Mike Lindell Delivers the Kraken

Remember how impatiently we waited for Trump and Sidney and the military to take over the networks and deliver the proof of the Kraken?  Remember how we kept waiting to see the explanation of the election sting, and how the votes were flipped and where and when?

Well, Mike Lindell just released the Kraken here — a two-hour show on how the Dominion voting machines were used to systematically flip votes from Trump to Biden until 11:15 pm on election night, when they had to shut down the vote counting because they hadn’t flipped enough votes.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, start watching at 136:00 to watch the real time log of the foreign election steal.

The video shows China was responsible for 60% of foreign vote switching.  It provides an exact log of the IP addresses of vote switchers, owners/sources of the IP addresses (i.e. China-net), IP targets, target states, IDs of targets, and exactly how many votes were stolen from Trump.

SCOTUS Moves Election Fraud Lawsuits to Conference

The U.S. Supreme Court has just listed all those Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Congressman Mike Kelly election fraud lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and elsewhere for consideration at its February 19 conference.

I’m starting to think that the way this is all going to work is we are going to start seeing very different results from SCOTUS and many others.  I’m guessing the military has made it plain to people that Biden will never be anything more than an actor in a Culver Studios White House set.

I think the crooks are going to be made to undo what they did.

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8 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Delivers the Kraken”

  1. I seen on moon news today everyone gathered in the “WH” for a powwow, even Nancy….I thought she had been arrested, Biden too….so, what’s up with that?

    1. Annette, doubt it. Biden’s been at the LA film set. If they can stage a fake inauguration, they can stage anything.

      Who knows who has been arrested though? Also, even if they were arrested, will they stay arrested or have they gotten deals?

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