Gen. McInerney Asks if the Sec. of Defense is Complicit in Treason

Is Lloyd Austin Complicit in High Treason?

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney asked to appear on the Two Mikes show yesterday.  Here’s the interview.

He says some remarkable things.  First, he says that the Kraken presented by Mike Lindell in his film Absolute Proof is indeed a smoking gun and irrefutable proof that the election was stolen.  He says that the evidence presented in that film further proves that it’s impossible that the military doesn’t know the election was stolen.

He explains that the capabilities of the Cyber Command and NSA make it impossible that they don’t know.  He says that anybody in the DHS or DOJ (Chris Krebs, Attorney General Barr, etc.) or military who is denying the election was stolen is complicit in it because the evidence is so overwhelming.

He says he’s *heard* the military has taken action.  He’s *heard* the military is in control.  But he says he hasn’t *seen* it and he asks straight out if the new Secretary of Defense is complicit in this high treason.  (Remember, he asked to do this interview yesterday because he wanted to put this out there.)

He also says they all know Trump is still president, otherwise they wouldn’t be  impeaching him.  (General Flynn said the same thing in his interview.)

So General McInerney is now publicly calling out the Secretary of Defense as complicit in treason for serving a fake president that has been installed by an unconstitutional and treasonous process.

We know Biden isn’t being allowed to travel on Air Force 1, a military aircraft.  We know he didn’t get the traditional inauguration 21-gun salute from the military.  We know Biden isn’t really in control of the military because General Flynn’s brother has just been nominated to command the U.S. Army Pacific, which makes him chief of the Army in any conflict with China.  Yet the hoax drags on.

Is the purpose of this prolonged hoax to root out the traitors in the military?

McInerney says the corruption in the government goes back to Bush ’41.  He’s encouraged by seeing Bezos forced out, and thinks that has something to do with the asset seizure provision of Trump’s E.O. on foreign election interference.

But he says if we don’t see Trump put back in the White House soon it will mean the Deep State is so deep that we’ve failed and America is gone.  He compares the situation to Nero fiddling while Rome burns, with the military playing the role of Nero.

What haunts me about what McInerney said is that the first thing Steve Pieczenik said after it appeared Biden had been inaugurated was that the military must have backed down.  It wasn’t a tweet, it was a response to someone in the comments.  He appeared genuinely shocked and horrified that the inauguration had appeared to go through.

Since then, he’s come back and said Trump will return as president.

I’m probably going to stop blogging on this topic.  It seems clear to me that some part of the military, at least, is with us.  Either it’s enough of the military or it’s not.

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