The Democrats’ Election Year Insurrection

The Latest Phase of the Democrats’ Ongoing Coup Attempt

Antifa in Full Gear

Black neighborhoods are getting burned down.  Businesses are being trashed, burned, and looted.  Millions of Americans all over the country are looking out their windows in terror as the mob draws closer.

The rioters are the Democrats’ Antifa brownshirts, BLM, Islamist cells and criminal allies.  Thousands of them are being transported across state lines and around the country to carry out simultaneous riots, in cities and suburbs around the country, at great expense.  They’ve been photographed with expensive, high-tech communications equipment.

They use crowbars and large bike locks to bash in peoples’ skulls.  They knock a person unconscious and then kick out his teeth.  They stab victims.  They shoot victims.  They beat victims senseless with baseball bats.  A black federal security officer in Oakland was murdered in the Antifa riots there.  He was shot.  There have been 17 victims killed so far, 16 of them black.

Antifa assaults are highly organized.  First, SPOTTERS select the targets and set up the outer perimeter.  Then BLINDERS hit the target in the eyes with mace, smoke or another irritant to blind them.

Then the designated ASSAULTERS move in to dispense “social justice” while SHIELDERS try to shield them from cameras.  ORGANIZERS keep an eye out for cops, reporters and counterattacks and alert the assault team to move on when a threat approaches.  They also direct Antifa troops to caches of weapons, like rocks, bricks and bottles of accelerant, as well as escape routes.

Antifa organizers just unloaded pallets of bricks in Frisco, Texas for a riot planned for today.  Kansas City police are reporting the same thing.

Antifa even has street medics trained to do first aid, provide relief from tear gas and pepper spray, and evacuate injured comrades.  Civilians who show up hoping to protest the murder of George Floyd are used as human shields from the police.  These people are usually injured first and give the DNC-controlled media photos and footage of sympathetic “victims” of the police.

Antifa spotters wear different insignia and colors than blinders and assaulters and organizers.  Essentially, Antifa is a paramilitary force with standardized uniforms.  They are so well organized that they have reddits and websites. Antifa International even holds workshops.

Antifa is the Democrats’ Shock Troops

Antifa and their Democrat supporters are fascists.  They seek to dehumanize political opponents.  They use violence to try to gain power and suppress political speech and religious expression.  They are bigots who burn down black neighborhoods and synagogues.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies says he was told the Democrats’ rioters targeted specific police headquarters for assault based on where evidence was being held against the Sinaloa Cartel.  The Minneapolis 3rd Precinct was one of them.  Remember those photos of looters emerging from the burned precinct with boxes of evidence?

The Obamagate crowd is fighting for their lives.  This is their full-out attempt at insurrection after the failure of their Bat Plague election-rigging hoax, their third election-rigging/coup attempt hoax in three years.  Continue reading The Democrats’ Election Year Insurrection

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Welcome to Our 1930s Soviet TB Ward!

Sisolak’s Vision for a New Las Vegas

Do you remember Roger & Me, the 1989 Michael Moore documentary about Flint, Michigan during the time GM was reducing its work force there from 80,000 to 5000?

GM was essentially the only employer in town, and in the film we watch desperate city officials try to come up with a plan for replacing all those jobs.  They decide that the thing to do is turn Flint into a tourist attraction.  They invest scarce city funds in a new Hyatt Regency that’s forced into bankruptcy days after opening, and pin all their hopes on a scheme called AutoWorld, “the world’s largest indoor theme park.” It closes in six months and is torn down a few years later.

As the destitute multitudes start a crime spree that leads to prison overcrowding, the city fathers come up with a new idea.  They have to build a new jail, so why not have guests pay $100 to get locked up there overnight?  Imagine it:  You check in, get strip searched, get locked alone in your cell, and sit there on the edge of your bunk wondering what in the hell you were thinking.

That is essentially Sisolak’s new plan for Las Vegas.  Continue reading Welcome to Our 1930s Soviet TB Ward!

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Sisolak Promises to Keep Nevada Closed Until It’s One Big Cattle Ranch Again

This is What We Get for Living in a Fake State Carny Operation

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, the party hack swept into power in 2018 on the back of the Democrats’ Russian Collusion hoax, has promised to keep Nevada closed as long as possible for the Democrats’ ScaryVirus election-rigging hoax.

Sisolak, who has a lifetime record of achievement as impressive as the average loaf of Wonder Bread, also says he would match up the advice of his fake doctor “medical adviser” with anyone else’s fake doctor any time.

This, my fellow Nevadans, is what we get for living in a fake state, a carny operation populated largely by cheap-labor fake citizens, all herded in to vote illegally by the Culinary Union while we look the other way.

The Carny in Chief has decided to fold up the big tent.  As he holds all power over the licenses for the milk bottle game and freak show, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.  Continue reading Sisolak Promises to Keep Nevada Closed Until It’s One Big Cattle Ranch Again

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Vegas Plague Diary

Chop Fluey Hysteria — A Con for the Ages

As a professional gambler in addition to strip club afficionado, I’ve seen many cons up close and in person and heard about many more from the people who pulled them. I know Las Vegas casino blackjack dealers who dealt seconds and professional poker players who rigged elaborate camera systems for reading the hole cards of their opponents.

I even had a professional grifter try to involve me in investment fraud and a major telemarketing scam before he was put away for it.  That scam was so big even Forbes wrote about it.

But I have never seen a con as enormous and successful as the one the powers that be are putting over on us with the Kung Flu Big Con.  Continue reading Vegas Plague Diary

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