Shrunken Hillary

“Inauguration Hillary” is in purple with long hair.  She’s the one in the ruffles.

Real Hillary is the one in the skirt.  That’s the same hairdo as on her official Secretary of State portrait.  (Click to enlarge.)

She’s wearing moderate heels in both pics.  Yes, she has probably lost an inch over the years, but so has Bill.

And Inauguration Hillary doesn’t have the right eyes.

What have they done with Hillary?!?!?!?

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6 thoughts on “Shrunken Hillary”

  1. Could the shrunken Hillary be the same Hillary that embraced a small child on the sidewalk in front of Chelsea’s apartment on September 11, 2016?

    1. Avi, I thought about that. But they wouldn’t pose them on a grade steep enough for that to matter. Her back heel is almost as far back as Bill’s. It’s not like her back knee is bent to make up for the slope.

    2. Hey Avi,
      If you watch the no-inauguration inauguration video, you would see the difference in height. I don’t think that’s the real Killary. Killary’s overcoat is too large for her and she would never dressed like that in public. Too shabby for her taste.

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