If Trump’s Not Still President, Why is He Still Flying Military Aircraft?

MonkeyWerx gave a report today that just blew me away.

And it’s all based on hard data, not dodgy video, not anonymous sources, not fake news.

On January 20, while the “inauguration” was happening, Trump was in West Palm Beach with an FAA Flight Restriction over Mar-a-Lago.  All former and current presidents get an FAA Flight Restriction over their residences when they are at their residences.

The FAA Flight Restriction continued over Mar-a-Lago yesterday during the day.  Then it was removed as night fell.

If Trump had left for Trump Tower or his Jersey residence, the flight restriction would be posted there.  But there’s no flight restriction over either of those residences either.  There’s no flight restriction right now for Trump anywhere in the country.

So Where’s Trump???  Did the Bad Guys Get Him?!?!?!?!

Before Trump’s disappearance, a C-17 military aircraft did a practice run from Charleston to West Palm Beach to DC.  Then the night the flight restriction disappeared over Mar-a-Lago, a C-17 military aircraft made the exact same run.  This time, when it left West Palm Beach, the flight restriction there was lifted.

That means that C-17 had Trump aboard.

The media made a big hullabaloo the other day about Biden being denied a government aircraft for his transportation to his inauguration.  There are variations on the story, but in the end, Biden took a private jet from Delaware to DC.

Now Trump, as a former president, is no longer entitled to travel via military aircraft.  Yet he flew to DC and possibly on to Charleston aboard a military C-17.

It Appears the Military Considers Trump President

What does it suggest to you that Trump is still flying military aircraft?  I can tell you it made MonkeyWerx, who has been very blue since Wednesday, very happy.

Although the C-17 landed in DC and stayed there almost an hour, MonkeyWerx believes Trump went on to Charleston, where he could have caught a variety of more comfortable military aircraft to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Since there continues to be no flight restriction over any of Trump’s residences, Trump is almost certainly out of the continental U.S., in some very safe, very friendly place, waiting to return in glory.

I think Trump is still president, or at least the military thinks so.

h/t to Country Bumpkin for the heads up on Monkey’s report.

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13 thoughts on “If Trump’s Not Still President, Why is He Still Flying Military Aircraft?”

  1. Nooooooo!!!!!!!

    You deleted your old websites posts?!?!?!?!?!

    What about the treasure chest for the come to Jesus naysayers after this goes down?!?! Please tell me you will create an archive here. Please!

  2. Arnold,
    Not sure where to post this, but I checked the Federal Register this morning and there are 9 EO’s of Biden’s published now. That was 9 a.m. CST in US. So, he’s definitely doing it or the entire system is in on the fraud with him.

    1. CB, publishing a fake EO in the Federal Register would be a pretty low-level hoax compared to others our government has pulled.

      I don’t think it negates the other hard evidence we’re seeing.

    2. countrybumpkin,

      ugh….the Federal register was one of my big saving graces in regard to my own hope at the moment. The EO’s still aren’t numbered at the Whitehouse.gov website. That website can also still be reached by going to antifa.com so that doesn’t say much. The “Published” date on the fed register website is dated for this coming Monday the 25th….which is the next business day, so I guess that makes sense. But only 9? Hasn’t he “signed” more than that…in his first day alone? I will watch it today to see if more are added.

      1. AZpatriot, if you want to stage a fake presidency, that’s the easiest thing you can do. It’s way easier than faking the inauguration and Oval Office.

        I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

        Let’s keep digging.

    3. Biden’s supposed EO’s aren’t worth the paper they are written on as he is not the bonafide President.
      The question is: Is anyone putting the EO’s into action?

  3. So many reports on Bidens claim to the presidency..the world watch as this man was sworn into office..a very sad day for America..I did and still do support President Donald J. Trump..what he started was nothing more than amazing…to read this report and pray that is true would be nothing short of a miracle..I will continue to work hard in any manner I’m able to do to fight for this wonderful country of ours and protect the Constitution of the United States of America..God Bless us all

    1. Jesus Loves You, you’re the one who is wrong. Monkey did indeed produce hard data.

      And there’s more hard data showing Trump did fly from DC to Charleston on the 21st, as Monkey surmised, and left the country early the next day. I haven’t posted that data yet out of respect for Trump’s possible need for privacy.

      And you have no idea whether or not Trump left DC. And you have no idea when Trump might have been interviewed at his golf club.

      Monkey is right–Trump cannot be at his golf club because there would be a flight restriction there.

      You are just another ignorant loudmouth with no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. Monkeywerx has been taken down by the DeepSwampers…and more military are going into DC…
    An what is happeneing about Ruby and her vote double counting…etc etc.

    1. I just looked up Monkeywerx’s channel, and it’s still up. He just posted a vid one hour ago, which I was able to view.

      Rose, you’re either misinformed or lying/misinforming.

      Monkey says there’s a huge amount of disinfo going on right now, and people like him haven’t posted much due to trying to separate the actual facts from the disinfo.

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