The Most Horrible Caper Movie in the World

Simon Parkes has a new video out this morning.  The purpose of the video is to explain what went wrong yesterday and what’s going to happen next.

Parkes is a very earnest man (he was likely chosen because he’s earnest), and he does his best to put a good spin on things.  He appears to believe that what he’s saying will be reassuring to us.  Maybe it will be reassuring to you; maybe my take is wrong.

But if I had to sum up what I heard behind what he says in the video, it’s that the military never intended to save the country.  Instead, they intended to rip off the ClA’s money, and they’re fine with the country going to hell as long as they can keep it.

In other words, the past four years have essentially been a horrible caper movie. 

The Fake Mass Arrest Plan

Parkes talked to his best source late last night.  That source said, “Something went wrong.”  Parkes has a guess about what might have gone wrong.  He mentioned a dirty bomb that had long been unaccounted for, and I’m sure he believes that.  He says essentially the bad guys had an insurance policy and the military didn’t properly account for it in advance.

I’m sure you can smell what’s coming.

Parkes states again that the plan was to have 26k National Guard in DC, the marines blocking the underground tunnels to the Capitol, and mass arrests.  But none of it happened.

Parkes Says They’re Going to Try Again

Parkes says they’re going to try again.  One source said the next try would be in early March.  Another told him that was too early, the middle of April was more likely.

Then Parkes said something about the fraud states going ahead now with decertification.  Now those state legislators suddenly realize just how wrong they were.

He claims 800 generals through colonels are standing firm with Trump and blocking Biden from having anything to do with defense decisions.

In other words, it’s all been bullshit.  The military likely shined on Trump.  They certainly shined on us.  Probably some of them meant well and are just incompetent.

But they let us down and Trump, by not doing all he could have done, let us down too.  For example, Trump could have implemented his Executive Order on foreign interference in our elections and seized the traitors’ assets.  He never did it.  He could have seized the Dominion voting machines and forced forensic audits.  He never did it.

Remember how Sidney Powell and General Flynn said Trump was keeping them at arm’s length those final weeks and listening to terrible advice?  It was true.  He relied on some people in the military who either never intended to do what they promised or who just blew it.

What Happened to the $34 Quintillion?

Here’s the best part of the story.  Parkes says Trump’s people seized $34 quintillion from the Vatican bank and it’s now all hidden.  So essentially we now have the Deep State’s dirty money, or at least “our” side of the Deep State has it.

Charlie Ward, whose business is moving large amounts of cash and gold around, says there were 13 or 14 big planeloads of cash, gold and artifacts removed from the Vatican.  I don’t know if it was $34 quintillion, but I basically believe this.  Ward is the kind of guy who would know something like this.  The pilots, etc. would be calling him.  The artifacts would be jewels, paintings, valuable antiques and documents, etc.  The Vatican was rich.

Parkes tells a story about how it’s unconstitutional or something for the military to obey Biden.  (The Constitution has never been Parkes’ strong suit.)  The military is supposedly going to let Biden handle domestic policy and some foreign policy issues, but they’re going to control something else.  How exactly this is different from a normal presidency is vague.

In any case, it sounds to me like the military just ripped off the Vatican/Deep State treasure and what happens to the country doesn’t matter much to them right now.

Maybe they’re already whacking up the loot with the other bad guys.  Why start a war over it?  There’s plenty to go around.

Maybe Trump got a cut too.  But Parkes says nobody was more surprised yesterday than him.

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12 thoughts on “The Most Horrible Caper Movie in the World”

  1. $34 quintillion is A LOT of money. It’s said money can buy integrity, or something like that. Looks like the militaries integrity was bought out.

    It now seems to me we’ve been lied to all this time, by EVERYONE, Trump included. Nothing was ever declassified, the nukeball will soon be in Bidens’ hands, etc. The fact that it’s now the 21st and NOTHING HAS STILL BEEN DONE is all the proof I need of my thoughts. I’m no longer sure if I can take the likes of Parkes and his kind seriously anymore either.

    It now looks like We, The People are going to have to take this country back, as there is no one left to trust but ourselves. Question is, how many MAGAs are willing to take up arms to do so? Will there be any, now that it seems Trump’s betrayed us?

    One thing is certain: We CAN NOT wait until March for anything to happen. Old Fart Dementia’s already starting to unravel what Trump’s done, meaning we’ll be under CCP control by then. SOMEONE has to get their integrity back and do something, or we’re all dead.

  2. Now following different accounts that you have lead me to, Arnold, Parkes’ account of what’s next seems to differ a bit. They are much more optimistic for the coming days and action within the month. Has Charlie Ward said similar things to this as well now, on his own? I saw their 4some round table, but didn’t watch the new Simon until after reading your post today.

    After piecing your writing together for the past month +, things began to seem too obviously flagrant to the bad guys. Too many available sources saying very similar things as far as what was to happen with the mass arrests and exactly when it would happen. I was very shocked to see that BOMB THREAT AT THE SUPREME COURT post on of the GenHyt accounts yesterday…but my first thinking was, everyone is already at the Capitol, this is probably the bad guys.

    With the amount of easily obtainable information and the visible clues (fence, overabundance of troops, detaining facility, plus all of this easily accessible information on the internet), how would they not see it coming?

    At some point, for this this to be an intelligently planned and run operation, there has to be a period and series of events that people don’t know about. It must actually go “special ops” at some point. Meaning WE can’t figure it out. On top of that…what was the saying? “After the first shot is fired, there is no plan.” Something like that? There have to be contingencies. And most likely, they expected some sort of a fight, whether visible or not, leading to a contingency.

    So one source you reference all the time was actually special forces, and uses special forces for his resources. He overtly went dark to preserve the operation. Now he’s back, coming to his own conclusion that replicates what Parkes said about separating the military from Biden. But he came back LAST NIGHT, disappointed in how things went. I expected not to see him yet since things appear to have yet to happen. He obviously was told what was going down, and it obviously wasn’t too different than what you had concluded. And it shocked him enough that it didn’t go down yesterday.

    In my opinion, this is not a “try again” in 3 months…because Parkes just overtly said it. There has got to be disinformation purposefully spread to the vocalizers at this point. There are too many bad guy eyes and ears that piece all of this together for the bad guys. If we can piece it together, it will never work. It truly needs to be covert.

    Have faith.

    1. I agree. I definitely think he is a disinformation informant. And I have not missed a single video of his…..But, we’re not the only one watching his videos. Which brings me to the question why was The House of Representatives sent home?. Why is sleepy Joe in a movie production set signing blank sheets of paper with a Ford Fiesta parked outside the window?…He has now moved in front of a massive fireplace with a child size table for signing his fake EO’s ….Video of Joe and Jill going up the hill in what was supposed to be the presidential car. Yet, they never got out…No photos of them walking in the front door. Are they at Motel 6? With Kamaladala & Vice man….Since they are not going to move into the VP mansion because it needs “repairs” All of this stinks to high heaven. Definitely something going on as we are watching a movie. I just can’t figure out who the producer is

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