Lin Wood Releases the Names of Seth Rich’s Murderers

Rod Rosenstein Implicated

Lin Wood just released on Telegram this letter to Tom Fitton by a firsthand witness to Seth Rich’s murder.  The witness is a former homicide detective.

It includes the murderers’ names and implicates Rod Rosenstein as well as two current federal law enforcement agents — a DEA Agent and an ATF Agent.  The DEA Agent hires two MS-13 gang members to rob Seth Rich to get a thumb drive he carried around, apparently of Hillary’s emails.

When the two MS-13 gang members botch the job and shoot Rich, the DEA Agent helps them get away.  Then he meets with them in South Carolina the next day under the pretext of paying them.  Instead, he murders them both.  The media widely reported on the murders.

Here’s the letter (click to enlarge):

And here’s page 2:

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