Lights on at Castle Rock WH But Not DC WH

Everyday I check in at Richard Potcner’s various social media feeds. Everyday since January 20 he’s reported the White House remains dark and empty, and so does the Capitol.

No cars coming and going.  No lights on in the rooms at night.

Both the White House and Capitol remained ringed with tall security fences topped with razor wire.  Potcner has remarked that he’s never seen the White House blocked off at such a distance before.  Even during last May’s riots, people were allowed right up to the White House fence.

Not now, though.  Now the public is kept blocks farther away.

But there have been lights on and unusual activity at the Castle Rock White House at Culver Studios.

Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO of Amazon

This is a big one neutralized.  See it here.

Rudy Giuliani Retweets Video of Moscow Arrest

Rudy has reposted this video about the arrest in Moscow of a “Central Banks Deep State agent.”

Steve Pieczenik Says, “Lots of Stuff Going On”

Dr. Pieczenik just recently started retweeting stuff about a fake White House set and Biden’s fake presidency and things like Bezos and the ABC News exec and the PA Sec of State stepping down.

People noticed and asked him for an update.

He says, “Will let you know.  Lots of crap going on.”

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3 thoughts on “Lights on at Castle Rock WH But Not DC WH”

  1. Do you think they are remodeling in the white house? What is the new structure that they are building in front of the white house? It looks like a platform for guards on the look out.
    There are more troops coming in DC and was claimed for extra security for the up coming impeachment trial.
    President Trump was in Mar A Lago.
    This is a new video, and it is very encouraging to see that there are things being done silently.

    1. Randy, I don’t believe Trump is at Mar-a-Lago. I believe they are using old video to represent Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

      The structure in front of the White House is a parade-viewing platform. It’s been installed in front of the White House before for guests to view the inauguration parade. But why would they install it this year when the parade was cancelled so early?

  2. It’s true WH totally dark on the live cam feed. Feb 2. 8:12pm pst. Arnold, I’ll post a photo on Twitter. Can’t copy it here.

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