Pieczenik Links to Interrogation of James Clapper

In Which Clapper Admits the Swamp’s Blackmail Control Op

I just finished listening to this doozy, and I’m reeling.  I’ll say right off it’s clearly James Clapper and he’s clearly being interrogated, and not by CNN.

He talks about using Hammer (presumably the ClA program Sidney Powell talked about) to illegally spy on people like judges *and Hillary Clinton* to compromise and control them.  He also talks about what can only be described as an organized crime family within the federal government that was headed up by Rod Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and John Roberts were in Some Kind of Crime Family Together Called the Dirty Tricks Squad

Turns out Mike Pence was part of the Rod Rosenstein/John Roberts crime family with the nausea-inducing Paul Ryan.  Apparently Clapper and pals figured this out by spying on all of them for years, typically on illegal FISA warrants granted by Roberts.

Clapper says that spying is how the “stuff” on Roberts and Pence came out.  What stuff?  The only stuff I know that has come out on Roberts and Pence was Lin Wood saying Roberts adopted kids through Epstein to give control of them to the pedo cabal, and also saying Mike Pence bangs 12 and 13-year-old boys (more on that below).  Oh, and Roberts conspired in Scalia’s murder by poison.  That came out too.

Clapper claims he tried to warn President Trump that people, especially Rod Rosenstein, were conspiring “to get him.”  This isn’t the first witness to say Rod Rosenstein is an arch criminal.

The Dirty Tricks Squad also included people from the Secret Service, ATF, DEA, FBI, and other federal agencies as hackers, “muscle,” forgers and whatnot.  Clapper gives their names.  But even worse stuff is below.

Mike Pence Got His Young Boy Supply from Jeffrey Epstein

Clapper says Mike Pence hated Trump because Trump had taken Pence’s “rightful place as president!!!!!!!!”  (So Pence is delusional as well as a boy banger.)  Clapper does clarify that many of Pence’s homosexual relationships were with adults.  So, I guess that’s good.

But Pence apparently got deeper into boy banging the entire time he was in Congress, and the boys kept getting younger.  Clapper says the young boys were increasingly supplied through Epstein channels!

In any case, Clapper says the boy banging and other homosexual relationships were the Deep State’s leverage over Pence.

And naturally Mitt Romney is front and center among the Rosenstein/Pence scumbags.

Whew!  It appears the only good guy in the government was James Clapper!

Clapper goes on to give a horrifying example of exactly what Rod and his crime family were up to.  They had no problem planting evidence, for example, to convict completely innocent people, or just shake them down for money.  He describes how they shook down a wealthy guy for money by planting child porn on his computer.

In any case, get it?  We’re to the point in the deals where James frigging Clapper is confessing to using ClA software to blackmail and control judges and other swampers.  And the interrogators are releasing all the dirt!

Linked to by Steve Pieczenik, who already knew about all of it.  Again, listen here.

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