FBI Criminal Complaint Theater

A supposed FBI criminal complaint has been filed against 33-year-old Sean McCreary for the supposed riot at the Capitol.  The media depicts McCreary as a Trump supporter in DC for the January 6 rally, who stormed the Capitol over his frustration with the election results.

You can read part of the FBI criminal complaint here.

Here is the photograph of McCreary in the Capitol that the FBI included in the criminal complaint:

McCreary is marked, by the FBI, with the red arrow.  Take a look at the painting hanging on the wall at the Capitol to the right of McCreary and that red arrow.

I’ve enlarged that painting in the Capitol below.  It’s a little blurry from the enlargement:

You can see the image in the screenshot of the actual FBI criminal complaint through the link.  The person who posted the screenshot of the FBI complaint is a former Senate counterterrorism advisor and Intel Policy Officer.

The entire “storming of the Capitol” was a hoax, complete with FBI informers leading it, Capitol police opening doors, and fake shootings.  And now the FBI criminal complaints connected to it are hoaxes too.  Read more about it here.

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8 thoughts on “FBI Criminal Complaint Theater”

  1. Whoever did the photoshopping, they should have put Bernie with his mittens there. Then everyone would realize 6th January in fact took place after the 20th. 😉

  2. Have you found and read the full report? The world gets stranger by the minute.
    “The affiant, …, is a Special Agent assigned to the FBI… currently assigned to the Washington Field Office, Violent Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Task Force investigating matters
    involving the online exploitation of children and human trafficking.


  3. Read the part of the criminal complaint in regards to the photograph.

    “Finally, one of the co-workers who positively identified MCCREARY in the picture above also provided the following additional photograph, which this person received from another of MCREARY’s co-workers, and identified McCreary as the individual wearing black eyeglasses and a blue surgical mask standing immediately
    behind and to the right of Chansley.”

    Regardless if the picture was from an internet meme, it came from an actual verifiable picture taken in Capitol Hill.

    The FBI did not alter it. They are simply providing the evidence from the witness as it was received. They can’t just simply insert the actual verifiable picture as witness evidence. The part where McCreary is featured isn’t altered, but just the painting on the wall. How hard is that to understand?

    1. Tom Hill, literally no lawyer I know thinks the FBI can use that photo as evidence. In fact, they think it completely blows the criminal complaint because there’s no way that painting is in the Capitol.

      If the FBI were serious about this hoax as a crime, which they are not, they would never have used that photo in a criminal complaint because it’s absolutely for sure been altered.

  4. There have been a million pics of this scene shared since the 6th with the shamen guy in horns.
    The obvious explanation is that someone sent McCreary a memed up photoshopped version of this Getty image, the FBI grabbed it off his phone when they arrested him, noting that having it in his possession is proof that it was him.
    But they and neglected to notice it was a stupid doctored version, and it sloppily somehow got into the report without anyone noticing.

    1. David, that’s one way of explaining it. Even so, it’s the first thing everyone else notices.

      No way professional law enforcement plus the DOJ didn’t notice that fake painting.

      Everything about that day, including the complaint, is a hoax.

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