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Barbee, David W., A Town Called Suckhole

Black, Jack, You Can’t Win

Bowles, Paul, The Sheltering Sky

Bukowski, Charles: Factotum, Ham on Rye, Hollywood, Post Office, Pulp, Quote of the Day, Women

Burroughs, William S.:  Junky, Quote of the Day

Celine, Louis-Ferdinand, Quote of the Day

Devereaux, Robert, Santa Steps Out

Ellis, Bret Easton, American Psycho

Fondation, Larry, Fish, Soap and Bonds

Ginsberg, Allen, Quote of the Day

Golasky, Adam, Worse Than Myself

Gray, Alasdair, The Ends of Our Tethers

Jaffe, Harold, Jesus Coyote

Johansson, Scarlett, Anywhere I Lay My Head

Kerouac, Jack: Good Blonde & Others, Quote of the Day

Konik, Michael, Secrets of a Winner

Krassner, Paul, Confessions of a Raving Unconfined Nut

Kultgen, Chad, The Average American Male

Lawrence, D.H., Quote of the Day

Lawson, John Edward: Discouraging at Best, Last Burn in Hell: Director’s Cut

Leonard, Elmore, Quote of the Day

Mailer, Norman, Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Matthiessen, F.O., Quote of the Day

McMurtry, Larry: Horseman, Pass By, Quote of the Day

Mellick III, Carlton: Haunted Vagina, The, I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter, Quote of the Day, Satan Burger

Miller, Henry: Black Spring, Quote of the Day

Moss, P: Blue Vegas, Vegas Knockout: A Novel in Stories

Newman, Dave, Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children

O’Brien, John: Assault on Tony’s, The, Leaving Las Vegas, Stripper Lessons

Owens, Agnes, Like Birds in the Wilderness

Palahniuk, Chuck, Fight Club

Pitts-Gonzalez, Leland, The Blood Poetry

Powers, J.F.: Morte d’Urban, Look How the Fish Live

Ranalli, Gina, Suicide Girls in the Afterlife

Rilke, Rainer Maria, Quote of the Day

Salinger, J.D., Quote of the Day

Schopenhauer, Arthur, Quote of the Day

Snyder, Arnold: “Above the Saints and Angels” (A Short Story),
“Bizarro Fiction 101”,
“Desperately Seeking Paladin”,
“Dick-Lit Tracy”,
“Don’t Vote! Make Me Prez!”,
“Frank and Rudy Camping Out” (A Short Story),
“Hack Writing 101: The Lost Meat Spear Manuscript”,
“Hack Writing 201: Dynamite Openings”,
“How to Overcome Writer’s Block”,
“Las Vegas Art Scene, The”,
“Not Exactly Winter Wonderland” (A Short Story),
Pink Wedge (a novel),
Risk of Ruin Excerpt,
“Sheep in the Slaughterhouse, 1980” (A Short Story),
“Thy Neighbor’s Wife” (A Short Story),
“Tom Waits Gets Lost in Translation,
Transplant (a novel),
Vegas Lit Announcement

Spillane, Mickey, Quote of the Day

Sturak, Jonathan, Interview

Thompson, Hunter S.: Quote of the Day, The Rum Diary

Thompson, Jim: The Grifters, Quote of the Day

Twain, Mark, Quote of the Day

Villaverde, Athena, Clockwork Girl

Vonnegut, Kurt, Quote of the Day

Waits, Tom, Anywhere I Lay My Head

Wallace, David Foster, Quote of the Day

Williams, George, Degenerate, Gardens of Earthly Delight

Williamson, Eric Miles:  East Bay Grease, Quote of the Day, Welcome to Oakland


Short Stories and Novels

“Above the Saints and Angels” (A Short Story), by Arnold Snyder

“Finding God on LSD (A Short Story about Schizophrenia)”, by Arnold Snyder

“Frank and Rudy Camping Out” (A Short Story), by Arnold Snyder

“Not Exactly Winter Wonderland”, by Arnold Snyder

Pink Wedge (a novel), by Arnold Snyder

“Secrets of a Winner”, by Michael Konik

“Sheep in the Slaughterhouse, 1980”, by Arnold Snyder

“Thy Neighbor’s Wife” (A Short Story), by Arnold Snyder

Transplant (a novel), by Arnold Snyder


Essays on Writing

“Bizarro Fiction 101”

“Hack Writing 101: The Lost Meat Spear Manuscript”

“Hack Writing 201: Dynamite Openings”

“How to End a Novel”

“How to Overcome Writer’s Block”


Essays, General

“Desperately Seeking Paladin”

“Don’t Vote! Make Me Prez!”

“Las Vegas Art Scene, The”

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