Nightwatch is Circling

Not sure this means anything but the Nightwatch plane (officially the National Emergency Airborne Command Post) has been flying back and forth from its home at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa for the past two days.

Other military aircraft have occasionally been relocated from Offutt to MacDill when Offutt flooded, but there’s no flooding at Offutt right now and this back and forth is unusual.

This is the plane that took off from DC to Abilene, Texas shortly after the “storming of the Capitol.” That was when Trump was releasing green screen videos of himself, from a springtime WH Rose Garden, telling everyone to go home.

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7 thoughts on “Nightwatch is Circling”

  1. Some posters on Gab have been hinting that something big will possibly happen Super Bowl Sunday, particularly one Let’s Get Kraken (lol). It would appear to be related to the Trump EBS broadcast; it would be hilarious if he did it then (I really want to see the faces of some of my coworkers if it really happens). He’s also hinted that Michael Jackson is alive and in hiding; supposedly MJ protected kids from the Hollywood pedo scum.

    Weird stuff indeed.

  2. Arnold, sorry to do multiple posts, but this just came up in my Gab feed and I thought you and the regulars should see this:

    It’s an article saying several Peruvian judges have ruled that Gates, Soros, and the Rockefellers were responsible for the Plague, and thus should be prosecuted for their crimes. The Gab poster says this isn’t being reported in the lamestream media (because of course not).

    1. Thomas, there’s lots of activity, just no one in the media tying it together.

      For example, the PA Sec of State has resigned (been forced to resign). Lights are on at night at the Culver Studios Castle Rock fake White House but not in the real White House.

      Jovan Pulitzer tweeted yesterday that he was “going dark” until March 1, even though he’s been tweeting frequently that they are going forward with proving the election fraud, saying daily, “It’s not over.”

      Still no Biden or Harris trips on Air Force 1 or 2.

      This is just off the top of my head all the smaller stuff I’ve been seeing and not reporting on.

  3. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. I find news & insight here that I don’t anywhere else. I didn’t want you to think lack of comments = lack of interest! Thanks

    1. Yes I agree. The insight and news is why I’m here too. Im constantly checking for updates to stay informed. I feel better with the knowledge of the things that are happening. It is such a weird time in our lives with so many unbelievable things going on.

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