopolization of perception
  • Induced debility
  • Threats
  • Occasional indulgences
  • Demonstrating omnipotence
  • Degradation
  • Enforcing trivial demands

Continue reading The Coronavirus Phenomenon as Psychological Warfare

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Howard Hughes, the ClA, the Mob and Las Vegas

Hughes’ Two Most Important Business Decisions:  Noah Dietrich and the ClA

Howard Hughes

We all know the story of brilliant businessman Howard Hughes, who made billions in the oil, movie, aviation, defense and casino industries.  But the truth is, Hughes was a terrible businessman.

Hughes’ best business moves were two critical personnel decisions:  the hiring of Noah Dietrich in 1925, and his decision to partner up with the ClA.  That decision happened no later than 1948, right after the ClA’s creation, but Hughes was likely involved with the OSS and/or various ClA predecessor intelligence units in the military and State Department even earlier, during the war.  The decision to partner up with the ClA made Hughes even more money than Noah Dietrich did.  But that decision to partner with the agency was also his worst.

Hughes was born December 24, 1905.  He inherited 75% of Hughes Tool Co., his father’s company, when his father died on January 14, 1924.  His father had invented a revolutionary oil drilling bit that pulverized rock instead of scraping it.  The bit was nicknamed “the rock eater.”  It got through rock at 10x the speed of any other drill bit.

Within a year of his father’s death, Hughes bought out the other 25% of the company from his relatives.  He also hired Dietrich, a CPA with a diverse business background in banking, real estate, and oil.  Hughes’ father, like Howard, was never much of a businessman despite his brilliant invention.  Dietrich took the company, worth $660,000 in 1925 (roughly $10 million in 2020 dollars), applied sound business and tax-saving strategies to it, and turned it into a $75 million company by 1930 (roughly $1 billion in 2020 dollars), enough to fund Hughes’ stabs at becoming a professional golfer, a movie producer, an aviator, and everything else.

Later, Dietrich won war production contracts for Hughes Tool, invested in real estate for the company, and automated its “hobby shop” style production line.  After the war, Hughes Tool made $285 million in profits under Dietrich’s management before Dietrich left the company after 32 years in 1957.  That’s roughly $2.4 billion in 2020 dollars.

Dietrich ran TWA for Hughes as well, for which Hughes paid about $1.4 billion (in 2020 dollars) for a 75% stake in 1939.  Hughes also paid a $1.1 billion penalty (in 2020 dollars) for mismanagement of the airline in the 1950s.  But Hughes sold his stock for $3.8 billion in 2020 dollars when he was forced out in 1965.  That’s another $1.3 billion that Dietrich made Hughes.

The value of Hughes’ estate when he died in April 1976 was $1.5 to $2 billion (roughly $7.5 to $10 billion in 2020 dollars), plus another $5-$6 billion in Hughes Aircraft ($25 billion in 2020 dollars), which had been spun off from Hughes Tool into a tax shelter called the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  The “charity” donated virtually nothing to medical research during Hughes’ lifetime.

Dietrich had made Hughes about $5 billion of that (in 2020 dollars).  The rest of Hughes’ money appears to have come, in one way or another, from the ClA, and the ClA made sure they got it back.  Continue reading Howard Hughes, the ClA, the Mob and Las Vegas

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