If Trump is Out, Why are All These Trumpy Things Happening?

Standard Hotel in West Hollywood Closes

One of the horrors Q alerted us to was a supposed pedo ring at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood and some murders connected to it.  Q posted a photo of Congressman Adam Schiff with his arm around a very young black boy in connection with his drops on the Standard.

The hotel had originally opened with the financial support of such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Benicio del Toro and remained a celebrity hotspot.  Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez, Rose McGowan and Gloria Estefan reportedly hung out there.

A witness in federal protective custody, known on Twitter as Johnheretohelp and vouched for by Lin Wood, said that in 2017, Adam Schiff dressed up in drag and went to a hotel room at the Chateau Marmont, near the Standard, where a 10 or 11-year-old black male child had been overdosed with methamphetamine.  Allegedly, Schiff raped the unconscious child for an hour, until he discovered the child was dead.

It’s the Ed Buck scenario, except the victim was a child.

Apparently, the room was wired, there’s video of the whole thing and Johnheretohelp says the video is “out there.”  Allegedly, Anthony Bourdain was one door down at the time of the incident, saw the clean-up operation, and contacted the police.  So now you know what happened to Bourdain.  Reportedly, two Asian men were filmed leaving Bourdain’s room shortly before his body was discovered.  Allegedly, those were Schiff’s people.

Allegedly, this kind of thing was going on at the Standard as well.

In any case, last Friday the Standard Hotel was suddenly closed.  How does the most Q hotel ever suddenly get shut down when Hollywood’s big buddy is now president?

General Flynn’s Brother Promoted

Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn has been nominated to lead U.S. Army Pacific, the Army component of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.  So he’ll be heading up the Army component of the conflict with China that is heating up right now.  We just had a carrier group enter the South China Sea to warn China not to nuke Taiwan.

He has to be nominated by the president for that job and confirmed by the Senate.  He’ll become a four-star general if confirmed.

Why is the Trumpiest possible candidate getting promoted into this job by Biden?  Joe Biden is the one who suggested the FBI investigate Gen M. Flynn for a Logan Act violation.

All the news articles on the nomination make sure to heap scorn on General Michael Flynn.  They certainly don’t miss the irony.  Charles Flynn should be headed to an Arctic weather station about now.

The CCP has allegedly paid Biden billions in bribes.  Why is he getting tough on his patron?  Or is someone else in charge? 

Epstein Perv Leon Black Suddenly Steps Down

Here’s another development as Q as it gets.  Suddenly the CEO of Apollo Global Management, who paid Jeffrey Epstein beaucoup bucks ($158 million) for “some reason,” is stepping down.

Why?  Epstein is dead, riiiiight?  If he’s not, he’s now protected by Biden, riiiiight?  Biden’s the big buddy of the Clintons and Obamas and everyone else who protected Epstein and his blackmailed pervs, as long as they continued to cough up.

Italian Prime Minister Conte Resigns

Steve Pieczenik said the Italian government would fall over the revelations of Italy’s and the Vatican’s roles in the U.S. election fraud.  That’s two ministers plus the Prime Minister now.

Why?  They helped the current U.S. president get elected, right?  What possible pressure could they be under that would cause the Prime Minister to resign?

Major Verizon Outage on the East Coast

There’s a “sustained, significant” Verizon outage on the East Coast today.

No estimate of when service will be restored.

I’ve been seeing these stories for days now, and by themselves, they didn’t seem worth reporting.  But as they have accumulated, they have started getting interesting.

Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportation Freeze

Two weeks before he “left office,” Trump reached a deportation enforcement agreement with Texas and three other states that said no one could stop deportations without the agreement of those states.

Now a federal judge has blocked Biden’s deportation freeze because it violates that enforcement agreement.

It’s amusing for anyone who watched the Democrats harass Trump non-stop with lawsuits, usually filed in California so appeals would go to the 9th Circuit.  But it’s also amusing as part of the theater I believe is going on now.  We’re going to see the fake president’s fake orders blocked at every turn.

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12 thoughts on “If Trump is Out, Why are All These Trumpy Things Happening?”

  1. Arnold, I see that Trump has set up an office of the “former president”, and I wonder why he would do that if he were still in command, recognized by the military?

      1. I haven’t found another update from Monkeywerx. Is there evidence that Trump is in the country and actually been on military or government aircraft?

        1. CB, no, the temporary flight restriction over West Palm Beach has not been restored. Trump is likely still out of the country. We were told, can’t remember which source, that he would be safely out of the country while arrests happened and the election fraud mess was cleaned up.

      1. I was refering to your remark, “But he’s still flying military planes”, and I’m not sure if there is real evidence for that?

        1. Innocent, there’s definitely evidence for that. See the post on Trump still flying military aircraft.

          See my post here: https://write-aholic.com/if-trumps-not-still-president-why-is-he-still-flying-military-aircraft/

          Essentially a military C-17 flew from Charleston to West Palm Beach, where Mar-a-Lago is located, to DC. When it left West Palm Beach, the flight restriction over Trump’s residence was lifted.

          There should be a permanent flight restriction over that residence. All former presidents have one over their residences. There was one over Mar-a-Lago until that C-17 left on the 21st.

          1. Bystander, it’s not conjecture. A flight restriction should NEVER be lifted over a former president’s house. The permanent flight restriction over Bush’s house wasn’t lifted when he went to DC for the inauguration (if he did) or his father’s funeral.

            The flight restriction over Mar-a-Lago, where we’ve been told Trump is staying, was removed when the C-17 left West Palm Beach.

            This is hard data suggesting Trump is still flying military and is not a former president.

    1. Innocent, Great Source Terrible Timing says Biden has a deal with Trump for protection and no prosecutions for him and his family.

      Dan Scavino hinted there was a deal way back on November 29. Biden is playing out a role. Trump is pretending to set up offices and take visitors at Mar-a-Lago.

      Meanwhile, there is no flight restriction over Mar-a-Lago which means Trump is not there. The inauguration was obviously faked. They’re now holding the camera very tightly on Biden and his desk at those EO signings to keep the citizenry from looking too closely at details. They are staging ridiculous phone call theater with NATO people. Nancy is parading ridiculous impeachment theater around the Capitol for a guy who is no longer president.

      And people who are actually in DC say there’s nobody at the White House or Capitol.

      This is the craziest movie we have ever watched. You can tell even Biden is having a lot of fun.

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