Mystery of the Disappearing Granddaughters

Simon Parkes gave an interview to Doug Billings.  The video has just been released today.

Let me stipulate in advance that Parkes may be misinformed or insane.

However, in the video he reaffirms something he said before, that there was a prerecorded inauguration with CGI and then a live inauguration.  He says Team Biden didn’t expect to be able to hold the live inauguration, but in the end the military wasn’t able to carry out their plan and so a reduced live inauguration was able to be held.

Let’s just go with that for a moment.  That would account for the tape of the prerecorded inauguration that Charlie Ward says he received 11 hours before the live one.

Evidence that Team Biden was Worried About a Plan to Stop the Inauguration

Is there any evidence that Parkes could be right?  Well, take a look at this video of the inauguration (and take a look fast, because Twitter is aggressively censoring this kind of thing).

When the video starts, there are three girls at the event to Biden’s left (our screen right) with long brown hair parted in the middle. People say they are Biden’s granddaughters.

One of the girls is dressed in black, one is dressed in pink, and one is dressed in white.

There are a number of cuts during the ceremony.  At first, when they cut to a camera at Biden’s right, you can see the three girls at the ceremony.

But then, when the ceremony ends, all of a sudden the girl in pink and the girl in white have disappeared.

You can see the girl in black is there, and she hugs and kisses Biden.  But where are the other two granddaughters?  Why aren’t they there hugging and kissing Biden moments after they were supposedly there at the start of the ceremony?

Parkes says that you’ll find more of these discrepancies in the videos of the event.  He specifically says you’ll see people’s shoes change in the middle of the ceremony.  I haven’t had a chance to look at enough video to confirm or refute that yet.

I’ll report on the rest of the Parkes video in a bit.

For now, remember that even if you agree that the granddaughters go missing at the inauguration, it doesn’t mean Biden isn’t president.  It’s just evidence supporting Parkes’ contention that there was a plan to prevent that inauguration serious enough that the Biden forces prerecorded a fake inauguration.

Why Would You Record a Fake Inauguration If the Real One was Going to be Stopped?

You might record a fake inauguration to show in the event the real one was stopped by arrest if you wanted to claim that the president was improperly removed by the military.

You might assume Biden supporters would take Biden’s removal a lot harder than an inauguration stopped so the military could investigate foreign interference in the election.

By the way, Parkes also says the Executive Order photos (see my earlier posts from today and yesterday) were staged on a film set in L.A.

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18 thoughts on “Mystery of the Disappearing Granddaughters”

  1. Oh, please.

    It’s the camera angle. Compare it to the actual footage. The girls are stood by the steps, which is off camera, to the left.

    These things really don’t take much checking, people. Conspiracy stuff like this really damages the movement!

    1. Ailgaard, you are absolutely wrong. After the ceremony the camera swings over to where the girls were standing. The girl in black is still there and hugs and kisses Biden.

      The other two girls have disappeared.

      You didn’t read the post. You didn’t watch the whole video. You are a perfect example of why I don’t approve all comments. Feel free to never comment again.

      1. The girl in black is Joe and Jill’s daughter – can’t remember her name. She claims Joe would make her shower with him every morning when she was a little girl.

  2. There is a long history of granddaughters running like hell when dirty old man is in the house!

    Come on man…..

  3. I’m still holding onto hope that there is a secret military operation going on that will succeed in a week or two and guys like Parkes are purposely spreading disinfo to confuse the enemy and lull them into a false sense of security. I’m not ready to give up just yet.

    1. Ray R, funny you said that. Because Charlie Ward did an interview today with Nick Veniamin (up at Bitchute) in which he said the general who is his source told him he sometimes uses Ward to distract the enemy.

      The rest of the video is pretty nutty so I won’t link to it. But you’re absolutely right that these guys are also used to put out disinfo to the enemy.

      I’m looking at that sudden cancellation of the House schedule for next week. Pelosi was supposed to deliver her big impeachment indictment to the Senate on Monday. Now the House has been sent home.

      My hope is the same as yours. Maybe it comes next week.

