6 thoughts on “Reimagining Biden’s Oval Office”

  1. We have to imagine it since there is no WH photographer and practically zero photos from inside. Flkr acct =0. How many had DJT and Obama posted in their first week.

    1. Anon Amous, what a terrific find. Respects for impressive digging.

      Summary for others: Clinton Foundation photographer who goes to work for Biden and the White House mysteriously dies when it becomes clear the Oval Office photos were faked.

      His death was a surprise because he had no health issues and no accident was involved.

      1. Wanna bet they’ll say Plague killed him? 😉

        Either that, or it’s Arkancide (hope I got the spelling right).

        Looks to me like another one has been permanently silenced.

        1. 808, it’s really weird. There was an Adam Wade Schultz who died at age 20 on January 19 in East Stroudsburg, PA. That obit is carried on an obit site: https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/pa/east-stroudsburg/adam-wade-schultz-12199227

          But why would the other site pick up that obit?

          And Adam Schultz, White House Photog, supposedly took the photo of the German Shepherd on the White House lawn. But he didn’t post it on his Instagram page or on the White House Instagram page. I don’t see any new photos of his posted anywhere since the campaign. Why wasn’t he taking the EO pics? Why hasn’t he posted inauguration pics? Or the Biden walk in the garden pic on the White House Instagram page, where Biden is supposedly out for a stroll in his shirtsleeves when the high that day was 50 degrees?

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