Vegas Plague Diary

Chop Fluey Hysteria — A Con for the Ages

As a professional gambler in addition to strip club afficionado, I’ve seen many cons up close and in person and heard about many more from the people who pulled them. I know Las Vegas casino blackjack dealers who dealt seconds and professional poker players who rigged elaborate camera systems for reading the hole cards of their opponents.

I even had a professional grifter try to involve me in investment fraud and a major telemarketing scam before he was put away for it.  That scam was so big even Forbes wrote about it.

But I have never seen a con as enormous and successful as the one the powers that be are putting over on us with the Kung Flu Big Con. 

Las Vegas Evictions

♦ A friend and business associate was just kicked out of his digs at The Downtowner motel, a former dive (now semi-dive) a couple of blocks south of the Container Park downtown.  Never mind that he was a long-term resident, paying by the week, like many thousands of other seasonal and gig workers in Las Vegas.  The governor ordered all Nevada motels closed, so he is now homeless and en route to Arizona to seek shelter.

Vegas Job Losses

♦ Most of my neighbors work in the Vegas tourist industry somehow, many of them small business owners.  The couple down the block that does hiking and biking tours of Red Rock Canyon?  Shut down for the duration.  The guy across the street who owns the little restaurant in the canyon? Had to lay off all his employees and is now reduced to selling brownies to locals through the door.  The family that rents  mountain bikes to tourists?  No tourists, so why open?  The blackjack dealer who lives two doors down?  Casino closed, laid off.

♦ A Las Vegas friend who does online marketing has overnight lost 100% of his clients after the best January in his business’s history.  Even if the shutdown ends in 30 days, he estimates 50% of his clients will never return because they will either have gone under by then or be unable to afford advertising as they struggle to climb out of a period of fixed expenses with no revenue. Meanwhile, data show that even in states with no shutdown 50% of small business revenue is already gone.

Empty Stores and Food Prices Soaring

♦ I had to go to five grocery stores in Las Vegas yesterday to put together enough ingredients to feed my household for two days.  At store after store, shelves were bare.

The prices of many foods had doubled or more since last week just as tens or hundreds of thousands got laid off here.  Last week I got chicken legs for 79 cents a pound. Yesterday I had to pay $4.99.

Long-Term Destruction of the Vegas Economy

♦ Mayor Caroline Goodman of Las Vegas has informed the public that she told Governor Sisolak his 30-day Kung Flu closure of the casinos and all non-essential businesses will “destroy the economy of Nevada for years to come.”  She urged him to reconsider and end the shutdown in a week to 10 days.

But this morning, all he is talking about is getting bailout money for the casinos.  The Las Vegas casinos have always hated smaller businesses like the Vegas strip clubs and firing ranges and nature tour outfits that draw tourists out of their establishments.  This crisis is made to order for them.

And for What?  Did You Know You Are Expected to Get the Virus Anyway?

♦ There is no way to extinguish the virus completely, so who decides when it’s safe to end the shutdown or when we have to shut down the economy again?

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just said he expects the lockdowns to remain in effect for 10-12 weeks, into early June.  But individual state lockdowns may last longer.  Governor Cuomo is warning New Yorkers that the state may be in shutdown for 4 to 9 months.  [Pro tip:  He and other Democrat governors, mayors and county commissioners have every intention of keeping the shutdowns in place as long as possible going into the election.]

And the Imperial College climate change “scientist” behind both the Green New Deal and the virus model that prompted the shutdown frenzy says countries may have to stay in lockdown for 18 months!  (In case you doubt what’s behind the Imperial College virus model, here they are openly planning to use coronavirus to advance their socialist climate change agenda.)

If there’s always a possibility of the virus or its mutations coming back (and there is), we will always be under the threat of another shutdown. How many times can we do this?  Are you aware that, despite the shutdowns, you are expected to get WuFlu anyway?

Not Even Close to as Deadly as You’ve Been Told

If you followed in real time the daily infections and deaths from any flu season, any year, it would look scary.  The CDC says deaths from regular flu in the U.S. this year already number 23,000 and numbered 80,000 last year.  CDC says 710,000 have been hospitalized for the flu this flu season.  There were never any reports of hospitals getting overwhelmed by these 710,000 flu patients.

