Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down on Military Coup

Steve Pieczenik talked to Alex Jones today and said he is doubling down on what he said about a military coup taking over the country.

He says it’s still in effect right now.  He says he’s not directly involved in military operations now as he was in the past, so he can’t give information on timing.

Pieczenik says he has faith in the people with whom he was involved in planning the election sting and the military coup.  That would be some generals he has mentioned before:  Paul Nakasone, Keith Alexander, General Jerry Boykin and others.

He says what’s happening is “the biggest Apprentice show Trump’s ever done” to show the public how awful elites in our government and corporations truly are.

He says what’s unfolding is arrests, the revelations about groups like the Lincoln Project, the exposure of the corruption of people like McConnell, the take-down of the Italian government and the Pope, and the resignations of people like Bezos and Zucker.  He says most of all what we’re seeing is the truth about Obama and Brennan.

He says it’s all part of a psyop and Biden’s “presidency” will be very short.  We’re supposedly watching the self-destruction of the globalists.

Jones basically speaks for all of us and says he’s sick of this show.  He says Trump needs to take charge, emerge from hiding, and save us before it’s too late.  He expresses fear at Biden’s announcements about declaring half the country domestic terrorists, etc.  Pieczenik says Biden’s not in control so they can’t do any of the things they’re threatening.

Pieczenik ends by expressing faith in Trump, in the generals he’s worked with, and in the American republic.  My gut feeling listening to all of it is that, like Jones, I’d be happier with a plan that required less faith.

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12 thoughts on “Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down on Military Coup”

  1. Arnold, I feel the same way, needing a plan that requires less faith. We already know the Lamestream won’t tell the truth, but the silence coming from the generals is deafening. They could at least drop a few subtle hints about what’s going on to help corroborate the evidence we’re seeing (the fake Oval Office shots, the empty White House, etc.). I know the enemy is well entrenched and looking for info , but still……..

    There’s a saying going around on some non-political YT channels I follow: Hope is not a plan (referencing certain entertainment properties). And yet, that’s what seems to be the case here, especially when I keep seeing posts like ‘Hold the Line’ or ‘Trust the Plan’. What I’m seeing more and more of lately is people saying they’re getting tired of ‘holding’ or ‘trusting’ due to their fading HOPES that something is actually happening. A few short, but key, words (or something similar) from the generals (or Trump, even) would go a LONG way to fix this. We may be watching a movie right now, but it can run too long, and it eventually has to end. Besides, people like sequels. right? Let’s bring a swift end to this movie and start showing the sequel.

    I’ll end this with something funny I heard last night at work. One of the floormen, a double-masking MegaDope, was talking politics to a dealer (also a Dope). The floor said, loud enough for others to hear, that Trump is trying the overthrow the government. You have no idea how much control I had to exert to stop from laughing my ass off.

      1. Well, at least Trump finally did make a post. I would’ve preferred something other than his lawyer’s response to the BS impeachment, unless there’s something coded into the letter I’m missing. I’d still like to hear something from the generals, to at least get a sense of where they’re at with the ‘plan’, and how soon the truth can be revealed.

  2. The plan is in the works for sure. President Trump is a peaceful person, and he definitely wouldn’t want to have violence and hatred among Americans. I think President Trump wants all Americans and people around the world to see how evil and inhumane the Deep State and the Cabal are before he would take them down. I think President Trump would proceed peacefully. I don’t think President Trump would choose a military coup to take down China Biden and all the evil actors.

    1. Randy, my working hypothesis at the moment is that Trump turned the country over to the military when he signed the Insurrection Act right after January 6.

      Since then, I believe he and the military have been putting the screws to people privately. I believe Biden had a deal soon after he asked for one on November 29 so he’s just been playing a part while the screws were getting put to others.

      I don’t see how Trump lets some of them go, though. Some of these people are responsible for murders.

          1. AnonAmous, I honestly think that’s it. They all (Flynn, Lin Wood, etc.) keep saying they want us to get off our asses.

            Trouble is, I don’t think they fully realize how beaten down everyone is. Vegas has been essentially locked down for 11 months now. The city is destroyed. Homeless people live in the planters around the Bellagio “lake.”

            People are broke. People are going crazy. People are losing their homes.

            And Trump and Wood and Flynn want them to “fight.”

            Every time Flynn posts something like that, I read the comments. People say, we donated to Trump even when we couldn’t afford to. We defended him on social media even when it got us banned. We campaigned for him. We showed up to vote and give him a landslide. We wrote to our legislators and governors and called them. We showed up in DC for the rally on the 6th even though we knew something like the fake Capitol riot would happen.

            What the eff are we supposed to do now?

  3. In an video interview posted today GenFlynn said the mil being in charge is “nonsense nonsense nonsense” but then 45:30-46:34 betting on the outcome is carefully discussed.

    Flynn is campaigning that patriots need to get involved beyond voting. Volunteer, campaign, vet, run, watch. We should amplify this message and help our fellow patriots feel the reality of the “current” L. Big L.
    Big fucking L.

    My current thinking is that by one way or another we are rightly suffering the faux L today that could have been reality four years ago.

    1. AnonAmous, imho, Flynn is spinning bullshit, as if he believes that they still need more time.

      Why is Clapper admitting he spied on Hillary to blackmail her unless the election fraud is wrapping up?

      It’s also possible Flynn is completely out of the loop. Pieczenik never once mentioned him as part of the election sting or the military coup that follows. I don’t think he even likes Flynn. He mentioned Keith Alexander, Jerry Boykin, and Paul Nakasone a lot.

      I also think it’s possible that Flynn knows exactly what’s going on, but the decision has been made to let most of the swamp reverse their crimes. SCOTUS suddenly discovers election fraud is unconstitutional, the House cheers Trump instead of impeaching, Raffensperger discovers a whole bunch of suspicious thumb drives, etc.

      The military might never enter the narrative at all except to reveal the Bat Plague scam.

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