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Arnold Snyder's Pink Wedge

by Arnold Snyder

My professional writing career began in 1972 when Greenleaf Classics, a big-time smut publisher, rejected a crazy sex story I’d submitted but put me in contact with an agent who provided me with Greenleaf’s formula sheets, which described the stories the editors would accept.

Unlike the manuscript I’d submitted, the accepted formulas were humorless, predictable, and repetitious, with little wiggle room for creative fun. But although commercial smut wasn’t artistically rewarding, it paid well. My wife and I could churn out a 40,000-word manuscript in a week and it paid $510 (after our agent took his 15% off the top). That was decent pay for a week’s work in the early 70s, especially considering the loose working conditions. For perspective: Our two-bedroom apartment in Berkeley was $190/mo.

I have no way of measuring what our hourly pay might have been. How do you measure your work hours when both of you are working all day, every day, until you finish cranking out the required word count? But during this time you are laying around in your underwear with the radio tuned to jazz or acid rock, chain-drinking coffee, chain smoking, taking breaks to get high and ponder the universe, yakking about who knows what, and f*cking like crazy?

There was a fun factor to writing smut together, even horrible, trite, repetitious smut . . .   I wrote about this period of my life in “The Lost Meat Spear Manuscript.” I eventually gave up on smut and spent about 30 years writing non-fiction, mostly how-to books, which I’d learned from Writer’s Digest were the most marketable type of books for unknown authors. I wrote about gambling (and in the course of writing about it, became a professional gambler myself).

I’ve recently decided to finish my writing career the same way I started it, with pulp smut. But this time, I’ll do it on my terms. I’m not just writing smut; I’m writing smut for nerds, the kind of smut I always wanted to write, the kind I always wanted to read, but it wasn’t being published.

Pink Wedge, published by Cimmerian Press, is now available at Amazon for $8.99 in paperback. It’s 157 pages. The Kindle version is $2.99.

If you want to read the first chapter of Pink Wedge for free, click here.

If you want to buy Pink Wedge on Amazon (a thoughtful gift if you have a friend with a perverse sense of humor), click here.

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