Kung Flu is well within that norm.  The real death rate of Kung Flu is likely 0.125%, or well within the range of a typical flu year.  (Two Stanford doctors say the coronavirus death rate is likely 1/10th of the flu.)  The death rate of the elderly is not unusual for flu death rates among the elderly, according to Stanford doctor, medical professor and epidemiologist John Ioannides.

The Diamond Princess data confirm, and suggest the virus isn’t as contagious as feared, even among the vulnerable.  The growth rate of the virus is not exponential, despite media claims, according to these Duke University professors.  One of the reasons it’s less contagious than feared, according to those professors, is because people move everyday through the same social network, seeing the same people over and over.  They don’t venture out of their network to deliberately infect others. Another reason, says this Nobel laureate, is because most people are naturally immune.

Oh, and the data show that the virus does not spread from asymptomatic individuals (another urban myth that has terrorized both citizens and governments and is still circulating virally).  That’s why South Korea and Japan were successful in halting the spread of the illness by aggressive quarantine of only the symptomatic.

That means that Imperial College virus model overstated a key method of transmission by 50x.  This is the study behind every single sensational media headline.

Virus Deaths, Italy to USA
(We are not tracking Italy)

Italy USA
Day 3 7 9
Day 6 17 15
Day 9 41 26
Day 12 107 41
Day 15 233 68
Day 18 631 150

Italy has further shown that only two of their “Covid-19 deaths” had no comorbidity.  In other words, people with cancer died of cancer, people with heart failure died of heart failure. They just happened to catch this virus too.  But all patients who happened to get coronavirus are recorded as having died of coronavirus, even if they were already in the hospital dying of something else.  Germany doesn’t record deaths that way.  That’s why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so much lower.

In any case, infections from this virus likely first spiked in the U.S. way back in mid-January, long before you were ever worried about it, with the infection *rate* peaking in February.  No matter what, the worst is likely already over.  So why are we destroying our economy now?

Of course, if you point any of this out to the mathematically illiterate toilet paper hoarders or PC “journalists” on social media, they immediately call you a heartless bastard who wants to kill the elderly. Just another way fake news continues to stifle dissent.

Kung Flu Unemployment Rate will be Worse than the Great Depression

Let Them Eat Cake!

Steve Mnuchin said before the lockdowns that the unemployment rate could reach 20% very quickly (that’s 40% in the private sector!), but Bloomberg analysts think it will be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, with 37 million jobs lost.  That’s based on unemployment claims already filed.

The Fed’s Bullard says unemployment will reach at least 30%, with an unprecedented 50% drop in GDP.  [Note: given changes in how the unemployment rate is calculated, this would be the highest unemployment rate in American history!]

During the entirety of the Great Recession that started in 2008 about 8.5 million jobs were lost.  We’d blown that number away by the middle of last week.

At this point, roughly one third of Americans, or 107 million people, have been ordered to stay home as New York, California, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, Ohio, Delaware, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri and New Jersey have enacted statewide lockdowns. Even more states, including Nevada, Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Florida have shut down all “non-essential” businesses.

And even more counties and cities have ordered mandatory shutdowns within states that haven’t.  On Sunday morning, Texas’ Tarrant County and Fort Worth ordered the closure of all churches and non-essential businesses after the death of a single man.  D.C. shut down Wednesday, March 25th.  You know what’s not closed?  Non-essential businesses in Seattle, the virus hot spot.

Not that Seattle needs to shut down.  CDC guidelines said gatherings of 50 or more should be limited aside from business and schools. The 10 people or more provision applies only to high-risk groups.  Why are mostly Democrat politicians going so far beyond CDC guidelines?

Are you beginning to get an idea of the economic horror show yet?

Goldman Sachs was telling clients before the lockdowns that growth would be at -6% for the first quarter of 2020 and -24% for the second quarter, or nearly two-and-a-half times the size of the largest quarterly decline in the history of modern GDP statistics.  Growth for the year would be -4% *if the shutdown ends quickly.*   The last time the world saw hard times this bad, it gave rise to Hitler, Stalin and Mao.  There are people who benefit from crises like this, but not people like us.

Hospitals that cancelled all their elective surgeries to make way for the WuFlu rush that never arrived are now warning they must have financial aid or they’ll be unable to make payroll within a few weeks.

U.S. investment-grade bonds have plunged 13.2% so far this month. That’s a record monthly loss. In September 2008, as Lehman was collapsing, the debt fell 7.8%.  The market believes investment grade bonds are no longer investment grade.

