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Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward Post-Inauguration:  Be Patient

Ward Got the Pre-Recorded Tape of the Inauguration Before It Happened

Parkes and Ward recorded a video discussion after the inauguration.  You can watch it here.

Charlie Ward says that he received a tape of the inauguration, in Spain, at 7 am this morning.  That’s 7 am in Spain, which is 6 hours ahead of EST.  That means he received it at 1 am EST.

So Ward saw the inauguration 11 hours before it supposedly happened.

In other words, the inauguration we saw was a recording.  It was prerecorded.  What we saw on TV wasn’t happening at that time.  Ward got the tape of it and shared it with a lot of other people.

David Rodriguez, who is also in the conversation, points out the event looked like a funeral.  Nobody looked proud and happy.

Simon Parkes Says Trump Is In DC, Not Florida

Remember the anomalies we saw in Trump’s departure from DC?  In one video of Trump heading to Marine One, the trees were bare.  In the video of Marine One taking off, the trees were green.

Melania was wearing a different dress when she got off Air Force 1 in Florida than she was wearing when she got on.  It wasn’t that long a flight.  Did she spill a hot fudge sundae on herself?

Now Parkes says Trump never went to Florida this morning.  He’s been in DC all day.

Parkes and Ward Say They Warned Us, Be Patient

Parkes reminds us he was told for the past week, and told us, that the plan was to “really let them believe they won.”  After Parkes says that, Ward replies, “That’s what the general’s been saying this evening as well.  He’s been telling everyone to keep patient.”

I don’t know what general Ward is referring to.  I assume it’s the person who has been his source all along.  I think Parkes and Ward each have a genuine good source.  I think they have other sources who are less reliable.

When I saw this new Parkes/Ward video had been posted, I fully expected to hear from them that something had gone wrong.  Gen. McInerney was worried yesterday that Trump would betray us.  You can hear him talking about it here (from 23:00 to 28:45 — the rest of the Zoom discussion is agonizing).

So I figured I’d hear from Parkes and Ward that either Trump had backed out or the military had backed out on Trump.  But Parkes and Ward aren’t saying that.

Lin Wood is pretty much just praying at this point.  Dr. Pieczenik is worried that the military betrayed Trump.  General Flynn is silent.

Parkes and Ward have not been told that Trump has backed out or that the military has backed out.  Ward talked to his best source after the inauguration and was told to be patient.  Great Source Terrible Timing isn’t saying it’s over either.

But nobody is saying anything clear about exactly what’s happening.

Great Source expected that Emergency Broadcast like everyone else and didn’t say anything about it today.

For myself, the one piece of solid info that gives me hope is that Charlie Ward got a tape of the inauguration before it happened.  Ward wouldn’t lie about that and it’s not something that can be misunderstood like a source.

The event was prerecorded.  That means at least that all is not as it seems.

A New Video of Pelosi with Escorts Wearing Badges

I also saw a video today of Pelosi with those women who appear to be wearing U.S. Marshals badges.  She was wearing a different outfit than in the earlier photo I posted.  It was the outfit she wore in the prerecorded inauguration.

The badge on the escorts is definitely not Capitol Police.  It’s Capitol Police that normally provide security for the Speaker of the House.  And they did not appear deferential the way a security detail would. 

Trump Left DC with the Nuclear Football

Update:  Parkes Says Trump Never Left DC, It Was Staged

Apparently the nuclear football is normally handed over from the former president’s aide to the new president’s aide at the stroke of noon.

But Trump left DC this morning at 8 am with the nuclear football.  There are photos of him leaving with it.

Now we wait.

Great Source Terrible Timing with a Message

The Military is in Charge Now; We’ll Have a New President in a Month or So

He says the military has known about the vote flipping at the ClA base in Frankfurt and the Italian military satellite hacked via the Vatican from vote-flip No. 1.

He says the military had to let Trump leave office to make it clear this isn’t Trump installing himself and prosecuting enemies. Instead, it’s the military protecting the Country from a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the government.

He says things will be tough enough but the Insurrection Act has been in effect since last Sunday night and a lot of the truth will be out there soon. This is not about Trump, it’s about the Chinese, Iranians and American traitors trying to overthrow the government.

He says Biden will never be president, his show of taking the oath means nothing.  He says the military is sorting out the mess and we’ll have a new president in “a month or so.”

He says the election fraud was funded by Obama’s pallets of cash to Iran.  He also confirmed that the military has been investigating the election fraud for years, as well as foreign interference in our government and elections.

