Simon Says Friday Revelations were Contingent

Simon Parkes has released a new video.  He says he got the same alert as Charlie Ward about a February 5 release of news about arrests and martial law.  However, he says he was told the news release was contingent on other plans/developments.

Parkes spends a long time in the video discussing what he sees as poor communications on the part of the military with the public.  I certainly agree with him there.   We’re expected to fight fight fight, but not really.  Really we’re expected to sit here passive, losing our businesses and homes and sanity, while they goof around with whatever it is they’re actually doing.

It’s not the way this country is supposed to work, even in a fight like this.

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7 thoughts on “Simon Says Friday Revelations were Contingent”

  1. As a civilian, virtually everyone I work with who is past or present military always have the same 2 opinions.

    1. The military was the best time they ever had in their life.

    2. The military is very poorly organized and run.

    As a proud supporter of our country and our troops, my opinion is let it be. That’s a massive organization(s) with plenty of uneducated persons rising through the ranks to leadership positions and forever remaining in the military bubble. Imperfection is to be expected. For what they sacrifice, I would expect everyone to cut them more than enough slack. Just like politics, if you aren’t going to go run for office, or in this case join the military, then what else can we really do but armchair quarterback?

    Having said all that…what you, Arnold, bring up with “goof around” or “whatever it is they are actually doing” has been prominent in my mind and worrying me a bit throughout this whole thing. Especially after the 20th didn’t go as we all had expected and you had mentioned the thought of the military taking their cut of the $34 quintillion.

    Obviously all of our patience is being tested, but as you have pointed out in your massive number of posts over the last 48 hours, things are rolling. I’m pumped! And my worry level is dropping by the day.

    1. AZ, we now know Pelosi and Clyburn and Hoyer are traveling to Biden’s phony Oval Office set for photo ops. So Congress knows. The media know. We know.

      Can’t imagine who the target of the hoax is.

  2. As I said before, the silence from the generals running this op is deafening. A few words, no matter how cryptic, can go a long way to assuaging some people’s increasing fears about the ‘plan’ being acted on. If Flynn and his ilk are staying silent to get off on other’s fears, I’ll be both disappointed and angry with them, no matter how much progress has been made. That’s just sick and wrong (if true), and would kill much of my trust I’ve placed in them.

    Based on the resignations of some swampers, it looks like the op is progressing, but the generals HAVE to start saying something to corroborate with what we’re seeing. Staying silent will only continue to erode the peoples’ trust until very few will believe them when they finally decide to speak. I’m starting to hope more and more that Trump will use the Super Bowl to do his EBS, as it now seems he’s the only one who can calm the people down.

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