RISK OF RUIN Now Available at Amazon

Risk of Ruin by Arnold SnyderMy novel, Risk of Ruin, is now available at Amazon. It’s the story of a blackjack player/biker/tattoo artist who becomes obsessed with a stripper who thinks she’s God.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can also pick up a copy at the Gambler’s Book Club at 5473 S. Eastern or at the offices of Huntington Press/Las Vegas Advisor at 3665 Procyon Street.

I’ll be talking about the book with Bob Dancer and Mike Shackleford today (Thursday, Nov. 8) at 7 p.m. in Las Vegas on their “Gambling With An Edge” radio show. Last time I was on they had to bleep me. Details:

Live Air-Time is: 7 PM Thursday nights on KLAV Talk-Radio 1230am in Las Vegas. You can listen live at http://www.klav1230am.com/. They take callers and give away weekly prizes, but if you can’t listen to the live show they archive all shows.

To CALL in LIVE during the show the Numbers are: (702) 731-1230 & 1-(866) 820-5528

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One thought on “RISK OF RUIN Now Available at Amazon”

  1. Congrats Arnold!

    I enjoyed your story thoroughly, took me away for a little while. Personally, I would have made Bart a little taller, but Stacy was spot on. Would have responded earlier, but the reply arithmetic threw me for a loop. I’m really more a 0100110 kinda guy … but If this goes through, I aced it.

    I’m still flying, burning, and ‘chuting. Have a new hobby, lately. Making ugly beautiful. It passes the time (added bonus: lots of ugly out there. Like. Lots). Anyway, I hope you and K are shiny and well.

    All the best,

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