The Democrats’ Election Year Insurrection

The Latest Phase of the Democrats’ Ongoing Coup Attempt

Antifa in Full Gear

Black neighborhoods are getting burned down.  Businesses are being trashed, burned, and looted.  Millions of Americans all over the country are looking out their windows in terror as the mob draws closer.

The rioters are the Democrats’ Antifa brownshirts, BLM, Islamist cells and criminal allies.  Thousands of them are being transported across state lines and around the country to carry out simultaneous riots, in cities and suburbs around the country, at great expense.  They’ve been photographed with expensive, high-tech communications equipment.

They use crowbars and large bike locks to bash in peoples’ skulls.  They knock a person unconscious and then kick out his teeth.  They stab victims.  They shoot victims.  They beat victims senseless with baseball bats.  A black federal security officer in Oakland was murdered in the Antifa riots there.  He was shot.  There have been 17 victims killed so far, 16 of them black.

Antifa assaults are highly organized.  First, SPOTTERS select the targets and set up the outer perimeter.  Then BLINDERS hit the target in the eyes with mace, smoke or another irritant to blind them.

Then the designated ASSAULTERS move in to dispense “social justice” while SHIELDERS try to shield them from cameras.  ORGANIZERS keep an eye out for cops, reporters and counterattacks and alert the assault team to move on when a threat approaches.  They also direct Antifa troops to caches of weapons, like rocks, bricks and bottles of accelerant, as well as escape routes.

Antifa organizers just unloaded pallets of bricks in Frisco, Texas for a riot planned for today.  Kansas City police are reporting the same thing.

Antifa even has street medics trained to do first aid, provide relief from tear gas and pepper spray, and evacuate injured comrades.  Civilians who show up hoping to protest the murder of George Floyd are used as human shields from the police.  These people are usually injured first and give the DNC-controlled media photos and footage of sympathetic “victims” of the police.

Antifa spotters wear different insignia and colors than blinders and assaulters and organizers.  Essentially, Antifa is a paramilitary force with standardized uniforms.  They are so well organized that they have reddits and websites. Antifa International even holds workshops.

Antifa is the Democrats’ Shock Troops

Antifa and their Democrat supporters are fascists.  They seek to dehumanize political opponents.  They use violence to try to gain power and suppress political speech and religious expression.  They are bigots who burn down black neighborhoods and synagogues.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies says he was told the Democrats’ rioters targeted specific police headquarters for assault based on where evidence was being held against the Sinaloa Cartel.  The Minneapolis 3rd Precinct was one of them.  Remember those photos of looters emerging from the burned precinct with boxes of evidence?

The Obamagate crowd is fighting for their lives.  This is their full-out attempt at insurrection after the failure of their Bat Plague election-rigging hoax, their third election-rigging/coup attempt hoax in three years. 

The Democrats’ “Sanctuary City” Criminal Cells

In Las Vegas, last night’s rioting seems to have been contained to the South Strip.  Earlier rioting targeted downtown.  The Container Park on East Fremont was trashed and looted.

Last night law enforcement used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop violence fairly quickly in Las Vegas.

But Las Vegas is not a sanctuary city.

Note how the real violence is largely taking place in Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities” and states.  That’s because, to beef up the numbers of their Antifa brownshirt militia, Democrats used MS-13 and Islamist cells and Mexican drug cartel thugs for their riots.

A military source believes Democrats declared sanctuary city policies after the 2016 election specifically to build up this army.

Remember the Democrats’ Mass Bat Plague Prison Releases?

Antifa Victim

In my view, Democrats also released thousands of murderers, rapists, arsonists, robbers and violent gang members from prison specifically to provide violent thugs for this assault.  In Chicago, there were 100+ Latin King gang members assaulting police and looting stores last night, according to a friend in Aurora who was monitoring her police scanner.

In Minneapolis, women were grabbed off the street by cars filled with thugs.

