ClA Controls Facebook, Twitter and Google

Lin Wood posted yesterday:

Does the ClA have a hedge fund, In-Q-Tel? In-Q-Tel has an office in Silicon Valley.

Has In-Q-Tel, directly or indirectly, funded Twitter, Facebook, and Google?

Well, we know for sure that the ClA has a venture capital arm that “invests” in Silicon Valley companies.

And I’ve been pretty sure for a long time that Twitter is a ClA front.  I posted extensively about the ClA on Twitter over a period of two days and my account was abruptly suspended.

I hadn’t violated any terms of service.  I had merely linked to mainstream sources about the ClA.

Pretty sure Scar4mucci is ClA as well, by the way.

Why is this important?  Because the ClA is mass suspending Trump supporters from Twitter and Facebook for posting about the election fraud.  And Google is suppressing information about the election fraud and removing free-speech social media from search engines.

What military intelligence sources have said since the election is that the military is now at war with the ClA.  The war officially broke out into the open with the Special Forces raid on the ClA hacking base in Frankfurt that was involved in the Dominion vote-flipping fraud.

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  1. The most interesting man at the cocktail party must be Mike Pompeo. I’d love to know what he learned while running the CIA!

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