The Only Important Moment of the Flynn Interview

Right at 45:45, Doug Billings says he made a bet (a bottle of wine) that Trump would win the presidency.  He says he guesses he has to pay the bet because Biden won and we have to come to grips with that.

Flynn says, “I would not concede that bottle of wine.”

Here’s one of the things I’ve learned over the past few years of listening to sources on politics.  Even the very best, most knowledgeable, most honest insider source will get things wrong a lot.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable sources of information.

Usually, it’s not that they actually got something wrong, but that plans changed at the last minute, or a deal was struck that required a new narrative about what happened.  Often, as Charlie Ward has said, sources put out info not so much to inform us as to scare the enemy.  Once the enemy is scared into a deal, events change.  You can still discern a pretty clear outline of what’s happening from what honest sources are saying about what’s happening. 

You have to regard it all as a live poker game, with plans changing as every card falls.  It still tells you a lot that the tight guy raised in early position before the flop.

So when Charlie Ward said we would hear today about martial law and arrests, and we didn’t, and then Gen. Flynn, on the same day, said military control never happened, I think it probably means we’ve had military control and arrests, but they’ve served their purpose.  Maybe another 30 people asked for deals today, but basically, we’re done with that part of it now.

I posted a report on January 24 about a video on Youtube of police escorting a bunch of buses to the White House, reds and blues flashing.  The guy doing the report had just watched two hours of the White House livestream, and believed he had just seen hundreds of people get arrested there.  Charlie Ward’s source said hundreds of swampers had been arrested on January 24 and 25.  They’re both saying the same thing.  So that’s probably right.

But now we’re in a different phase.

Clearly today was a very important day.  ClA rag Time admitted a cabal of elites had rigged the election.  Mike Lindell released the Kraken.  And an 8-minute clip of an interrogation of James Clapper went viral, in which Clapper admitted that judges and legislators are controlled by people like him via illegal spying and blackmail.

To me, it’s been clear since January 20 that Biden’s been playacting as president.  But it was just today that it finally became clear that Trump is indeed the de facto power in DC.  He is the one pulling all the strings and deciding how to deal with the swamp.  And the military has got to be in on it, because how else could Trump force these criminals to capitulate?

So what’s going to happen next?  My working hypothesis is that Trump is forcing the crooks themselves to clean up the mess they made.  SCOTUS will finally hear all those election fraud lawsuits.  Congress will cheer Trump instead of impeaching him.  Newsom will be recalled.  Trump will formally be declared president soon and over the next few years he will be able to get deals on all of the issues he couldn’t get deals on in his first four years.

Much of DC will be fired.  Many more will retire.  Some will go to prison.  The CCP will fall.  CNN will fall.  Without ClA slush fund money, Time itself will fall.  The Trump curse will strike many, but they will have done it to themselves.

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7 thoughts on “The Only Important Moment of the Flynn Interview”

  1. I love your working hypothesis! When you say that Congress will cheer Trump instead of impeaching him, does that mean a “future” Congress? Doesn’t the Impeachment trial start Monday?

    1. Mitzi, yes, it supposedly starts next week. That will be a big tell about where we are in the battle. We’ll know more about which of the criminals has a deal and who is desperately fighting for his life because he/she can’t get one.

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