Democrats created and used the Bat Plague hoax as their excuse for releasing violent criminals from prison, while they arrested normal, law-abiding citizens for going to the beach or trying to reopen their businesses or going to church.  Why weren’t Democrats worried about Covid infections for them?

Obamagate Criminals are Fighting to Stay Out of Prison

Democrats have committed one crime after another to try to rig the 2016 election, then regain power after losing the White House.

They perpetrated the Russian Collusion hoax and Mueller Special Counsel to try to create an obstruction trap for Trump.  The scheme was literally designed by Norm Eisen and others at the Brookings Institute as a replay of the coup run on Nixon with Watergate.  I have seen the Brookings documents; you can read them here and learn more about the Brookings plot here.  The Mueller report was essentially written by Brookings.

In the course of the Obamagate coup attempt, Obama and Democrats and their Deep State allies illegally spied on Trump and his campaign, lied to  the public, created false evidence, threatened witnesses’ families, likely murdered Seth Rich, used the Deep State to sabotage the president from within the White House, and used their DNC and ClA-controlled media to put out year after year of lies.

Obama and Kerry literally traveled the world just ahead of every Trump international visit, sabotaging his foreign policy and telling foreign government leaders that Trump would soon be removed from office.

Then they perpetrated the Ukraine quid pro quo impeachment hoax, because Trump was investigating Biden’s quid pro quo deal with Poroshenko, the former corrupt president of Ukraine.

Joe Biden is literally a criminal defendant in Ukraine for helping Poroshenko steal $40 billion dollars in foreign aid to the country, roughly half of which came from the U.S.  Poroshenko then laundered the money into bank accounts in the Caribbean, many controlled by Americans, with Biden and the Democrat Party getting a big cut as well as freedom from prosecution for their corruption.

The Democrats Launch Their Fascist Army

Antifa Victim

Then Democrats set up their grand election-year insurrection.  They conspired with the Communist Party of China to create the Bat Plague hoax, locked down kids for months, then staged the George Floyd murder by Derek Chauvin, Floyd’s coworker at a foreign-owned nightclub that appears to be a money-laundering front.

Minneapolis is a sex, drug, and illegal arms-trafficking hub, as well as the hub of illegal trafficking of weapons and other high tech goods to Iran.

The cop who murdered Floyd was brazen in his actions.  He literally posed for the security cameras posted on buildings around that corner and for the cell phone cameras of witnesses.  And the Democrat County Attorney’s first move was to say no crime had been committed.

When the County Attorney made that announcement, thousands of accounts on Twitter immediately cried out that he was deliberately providing a pretext for riots.

Even when forced to charge Chauvin, the Country Attorney came up with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges.  In my opinion, this case would likely have been rigged down to manslaughter and a minimum sentence of 10 months, because Chauvin was likely working for the Democrats.  Chauvin is now on suicide watch.  Watch him get Arkancided.

When the riots were first getting underway, there was cell phone footage posted on Twitter showing a white man breaking out the windows of an Auto Zone while black locals told him to stop.  A woman identified the man as her boyfriend, a St Paul cop.  He was wearing a distinctive gas mask to partially hide his face, but she said the gas mask was hers.

Democrats Aligned With Antifa

Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison of Minnesota is an Antifa Supporter

Right after Trump declared Antifa a terrorist organization and Barr sicced the Joint Terrorism Task Force on them, ordering the task force to identify and arrest Antifa organizers, leaders and funders, news started to come out about Democrats involved in Antifa.

The daughter of Democrat Governor Walz of Minnesota was arrested for rioting with Antifa in Minneapolis.  De Blasio’s daughter was arrested for rioting in New York.  The son of Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota, declared his allegiance to Antifa on Twitter.

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia was Hillary Clinton’s VP pick.  His son Linwood was arrested and charged with felonies for leading an Antifa riot in Minnesota a year ago.

Ilhan Omar’s daughter actively organized supply support and communications on National Guard locations for the Antifa riots in Minneapolis.  Joe Biden posed for photographs with Antifa rioters.