Existing home sales last month were the highest since February 2007.  Have we just put millions of people back in new homes only to crash them out again?

And if you think the government will come anywhere close to making you whole for this crisis it created with the shutdowns, forget it.  In my view, the government owes full compensation to people whose livelihoods have been seized by this government regulatory taking the same way it owes you full compensation if it seizes your land to build a road.  In fact, the 5th Amendment guarantees due process and full compensation.

But the GOP Senate came up with a proposal yesterday that is truly appalling in its miserliness.  It would give a one-time payment of $1200 to every adult who actually paid that much or more in income taxes *for 2018* and you get nothing if your 2018 income was over $100k ($150k for couples) regardless of what you have earned since or what you’ll be earning for the foreseeable future.

If your 2018 income was too low to owe that much in income taxes, you get a one-time payment of less, down to $600 per adult who had *qualifying income.*  So single parents earning $25k or $30k a year, who now have no income at all (a category that happens to include a big percentage of Vegas strip club dancers), will get a pittance in compensation for the government’s destruction of their lives.

[Oops!  Democrats filibustered the aid deal that they were involved in negotiating from Day One and to which their leadership agreed.  The issue?  According to The Hill:  Money for abortions and wind/solar credits, plus corporate board diversity!  “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” Democrat Majority Whip James Clyburn (S.C.) told lawmakers.  Don’t look for that check soon!]

And, by the way, Vegas strip club dancers are independent contractors who don’t qualify for unemployment compensation.  My self-employed neighbors can’t get unemployment either.  But Governor Sisolak got to give a speech about how moral he is.  Priceless!

Will the Results of the Hysteria be Worse than the Results of WuFlu Itself?

With churches closed and group meetings banned, what will happen to members of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous?  We were just climbing out of the opiate addiction crisis.  How many deaths will occur among lapsed addicts?

Recessions have been proven to kill. Unemployment is associated with a 200-300% increased risk of suicide.

In Philly, Pittsburgh, Portland, L.A. and other deep blue cities, including cities in New Jersey, the government has ordered the release of prisoners and cessation of arrests for burglary, theft, drug trafficking, prostitution, and other crimes to “deal with the coronavirus.” But they have no problem with arresting people for lying about coronavirus on Facebook.

Democrat mayors and governors have shut down gun and ammunition sales.

Bill Gates is pushing mandatory Chop Fluey vaccines with implanted microchips to prove you’re innoculated.  Big Tech is tracking people by cell phone to “make sure they maintain proper social distancing.” The DOJ is quietly seeking new powers from Congress to detain people indefinitely without trial during “emergencies.” Am I the only person in America who has a problem with this?

I don’t take the coronavirus lightly.  It was likely a contributing factor in the death of a Bay Area friend.  He went to a hospital for a fall and anemia due to a bleeding ulcer caused by a lifetime of alcoholism.  They brought the sick from the Grand Princess cruise ship to that same hospital at that time.  The nurses there complained to reporters at that time that they lacked proper protective gear for treating the patients.

He left the hospital a few days later.  After he got home, he developed a cough and fever and died suddenly in his bed a week later.  The coroner is testing him for coronavirus now and his wife is under quarantine.

But you can protect vulnerable people like my friend without destroying your society and the livelihood of everyone in it. Again, South Korea did it.  And places that mandated shutdowns (e.g., Hong Kong) have not had more success in reducing spread than those that did not (e.g., Singapore).  Japan was hit early and there were predictions the country would be swamped with the virus.  But there have been only 1055 cases and 36 deaths in Japan despite no shutdowns.

The Thrill of the End Times

Social media is full of people supporting these shutdowns based on the most bizarre and naive fantasies.  Millennials believe this will bring about Medicare for All and Universal Basic Income.  Christians believe this will return the U.S. to God’s control.  Radical climate alarmists believe the pandemic will kill 90% of the world’s human population and “save the planet.”

The prepper guy next door is tickled pink to finally dive into his stockpile of canned goods and dried rice and beans.  And Lionel Richie is proposing a “We Are the World” remake.

It seems to me that the financially comfortable are actually enjoying this “pandemic” without the least bit of appreciation of the hardship their behavior is imposing on working people and the poor.  It’s a bit of a thrill.  A break in the daily routine.  A chance to sound wise and virtue signal to your friends.

