Juan O Savin Says It Will Be Obvious By April 1 that Trump is President

Juan O. Savin did an interview on January 31 with Sean Stone.  He said that by April 1, it will be obvious that Trump is our president.  It won’t necessarily take until April 1; at a different point, he said we could even know by Super Bowl Sunday.

He explains what’s been going on.  Basically the military got the DNI report detailing foreign interference in the election a couple of days after the December 18 deadline.  Then they waited as the civilian government was supposed to deal with it.  January 20 represented the failure of the corrupt civilian government to deal with it.

At that point, they essentially took control of the government until they could safely restore legitimate civilian authority.  Supposedly they’ve had to complete their own investigation confirming the report.

We know from Sidney Powell’s affidavits that military intelligence had already tracked the election fraud, but we don’t know what else might be involved in completing that investigation.  I assume it would be tracking down all the domestic agents of the foreign enemies who hacked our election.

So Savin says the only question is whether the military has the will and capability to do the right thing.  He assures us they do.  He says the military has been compromised too, but not enough to stop them from doing the right thing.  He assures us that when they are ready to act, the action will be fast and decisive.

Essentially, we’re living through a military regime after an insurrection attempt.  Biden has no real authority, but he says we are in a really serious situation.  He says no one should underestimate the danger a Biden administration would represent.

Savin says 80% of the people who voted, voted for Trump, not Biden.

Savin also confirms Biden’s Oval Office scenes were filmed at the Castle Rock movie set, that Biden hasn’t flown on Air Force 1, and that the Biden admin still hasn’t been given access to critical military info.

I haven’t followed Savin before, but as I look at what he’s said over time, he’s clearly said the same stuff as all the other good sources.  Like Great Source Terrible Timing, he has never thought Trump would be properly inaugurated as president on January 20.  He always predicted there would be a delay.

This interview was sent to me by another source I know very well.  During the interview, Savin points to a lot of publicly-available evidence that confirms what he’s saying.  You will recognize it as evidence I’ve been posting about for weeks.

Space Force has Never Briefed “Biden Admin”

I’ve reported before that the military has never briefed the fake Biden administration.

Now Biden’s fake press secretary admits it herself:

Space Force not only has cyber warfare capabilities, it controls all Department of Defense satellites. We were under cyber attack as Biden supposedly took office and a space weapon had been used to stop an assault on our communications infrastructure in Nashville.

If Biden were getting defense briefings, he would have gotten a Space Force briefing. But Psaki doesn’t even know what Space Force is, even though she knew in advance she’d be getting questions on it.

Weird Military Activity Continues in DC

Richard Potcner and other citizen journalists continue to confirm unusual military activity in DC through this morning.  Potcner videoed military helicopters flying low over the Capitol this morning.  Eight more buses of National Guard arrived yesterday at the Capitol as well.

Kamala Harris said she wasn’t moving into the VP residence at the Naval Observatory because the residence was being refurbished, yet no construction or remodeling work is going on at the VP residence.

The White House continues to look uninhabited this morning, with no lights on in the windows even though the day is dark and overcast with snow flurries.

And there were huge military ATVs parked in front of the White House yesterday.  Not the kind of vehicles generals would arrive in for a briefing.  No normal motorcades of foreign dignitaries, no meetings with Congress, no Secret Service coming and going.  Just huge military vehicles parked there, as if the White House grounds have become a military storage place.

Potcner also got a photo of the 10th Mountain Division still in DC a day or two ago.

You can find Richard on Twitter at @dpotcner or on Telegram at https://t.me/s/richardcitizenjournalist.

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6 thoughts on “Juan O Savin Says It Will Be Obvious By April 1 that Trump is President”

  1. Country Bumpkin, I’ve stopped posting your comments because you’re being rather a jerk.

    Yes, there’s a guard on the White House steps. That isn’t equivalent to normal White House activity as reported by someone who actually lives in DC and passes the White House every single day on his way to and from work.

    Yes, there’s a parade viewing stand there, though it doesn’t make sense because the inauguration parade was cancelled so early.

    The fact is, the White House looks dark and uninhabited relative to normal activity because it’s uninhabited.

    All of your other recent comments have been similarly misguided.

  2. Counting down the seconds until someone complains about another date move…

    “I thought it was March 4th?! Now it’s April 1st???!!! This is all just a big conspiracy!”

    Once the first shot is fired, there is no plan.

    Keep it up Arnold. And please don’t take 2 days off anymore. We think you get murdered every time you take a break lol!

    1. AZ, even Simon Parkes had one source saying it would likely take until April.

      Note also that Savin says “we will know” by April 1. I can’t help noticing that’s not the same as saying Trump will be inaugurated/in the White House by then.

      Great Source Terrible Timing used to think it could take up to three years. Let’s hope his timing really is terrible on that.

  3. I’m sticking with Juan on April 1st. So, let’s see what happens. Right now we have Trump the dully elected President and Biden the illegally elected President. Another time in history we had two Presidents. Lincoln and Jefferson.

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