Note:  This supports what Simon Parkes said about a “military interregnum.”  I’ve posted before that Great Source Terrible Timing has been saying it would work this way.

We’re now waiting to see events we were promised we would see today.

I’ll post when either these events start happening or somebody says something has changed.

Troops Turn Their Backs on Biden as Motorcade Drives By

See the video here.

General Hyten is Posting

Pour Yourself a Whiskey or Smoke a Joint and Settle In

The First Lady, Sec. Pompeo, and Simon Parkes told us to follow General Hyten’s account here.  General Hyten is Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs, a four-star Air Force general.

Gen. Hyten posted on that account to follow him at @greatawakeningenhyt and that is where he is posting the most today.  The Great Awakening is a key term used by Q.  That should tell you everything you need to know about Q and what’s coming.

Those of you feeling anxiety (I’m not; I am confident and happy) should remember that a four-star Air Force general who is Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs isn’t posting to us for a prank.

He’s posting nothing but encouragement to have faith, it’s coming.  Among his posts are the following:

“The last hours and the world will know the truth. [EBS]”

“Keep watching the news. It is coming.”

And just now:  “Please stay at home.  [DS] won’t let go that easily.”  and:  “You know what’s going on.  [DS] CRIMES against HUMANITY.  No more!”

[DS] means Deep State.  He put DS in a “kill box” — that means they’re going down.  He also just posted a warning that there would definitely be riots.  He wants people staying home today.

And:  “Everything will start soon.”  He posted that at 1:04 pm EST.  And just now:  “Ready?” 

And at 1:45 pm EST:  “Tell your friends about me. They must know the truth. What will happen. They must be prepared for the TRUTH. [EBS]”

[I’m imagining them frantically tinkering with the Global Broadcast Satellite.]

At 2:15 Gen. Hyten posted:  “Lady Gaga singing at Biden’s inauguration? You know what that means.”

Anybody know what time she sings?  Update:  The celebrity pedos come on at 8:30 pm EST.

Then:  “They are stupid. They think nothing is happening. NG [National Guard] will start everything.”

Yesterday at his greatawakeningenhyt account he posted that video of Trump saying to a reporter that it was the calm before the storm.  The reporter asks, “What storm?” and Trump answers, “You’ll find out.”

So General Hyten is actively posting today that it’s coming.  My advice:  Pour yourself a whiskey or smoke a joint and settle in.

The Starlink Global Broadcasting Satellite was launched by SpaceX this morning at 8 am EST (see below).

Update:  General Hyten just posted to also follow Lin Wood here.

Update:  Suspicious Posts on This Account

There are now some suspicious posts on this account, likely hacks.  Hang in there.  I wouldn’t trust this account now until those are cleaned up.

Up to that point there was nothing on there that Brian Anderson, Simon Parkes, and others haven’t already said.

People on Telegram are Posting They Are Getting EBS Test Texts

People are now getting Emergency Broadcast System “test” texts.  A friend in Florida confirms he got one.  I haven’t gotten one yet.

Antifa-BLM Starts to Gather in Cities

We were told this would happen.  I’m seeing videos from many cities, but here’s Denver.

Simon Parkes Got a Message About the Emergency Broadcast

He says:  “Soon.”

He said it on a livestream that Youtube has apparently taken down.

Parkes is live blogging the day at

Don Jr Posts About the Lion King

Don Jr posted yesterday:

Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king?  And the pride land was overrun with hyenas?  And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained?

Just asking.  No reason.

SpaceX Launches Starlink Global Broadcast Satellite

Great Source Terrible Timing said several times over the past few years to watch Elon Musk.  Never said why.

Today Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched the Starlink Global Broadcast Satellite that Brian Anderson and others have told us will be used for a worldwide emergency broadcast by Trump.

The Starlink satellite was launched at the same time Trump was leaving DC.

Footage of Trump and Melania Arriving in Florida Shows Melania in Different Clothes (Updated)

Pre-filmed?  She’s in a different outfit from the photos of her boarding the plane in DC.

Here’s the outfit she was wearing in DC.  There’s no way that wasn’t deliberate.

Also, note that in video of Trump’s “departure from the White House” today the deciduous trees have green leaves on them, as if it were the middle of the summer.  In photos of the WH today, the trees are bare.

Massive Explosion in Madrid

Read a thread on the explosion here.

A Catholic school and parish.  No children were hurt.

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