The Asphalt Road Behind the Culver Studios Oval Office

There’s no asphalt road behind the real Oval Office windows.  There’s a stone path about 35-40 feet away and a service road even farther away.

But there is an asphalt road directly behind the fake Oval Office at the Castle Rock White House set at Culver Studios.

It’s all a movie. They’re all colluding in presenting a fake presidency.

Rumor About Upcoming Announcements

There’s a rumor that the military announced martial law to the public on January 29 (after implementing it on January 20), but the media refused to report on it.  Reportedly, the military expected that.

Supposedly the military also announced the arrests of hundreds of congressmen and senators on January 31, but again the media censored the info.  Supposedly the military expected the censorship and found it convenient at that time.

Supposedly the military will do some kind of emergency broadcast about all this tomorrow, February 5, in the evening.  Then on February 12, they will supposedly reveal the evidence of foreign countries conspiring with internal enemies to overthrow the U.S. government via election fraud.

This info reportedly comes from a source in The Netherlands.  I have no idea of the quality of this source.  I’m passing this claim along because of something vague a reliable source said that makes it worth keeping in the back of your mind.  I wouldn’t change dinner plans over it though.

Jeff Zucker Stepping Down

First ABC News president James Goldston, then Bezos, now Zucker at CNN.

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