New Video on the Capitol Riot Hoax

The “storming of the Capitol” is the false flag hoax that keeps on giving.

Here’s a new video analysis of how staged the whole thing is.  Don’t miss the Mona Lisa smile on the “shooting victim’s” face.

Worst acting jobs in the world.  There isn’t a single real cop or medic or protester in the entire video.  Be sure to hang in there for the fake arrest, to go with the fake criminal complaint I posted about here.

At the end there’s a beautiful moment when the actors all go outside screaming that a woman’s been shot.  I had never seen this footage before, and it’s pretty clear they’re trying to incite an actual riot so the Deep State will have something better to go with than this crummy hoax.

But people in the crowd recognize immediately that they’re fakes.  One woman shouts, “They’re actors!  They’re acting!”  So the hoped-for real riot never ensues.

You can also see my favorite slow-mo analysis of the fake shooting at the Capitol here.

Remember, this whole thing was set up by the Deep State to give the criminals an excuse to avoid a 10-day investigation of the election fraud and confirm the fraudulent election results from PA, WI, MI, AZ, GA, and NV.

But Trump knew they were planning it.  We know he knew because he had Special Forces in the Capitol seizing laptops for evidence that day, and he deliberately started his speech late and ran long to keep his supporters away from it.  They literally started this hoax while Trump was still speaking.

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