Charlie Ward Says It’s Today

The Capitol’s been Ringed with a Razor-Wire Topped Security Fence for Weeks, Is Today When We Finally Hear Why?

Yesterday, I mentioned hearing that a source in the Netherlands had said today would be the day martial law would be revealed, reportedly in the evening.  I got the info as an anonymous statement from someone I don’t know well, but who seemed very confident in his source.

The anonymous statement also said the military would inform the public on February 12 of a foreign conspiracy to create a false global pandemic psyop to overthrow the U.S. government.  Reportedly we’ll be told the French, Chinese and other governments conspired in the Bat Plague pandemic hoax.  Reportedly we’ll be told by the military that this was an act of war.

I said yesterday that I had no idea who the ultimate source was and whether this info was real but it seemed to echo something that another reliable source had hinted.  Nobody had given me any specific dates though.

Now here’s Charlie Ward reading that exact same anonymous statement in a video today.  He says the big announcement comes at 6 pm EST.

So I don’t know if the person who sent it to me got it from Ward or from Ward’s source.  Since he said it came from a good source in the Netherlands, I assume it came from Ward’s source, as Ward is not in the Netherlands.

Charlie Ward says it came to him from a very good source who’s working in high office and he’s had it verified by two other people.   Charlie goes wrong when he does his own research.  But he seems to have some genuine high-level sources.

Note that Ward’s source says there were arrests of lots of Congressmen and Senators on January 24 and 25.  However, his source gets the number of Senators wrong.

Note also that Ward’s source says Biden was arrested as well.  My best source said Biden got a deal, and other sources report lights and activity at the Culver Studios White House on January 29, January 31, and other days after the 24th and 25th.  So let’s see what happens.  It might be a matter of details or someone could just be wrong.

Ward says even he feels squeamish giving a specific time and date, but that’s the statement he’s been given.

I’m going to warn you in advance that Ward goes off into some odd stuff after reading the statement and describing his source.  He says the real Biden is dead and the Biden we’re seeing is a double or CGI.

Ward’s not the only one who believes we’re watching a fake Biden but, as I mentioned, Ward does do his own research in addition to hearing from sources and comes up with some really far-out stuff when he does.  You have to try to distinguish between stuff he’s gotten from a good source and stuff he found somewhere online.

On the other hand, maybe we’re watching a fake Biden.  Steve Pieczenik has said doubles are real, but I’ve never heard him talk specifically about a Biden double.

Does Jill know?

Thanks to AZPatriot for the heads up on the Ward video.

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4 thoughts on “Charlie Ward Says It’s Today”

  1. No sir, thank you. I wouldn’t have a clue who he is or what is going on in regard to any of this if it wasn’t for you.

  2. I’ve recently started seeing some posts on Gab comparing old and current pictures of Biden to show the current one is a fake (some are even calling the current one a clone). Some look credible, others not so much. Still, those posts fit right in with what Ward said about the real Biden being dead. With all the disinfo and silence going on I’m not sure what to believe regarding Biden proper. Given that we’re watching a movie, anything is possible at this point.

    I would like to see the martial law announcement (if it does happen today) be forced to be broadcast on all the Lamestream networks, so we can see if the military is really in charge or not.

    1. 808, I keep remembering Trump talking about how different Biden looks and saying something like, “It’s not him.”

      Nobody’s ever going to convince me inauguration Hillary shrank six inches.

      One thing about that martial law announcement. I believe Ward and the source say the military will be broadcasting over all media on February 12 but they didn’t say anything like that about today’s announcement. At one point, Ward calls today’s announcement a “report.”

      So today is not expected to be EBS over all stations and radio channels, if I heard that right. (I’ll check when I get home.) So I’d guess we’ll be finding it on sites on Natural News and Conservative News Network and wondering if it’s real.

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