Is Roy Blunt Handcuffed?

If Twitter takes that video down, you can find it here at Gab where it will never be censored.

Roy Blunt is a U.S. Senator from Missouri.

The video shows Blunt, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Elaine Chao and others in their inauguration clothes coming out the door of the East Front of the Capitol.  The inauguration was held on the West Front, so they’re not heading to the inauguration but they could be leaving it.

In any case, I’ve been trying to find other videos or photos of Roy Blunt walking with his hands behind his back and haven’t been able to find any.  Here’s how he usually walks:

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16 thoughts on “Is Roy Blunt Handcuffed?”

  1. They can cuff them all as far as I am concerned, but I have a couple of questions for you:

    1) Have you been able to figure out who actually has the nuclear football(actually there are 3 of them)? I have seen reports that the military has them and will not give them to Biden and his handlers.

    2) Don’t you think it’s strange that Navalny arrives back in Russia right at this moment as Victoria Nuland and Obama’s other Russia haters are coming back into power. All the NYT, CNN and MSM in general are talking about today are the protests in Russia.

    1. Ross, no idea who has the nuclear football. But I very much doubt it’s Biden. I think he got a deal and is off in witness protection somewhere.

      I don’t think the Russia haters are back in power. They might be showing a movie about Navalny too.

  2. Just a thought on the Roy Blunt theory. Such video clips, i.e. the one showing a man being brought out with hands behind his back, are usually short and somewhat blurry when zoomed in on, but, to me it didn’t look like it was his normal suit jacket, something was different about the way it was styled. I’m not sure either that the person shown was as tall as Roy, hard to tell. Also, of all those that would/could/should be arrested, Roy would be far lower on the list I believe.
    Also, pertaining to the post you had in the latest video on Rumble, listing things that should be noted as signs, the fact that the VP was signed in before the President is not unconstitutional at all and in fact is the way, according the the official inauguration text, that it is done. As well the oaths for the VP are different from that of the President which is a little odd to me.

    1. CB, I never said anything about the VP being signed in before the President. I know nothing about that theory. I likely linked to the video for a different reason.

      In the video where it appears Blunt may have his hands handcuffed, he is wearing the overcoat and tie he wore at the “inauguration.” But we don’t really know where the “handcuff” video came from. Maybe they were all being arrested in that video and Blunt was handcuffed because he took a swing at a cop or something.

      I’m not saying that’s what happened, it’s just a reason he could be the only one handcuffed.

        1. Randy, I agree. At the fake inauguration and leaving the fake inauguration, he wore the same overcoat, tie and pin.

          In that phony photo of him pasted in with the Bidens and Kamala Harris supposedly arriving for the inauguration (he wasn’t there when they arrived) he’s not wearing the overcoat he wore for the fake inauguration.

  3. I now believe that this “Goodman” fellow is an actor, just like that leader of the “storming”. That perfectly positioned cameraman gave it away by showing the baton lying on the floor before panning to “Goodman” at the doorway. No real policeman would ever leave their weapons (regardless of lethality) lying on the floor/ground like that when you have an invasion situation going on. That baton should’ve been in his hands from the get go. It looked to me like they were trying to make it more ‘dramatic’ in some way, but anyone with common sense can see right through it.

    A comment in the Gab version of the Blunt vid says that Ward reported 67% of Congress has been arrested yesterday. Tried looking for proof that Ward said that, but couldn’t find any on his most recent vids, unless I missed some code word or something.

    1. 808, there’s something wrong with the Goodman character and story. I pulled the info from this post because he deserves a post of his own when I have time to write it up.

      On the day of the “storming,” every cop I follow was laughing at his behavior and acting. He didn’t do a single thing that a real cop would do.

      I’ll try to find the Ward vid. Thanks for the heads up. He does a lot of interviews with other people and can be hard to find.

  4. Hi Arnold,

    Roy Blunt was not handcuffed. The lady who’s holding Roy Blunt’s hand in the clip is his wife Abigail Blunt.

    See the photo here:

    Caption of the photo: “President-elect Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, her husband Doug Emhoff, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) and his wife Abigail Blunt arrive ahead of the inauguration of Biden, in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Segar”

    1. D, note that Roy Blunt is not wearing the same overcoat in that photo.

      I realize that’s his wife Abigail.

      I watched the C-Span coverage of Biden and Harris arriving and Roy Blunt was nowhere around. That photo is staged at a different time.

    2. Hey D, if you compare AB’s outfits from your pic and the video, you would see the styles are different, especially the gold buttons. Also, she doesn’t look like RB’s wife.

  5. If RB was handcuffed and arrested, who was that on the senate floor on the 29th of January? It sure did sound like the traitor and looked like him too.

  6. That WAS his wife Abigail someone said she was a Marshal…… C’mon maaan! ( in a Biden-Esque tone) “ ) The 1st perp walk I want to See is “Hil LIAR ry” in an orange jumpsuit! Way overdue !

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