“I Just Watched Everyone in the White House Get Arrested”

This comes from an unknown source, so it’s for advanced readers only.  You have to judge for yourself how credible this report is.  I’m interested in it but can’t vouch for it.

But I figure if you’ve hung in there through the details of Jill’s shoes, you deserve to know about it.

EarthTV provides a White House live cam.  A person who is followed by a friend checks in on the WH live cam regularly and reports he saw hours of unusual activity tonight.

First, when he started viewing, the White House was lit up with floodlights, not the usual elegant night lighting, but floodlights, like a prison yard.

He reports streams of cop cars with lights flashing red and blue seemed to be driving in a loop around the area and that went on for two hours.  Then three buses got escorted into the White House grounds by the cops.

Then suddenly the lighting returned to normal and the inauguration night fireworks started.

On the video he says, “I just watched everyone in the White House get arrested.”

You can see the entire video here.   Watch it now, because Twitter takes down this kind of thing fast.  If you can’t see the original video, you can see a screenshot from it and a brief report on it in the first minute and a half of this video.

There’s a bigger, better original of the video somewhere, and I’m looking for it.

As of today, DC is wide open except for the Capitol and White House complexes.  The razor-wire topped security fences remain around those.

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15 thoughts on ““I Just Watched Everyone in the White House Get Arrested””

  1. Arnold, I hope that will stop using that Simon Parkes cat as a source. And what happened with that Pieczenik cat who was making with all kinds of long talk leading up to and after the rip off, fraud of an election? These military guys run the global American war machine and they come up with logistics, contingency plans for all eventualities. So, I find it hard to believe that these guys, at the last minute would be out-foxed by venal, corrupt, and unintelligent poltical scum like biden and their retarded blm-anitfa minions. Sorry, that just doesn’t pass the smell test to me. These cats just don’t seem credible to me.

    1. Information I got that the DS said they would activate a nuclear bomb on American soil – millions of deaths – and the decision was made to save the lives

    1. 808, thanks for the heads up. That’s why I’m at Gab. All of the rest of them will censor eventually rather than fight off Big Tech. Gab already made the decision to fight off Big Tech.

      Because Gab made that decision, you can find smarter and edgier people posting there. Some of them are horrible, bigots of every kind. But it’s easy to block someone who is 90% hate. You’ll also find info that is completely wrong. But I’d rather see it and figure out that it’s wrong than have CCP puppets censor what I see.

      8kun.top and 8kun.top/qresearch/index.html are valuable too because 8kun’s owner, Jim Watkins, already fought off the censors.

  2. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the same painting in the Clinton and Obama Oval Offices.

    The painting is The Avenue in the Rain by Childe Hassam. Trump had it in his Oval Office as well.

    So I took down the post.

  3. My friend Lisa Song Sutton just posted this interesting tidbit today. The link is from a site called Vegas Means Business (never heard of them till today), and it’s a list of upcoming CONVENTIONS this year, some starting next month:


    She’s giddy about this, but I find this to be quite interesting. There has been no word from Dictator Shittylack about any “favorable data” about the “pause” coming to an end. I wonder if these organizers know something we don’t about this. Gruesome in CA is allegedly going to end the lockdowns and fully open up(?), and we know Shittylack loves to copy what he does, so…….

    What do you think, Arnold? I’ll be ok if you don’t think it’s relevant.

    1. 808, Sisolak just ruined Super Bowl parties for all bars and strip clubs with big threats about crowds and taking away liquor licenses. Why would he allow conventions a couple weeks later?

      He cancelled all conventions through June just a few weeks ago. I haven’t been following it closely, but since it takes time to book and set up a convention, I doubt this is accurate. If he changed his mind a day or two ago, it would be too late to set up these conventions listed in the next month or two.

      But I don’t think Sisolak will be in power much longer.

  4. Arnold, if it was 25 degrees at the installation, where is every ones breath? Where is Kamala’s coat? View JFK’s inauguration and others, very breathy.Thanks, Steve

    1. VJ, I’m confident Biden was not at the “inauguration” and was not in the Oval Office for those photos.

      There are multiple Oval Office TV and movie sets. I think it’s likely he’s at the Castle Rock set, but I can’t prove which set he’s at because I haven’t seen all of them.

      1. Have you watched yesterdays press conference? It looks like a studio! And todays press conference he looks like hes in a fake white house room. They dont show the entire room! Just fixed parts.

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