Secret Service Call Box Missing from Biden’s Desk

The Oval Office has a Secret Service call box on the president’s desk.  Reportedly Lyndon Johnson had it installed.

The media made a big deal of saying it was President Trump’s Diet Coke button and that Biden had ordered it removed.  But you can see it on the Resolute Desk in this video of Biden’s Press Secretary in the Oval Office (Biden doesn’t appear in the video).  She didn’t gain access to the Oval Office until January 20.  If Biden really has a Press Secretary and she’s really in the White House, there is still a call box on the Oval Office desk.

In a few minutes of clicking around, I found photos of the call box on the desks of Presidents Clinton, W. Bush, Obama and Trump.

So there’s nothing Trumpy about the call box.  There are many photographs of the call boxes in other White House locations as well, including the cabinet room and the president’s dining room.

The one place you DON’T see the Secret Service call box is on the desk where Biden signs his Executive Orders on inauguration day.  I’ve got a collection of photos of Biden at that desk from every angle.  Where is the Secret Service call box?

We’re told Biden flew a particular private jet (we know its call sign) to DC the day before the inauguration.  We can track that jet from Van Nuys, CA to Wilmington on the 18th, then from Wilmington to DC on the 19th.

If Biden was on that jet and in DC on January 20 for the inauguration, why didn’t he use the real Oval Office to sign those orders?  If he didn’t fly to DC on January 19th, why did the media make the big fuss over the private jet?

Call Box Timeline

Biden signs EOs January 20 starting at 5:15 pm.

Photos and videos of the signing, noting the missing call box, are posted on Twitter at 11 am EST on Thursday, January 21.

Social media starts going crazy over the missing call box.

Biden’s handlers get word that they screwed up on the stage set props and put out their talking point.

Around 9 pm on January 21, the media starts reporting Biden ordered the call box removed because it’s stupid and Trumpy.  As usual, 100% of them use the fake talking point.

Early on January 22, the video of Biden’s Press Secretary in the Oval Office is posted, showing a call box on the Resolute Desk.

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7 thoughts on “Secret Service Call Box Missing from Biden’s Desk”

  1. In the photo the carpet under the desk is blue.
    The set of Aaron Sorkin’s The American President has a blue carpet and the set of The West Wing also has a blue carpet.
    Warner Bros Burbank California

  2. They keep making mistakes and screwing up their phony president hoax and it hasn’t even been a week yet. It’s only going to get harder to keep up the charade as time goes on especially since the public is noticing these mistakes. I think everything will be coming to a head soon.

    Arnold, could we be in the 10 days of darkness right now? I saw someone post this theory on Gab. She said perhaps the 10 days of darkness isn’t referring to a blackout but maybe it’s referring to 10 bad days where it seems like all hope is lost. So maybe we will have 10 days of Biden as a phony president, and then something big is finally going to happen on the 30th? Could there be any truth to this?

    1. Ray R, bingo. Pretty sure we’re in those 10 days of darkness. I would just be a little flexible in case it turns out to be 11 days or 15 and a half days.

      I just keep thinking about everyone in Congress getting suddenly sent home and the House schedule getting cancelled for next week.

    1. If he ordered it off because it looks Trumphy he damn sure would not order back on. I’m betting this is a Secret Service requirement that he has zero say in. When the Secret Service makes a safety decision the POTUS has zero say. So yea, they screwed up the stage set.

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