Novels by Arnold Snyder

My professional writing career began in 1972 with Greenleaf Classics, writing pulp smut novels.  I was always interested in writing about sex and delusion as the primary forces in men’s lives, and Greenleaf seemed like a way of writing about that under cover, while making an easy living.

I wrote about writing for Greenleaf in an essay at Write-aholic:  The Lost Meat Spear Manuscript.

It turned out to be a fairly easy living, but not a way to write about anything I cared about, and after a while I wanted my brain back.  But I never got over wishing I could have been allowed to do more with the form.  So I’ve recently decided to finish my writing career the same way I started it.

But this time, I’ll do it on my terms. I’m not just writing smut; I’m writing comedy smut, literary smut, under cover—in short, smut for nerds, the kind of smut I always wanted to read, but wasn’t being published.

For easy navigation, scroll down to links to the first chapter of each of my Smut4Nerds novels directly below. Or click straight to Transplant or Pink Wedge  or When the Wolfbane Blooms.


He was a plant trapped in a man’s body. She was a woman trapped in a plant’s body. They called themselves transplants and for years they suffered in silence.

Transplant is a story of love and betrayal, heroism and photosynthesis.  Buy at Amazon or click on the chapters below.

Chapter One

Pink Wedge

Arnold Snyder's Pink WedgeExistence is a game of tag, and everyone gets a turn at being God. Suddenly, you get the tap on your shoulder and, “You’re it.”

Don Huxton, retired bookkeeper, just got tagged. It’s his turn to create. Anything. Everything. It’s not easy being God. Good thing he has Lulu to help him make decisions. A romance, more or less.

Buy at Amazon or click on the chapters below.

Chapter One

When the Wolfbane Blooms

To Dustin Cathcart, werewolves were his business. As CEO of Lupine Solutions, he had access to a database of more than 1300 werewolves nationwide.

The only problem—he couldn’t think of a damn thing anyone could possibly use a werewolf for. They were clumsy, rude, antisocial, and on occasion developed a taste for human flesh.

But Dustin wasn’t going to let those impediments to his dream get in the way of business, especially not after he joined forces with Bridget Baskervilles, the sexiest babe in Strait City.

Buy at Amazon or click on the chapters below.

Chapter One

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