George Soros-funded organizations provide millions of dollars in funding for BLM and Antifa groups.

Reporters at HuffPo, Vox, & The Guardian are members of Antifa or very closely associated with members; so is an “investigator” at the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Antifa member Eric Clanton, who bashed in the heads of seven people with a bike lock, was an ethics professor at Diablo Valley College.  Former Dartmouth professor Mark Bray wrote the Antifa handbook, donated the proceeds from it to an Antifa fund, and still defends Antifa in the Washington Post.

At a 2016 Trump rally in San Jose, police allowed Antifa to assault every single person who left the rally.  The police stand-down order was given by the Democrat San Jose mayor, Sam Liccardo.  The police blocked every entrance but one to deliberately herd people into the Antifa assault.

And Joe Biden staffers just bailed out hundreds of Antifa rioters who burned down a black neighborhood in Minneapolis.  Think about that.  Joe Biden’s staffers are bailing out violent rioters while the riots are still going on.  Do they need the boots on the ground or are the Democrats worried they’ll talk?

Biden’s staffers were bailing out Antifa rioters at exactly the same time the Democrat-controlled media started saying white supremacists were behind the riots.

If the rioters are white supremacists, why are Biden staffers, People for Bernie, radical left Hollywood celebrities and legal groups like the communist-associated National Lawyer’s Guild (Antifa’s legal arm) bailing them all out and raising money for their legal fees?

Democrats Must Be Held Accountable

Law Enforcement has been Mapping Antifa for Three Years

Patrick Underwood was Shot and Killed
by Antifa Friday

Antifa has been assaulting Trump supporters since early 2016.  That’s when the FBI and other federal agencies, plus Erik Prince undercover agents, started infiltrating Antifa and mapping their associations, leaders, organizers and funding sources.

A Trump Executive Order requires seizure of the assets of terrorists and the people who fund them and offer other support.

The media is gaslighting people (once again) about Trump’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist group.  Some have said the law doesn’t allow for designation of domestic terrorists.

That’s false.  You can read the federal laws and penalties regarding terrorism, whether domestic or foreign, here.

We will not have long to wait for authorities to roll up this terrorist army and the people who support them.

But It’s Time to Hold Normal, Everyday Democrats Accountable Too

It’s time to hold normal, everyday Democrats accountable for looking the other way as their leaders supply funds, support and moral cover for Antifa and deploy Antifa for political purposes.

Democrats protect themselves from knowing by carefully avoiding any news outlets that might fail to lie to them and flatter them.  But there is no way Democrats don’t see what’s going on after four straight years of it.  In fact, we know they know, because they’ve developed an entire language to cover for their moral failure.

They knew Trump supporters were being viciously assaulted.  They called it punching Nazis.

They knew Andy Ngo, a reporter committed to covering Antifa’s growth, was put in the hospital for weeks with brain injuries after an Antifa assault.  Andy is a 120-pound Vietnamese-American reporter, but Democrats called him a white supremacist.

When Antifa burned down a black neighborhood in Minneapolis last week, Democrats reached for the white supremacist label again until they were embarrassed out of it by Biden’s staffers bailing the arsonists out.  Then they started blaming the riots on Russians.

And when Antifa defaced and burned down a synagogue in LA yesterday, Democrats blamed the bigotry on Palestinian frustration.

You can only be so stupid. Normal, everyday Democrats have embraced authoritarianism, seeking to censor and deplatform political speech and religious expression they disagree with.  They seek to criminalize religious practices that don’t conform to their secular religions of climate change, gay marriage and 50 genders.

They dehumanize political opponents by calling them white supremacists and Nazis, and support the use of a violent militia against them.  They’re eugenicists whose only remaining red line is the right to stab human babies in the skull as they are being born, then cut them up and sell off their body parts like chicken wings.

Normal, everyday Democrats must be held accountable at this point for all this.

Any Democrats who continue to support this criminal leadership and their Antifa militia should be regarded as we now regard the German citizens who looked the other way as Hitler began his crimes.

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