  4. As far as them having a “fake” inauguration, which I have no doubt was recorded, and then also a “real” one that did manage to take place, what about yours and others’ statements that those in and around D.C. did not see or hear anything that sounded or looked like an inauguration? Wouldn’t that be a fairly easy thing to observe even at a distance? Just trying to piece it all together, separate the wheat from the chaff, and it’s not easy. Also, do you follow monkeywerx and his aircraft tracking? He noted this morning that the FAA flight restrictions which are always in place where a President or former President are living, (Bush still has his in place in Texas, and there was one in Florida Wednesday for Trump), are now gone. None in Florida, none in NY at Trump Towers, etc. It happened overnight. His question is, where is Trump? Appears that he is nowhere in the US as of this morning. Why, and how ? Part of the plan or did the black hats succeed at something?

    1. Countrybumpkin, TERRIFIC point, which I completely overlooked.

      And if there was a second real inauguration in DC, why did they intercut it with a fake one in a way that left granddaughters disappearing?

      And if there was a second real inauguration in DC, why did they put out two fake sets of Oval Office EO signing photos? Why wasn’t one of them in the real Oval Office?

      I remember some source saying that Trump would be out of the country while the traitors were arrested, in some safe, friendly spot.

      I’m going to add your comment to a post I just put up.

  5. Arnold,
    Was following links, one from Santasurfing on Rumble, (wow, can’t listen to her for very long), because she showed Pelosi supposedly being walked in with a Federal Officer telling her “don’t say anything”, and then a short clip of another person being walked out supposedly with hands cuffed behind him. It did appear that way, but who knows. The person pointing to this video said she found out it was a Missouri Senator arrested. I can’t find any news of that. It did look a little like Roy Blunt. He is certainly corrupt. (I’m in Missouri.) But, arrested? hmm, doubt it. That led me to a link from Ozark News where Blunt is talking about the inauguration and it’s showing bits and pieces of it, some of which we’ve seen here and it shows Blunt standing behind Jill Biden. Hmm. And, it is definitely sunny but is also windy it appears. Now, what I’m wondering is, if this was a prerecorded inauguration, which would have had to have been, what, at least a day ahead because of the cloudy day that has been stated it was in D.C on the 20th? I didn’t check weather on the 19th. Now, there would have to be how many Senators and Representatives in on this “fake” inauguration? I don’t know how many or who from Congress was attending nor how to find out. If video was doctored and spliced, etc, mixing the fake with the “real” one, I’m not sure it would show Blunt standing mixed in behind Jill Biden on the sunny day one. And, surely Blunt has watched the news report on the local stations where he is talking about it at length and shows the clips of the inauguration. What could be made of this? What explanation? An awful lot going on and an awful lot of conspirators if we are correct about this. Thoughts?

    1. CB, I saw that video of Pelosi being walked in with the federal officer. And I just heard about that clip that appeared to show Roy Blunt being arrested.

      What Simon Parkes is saying about the fake prerecorded inauguration is that they all expected to be arrested on the 20th and so staged the fake inauguration so they didn’t have to go to DC on the 20th. The fake inauguration would not have been staged in DC. They would have filmed it elsewhere and put in a CGI background.

      But at this point I think it’s pretty clear that even sources like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are being fed disinfo because disinfo is needed to get through the real operation that’s going on.

      So what I want to do is take another look at the “inauguration video” and go through it step by step, just as we did for the fake Oval Office photos. I think that will tell us a lot about what’s going on.

      A great source said Biden had asked for a deal and Trump had given him a deal. And in that one Biden video I posted, we can hear Hunter say he just got a deal for a reduced sentence. I think Biden and his family are off in witness protection somewhere and a lot of other people have been arrested, but there are probably more arrests to go.

      Let’s just keep going through the evidence step by step.

      1. what is odd that Biden and Pelosi keep being shown signing Donald’s impeachment.
        But if Biden always has an earpiece he coudl be being few lines t deflect attention from what is really happening?
        And Pelosi is obviously crazy so teh gang around her just go blindly along with her.
        Lindsey Graham seems to be distancing himself from Biena dn Pelosi these last few days? Is he feeling a noose round his neck?

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