How to Beat Internet Casinos — INTRODUCTION (excerpt)

How to Beat Internet Casinos INTRODUCTION (excerpt)

There’s a lot of money in online casinos that’s pretty easy to pick up. In fact, it’s such a nice little piece of change—$5,000 to $10,000—and so much easier to get than the money that can be earned in most other forms of gambling, it’s kind of weird that the situation even exists.

I feel like one of those late-night TV hucksters telling you to call their 800 number with your MasterCard at the ready and they’ll tell you where piles of cash are just laying around waiting for you to grab—only I’m telling you the truth. Making money from online casinos is not quite as easy as just asking for it. You’ve got to jump through a few hoops to get it, and there is some risk involved. But it’s there, the risk is minimal, and it’s available to just about anyone who has a computer with an Internet connection and a thousand bucks or so to invest in this venture.

What it comes down to is that online casinos offer very big profit opportunities to novices because they are attempting to entice new players into their games. If you are selective about which casinos you play at based on their enticements, you will not have to do much of anything to get an edge over the house as a new player in an online casino. As a new player—that is, unknown to them—you will already have an edge over the house. They hand you that edge on a golden platter!

This book is really about choosing the casinos where you play, choosing which games to play in those casinos, devising your least risky and most profitable betting strategy, and knowing when to get out. The rankest amateur can make money gambling in online casinos provided he’s careful about getting into the strongest opportunities and getting out fast when the party’s over.

My advice to most players who enter online casinos is to resign yourself from the start to taking the easy money and then getting out. As in every other form of professional gambling, there are potential dangers. Pay very close attention to details if you take on this project, and you will be rewarded.

When Avery Cardoza asked me if I could write a book on Internet gambling for Cardoza Publishing, the timing couldn’t have been better. I had recently launched my Internet site,, and a group of professional Internet gamblers—all longtime professional casino gamblers I had known for years—were monitoring one of my discussion forums on Internet gambling. My wife and I had just finished six weeks of playing an hour a day on the Internet, with a profit of about $9,000 on a starting test bankroll of $1,000. In the course of our play, I developed my own simple methods for players to estimate the dollar value of the various bonuses, while lowering their risk to comfortable levels, and maximizing profits based on their bankrolls. I was impressed with the ease with which a player on a small bankroll—minuscule by professional gamblers’ standards—could extract $9,000 from these games so quickly.

As you read and study the methods we use to extract bonus money from casinos, you will probably note that many of our examples show bonuses with dollar amounts of $100 or less, sometimes only $40 or $50. This may lead you to believe that I am exaggerating about the amount you can collect from these bonuses in a month or two. Before you go on to the methods, flip to the end of the Odds and Ends chapter, and check out the list of online casinos, taken from the list on my website, that are currently offering bonus programs. (The details in this list will have changes by the time you read this, but if you go to , you will find a current list as good or better. Just start adding up the bonus money, and see if you think it might be worth your time and effort.

Now… let’s go get the money!

©2006 Arnold Snyder

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