Still No Flight Restriction Over Mar-a-Lago

MonkeyWerx reports the flight restriction over Mar-a-Lago still has not been restored.

There was a red, permanent flight restriction placed over Mar-a-Lago/West Palm Beach on inauguration morning when Air Force 1 flew to West Palm Beach.  It remained in effect until the evening of the 21st, when a military aircraft left West Palm Beach.

And this despite a steady stream of images of Trump golfing in West Palm Beach and meeting Kevin McCarthy there (worst cut and paste photo job ever).  But no permanent flight restriction such as you see over George W. Bush’s permanent residence (or that of any other former president).

And that doesn’t make sense because if there’s any former president with security issues, it is Trump.  So Trump isn’t at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump not being at Mar-a-Lago wouldn’t normally be a big deal except that everyone’s making a big fuss about Trump being at Mar-a-Lago FOR SURE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.  It’s the discrepancy that shows something else is going on.

Also, Monkey has been keeping a watch out for Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 and neither of them has flown yet since Air Force 1 returned from West Palm Beach on inauguration day.

Trump’s first trip on Air Force 1 was when he flew on his 6th day in office to a GOP planning meeting in Philly to work with Congress on the plan for passing his agenda.

The Fake Biden Visit to Walter Reed

They staged a fake Biden visit to Walter Reed today, supposedly so Biden could meet wounded soldiers (“fortunately, there aren’t many there,” Biden said) and check out their Covid vaccine distribution program.  It was his only venture outside the White House complex since inauguration day, except for a supposed trip to church.

The visit starts with Joe supposedly going over to a group of press waiting on the WH lawn.  Except you can only hear two female voices from the press group the entire time.

The first female voice asks why he’s going to Walter Reed.  When he finishes answering, there’s no shouting of questions from a group of reporters, just one more female voice asking about passing Covid aid.  Biden says Covid aid must pass, even if without GOP support, which is impossible because the Senate has a filibuster and you need GOP support.  Whatever.  Not a single reporter in the invisible gaggle has even one more question.

At “Walter Reed,” the “vaccine distribution program” is apparently a room that looks like a gym where they posed a couple of guys in olive drab at the ends of long tables supposedly getting a shot.  They both look like they’re in National Guard uniforms but neither stands or salutes the president.

\Other than that, it’s nothing but actors in white coats pretending to peck at their laptops or sitting at long tables in front of little yellow tubs that look vaguely medical.  Why you’d have nurses at very long tables, where they can’t actually reach people who come for shots, is not explained.  It’s enough just to look vaguely medical.  They’re not really there to do anything.

There’s no line of troops or veterans waiting for jabs.  There are National Guard troops all over DC at the moment; you’d think they could get together a line of them for their photo op.

If those vaccines are important and this is Walter Reed’s distribution program, we’re in trouble.

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6 thoughts on “Still No Flight Restriction Over Mar-a-Lago”

  1. It all looked fake Arnold. Especially when he “hugged his wife” on camera before the “departure.” Marine one was prolly CGI. With CGI, you could pull off anything and fool anybody.

  2. I watched the white house live webcam for over 1/2 an hour when he was supposed to depart and return…..I assure you NO helicopter landed on the south lawn like they said!!… unless they have some continuous loop playing on the live earthcam???

  3. If Biden is not really president then why was he allowed to kill the Keystone pipeline deal killing thousands of jobs on both sides of the border. Nope, sorry, not buying it, Arnold.

    1. Ian, is the deal killed? I saw about a hundred posts, including from “Biden administration officials,” explaining that EO was illegal and would not be implemented.

      You should watch MonkeyWerx’s video on the phony crash of a Boeing 737 in Ethiopia a year or so ago. Someone (presumably the ClA) turned off the transponder on the plane to fake the crash but accidentally left on the GPS signal so the plane kept tracking on the flight trackers until it safely landed at its destination.

      Why, after four years of fake news about Russian collusion, fake economic statistics, fake Ukrainian quid pro quos, etc., would you believe the Keystone Pipeline has been killed?

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