Sidney Powell is Reportedly at Gitmo

D. Potcner is a veteran and citizen-journalist in DC.  He works for the government in some unspecified job.

He is reporting that Sidney Powell is at Gitmo, presumably as a prosecutor (she is a former U.S. Attorney with security clearances).

I’ve never seen him make a claim like this before, so I don’t know the quality of his sources.

What’s With the High-Speed Motorcades?

He also just filmed a “high-speed motorcade heading toward the VP’s house just now [but not necessarily to it].”  See the video here.  The “beast” (the president’s car) was not in the motorcade.

Kamala Harris has already said she won’t be living at the VP’s house right away.

Then there was another high-speed motorcade leaving the White House at 5:46 pm EST, but again without the “beast.”

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