Third Major Hoax by the Same Crew in Three Years

Arek Arechiga says, and I agree, “this panic will be studied for decades, if not centuries, into the future as the most effective use of propaganda in the history of the world. Left and right, MSM & indie media, come together to panic the world into a great depression with virtually no dissent.”

♦ As Kirstie Alley tweeted here:  “Something is wrong with this whole thing. Smacks of much more than a runaway virus. It’s getting harder & harder not to become a conspiracist.  I just wish I knew what the conspiracy was.”

I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out, when it’s the third major hoax by the same crew in three years.

Communist Bat Soup Death Plague Means No Dental Care for You!

I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night with a raging toothache deep in the gum. I’ve had this before. It has to be dealt with or I could end up with an infected jaw or worse.

But Democrat Nevada Governor Sisolak, in his infinite wisdom and medical expertise, issued very specific Chop Fluey shutdown requirements that don’t permit my dentist to deal with the tooth. I can’t get an antibiotic. I can’t get a filling. And he can’t extract the tooth. All he can do is refer me to an expensive oral surgeon for extraction.

Thanks for interfering in my health care with your moronic political stunt, Sisolak.

(h/t @tedfrank for communist bat soup death plague)

Memories of the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you remember all the cell phone videos on social media in January of people dropping dead on the streets in Wuhan? The Chinese Communist Party censors everything, was supposedly trying to hide the “epidemic,” and has 100% control of everything that appears on Chinese social media, yet these films were left up to make it look like a zombie apocalypse was happening.

There are now many more cases of WuFlu outside China than there have been in China, yet we see no cell phone footage of people collapsing on the street anywhere else in the world.

The footage from China was part of the CCP/DNC/MSM set-up of the hoax. Oh yes, this was planned well in advance.  They also had a dozen anons on 4chan posing as experts from government disease control offices around the world claiming that the infection rate would be R10 and deaths would be in the hundreds of millions. All a scam.

This Virus is So Wimpy, An Old Malaria Drug Knocks It On Its Ass

Chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that’s been around since 1934, has completely cured every coronavirus patient it’s been tried on, including this guy.

It’s safe and any patient can get it right now. Our troops in malaria zones take it safely for years on end.

So what does the media do?  They lie and say it’s not available for coronavirus without FDA approval, when in fact it can be used and *is* being used off-label for the virus all over the U.S.

When that news came out despite the media’s best efforts, because Cuomo announced it would be used for every patient in New York, they came out with scare stories about how “just two grams” (a huge overdose) of this safe drug could kill.  Drinking too much water could kill you too.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Closes

Phew!  Just in time!  People might have gotten some sunshine, raised their Vitamin D levels.  Mustn’t have people boosting their immune systems at a time like this!

State and Local Tax Shortfalls Coming

Sales and gambling taxes make up 46% of the Nevada state government’s general fund income (gambling alone accounts for 17.5%).  Tourism pays 87% of that.

The general fund is the predominant fund for financing the state’s operations, including the state’s contribution to schools.  Local school funding is also heavily dependent on sales tax paid predominantly by tourists.

Now all of that is shut down for at least 30 days and was already in trouble from convention cancellations in early March.  Meanwhile Governor Sisolak’s budget was built on exceptionally rosy tax revenue projections.

Let’s See How All Those Horror Projections Are Playing Out

An Oxford study shows only 1 in 10,000 of those infected with WuFlu will become sick enough to be hospitalized.  That’s not the death rate.  Just the hospitalization rate.

The study says “the vast majority of people suffer little or no illness.”

Sunetra Gupta, head of the study and professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford: “I am surprised that there has been such unqualified acceptance of the Imperial College model.”

I’ve discussed the problems with the Imperial College model above.  It predicted 2 million deaths in America from the virus, but the Green New Deal “scientist” behind the model refuses to release the code behind his projections.

So why does the hospitalization rate appear higher on the media’s scare charts?  According to the study, it’s because millions of us have already had the virus and didn’t know it (including half the population of the UK).  So we never got tested for it.  So we’re not included in the numbers for those who didn’t require hospitalization or die.

Now let’s see how the Imperial College projections are playing out.

The Covid Act Now group, which used code provided by Imperial College for its simulations, predicted 190 hospitalizations in Tennessee by March 19.  The actual number?   15

Same group predicted 5400 hospitalizations in New York by March 19.  The actual number?  750.  They predicted 13,000 hospitalizations by March 23.  The actual number?  2500.

For Georgia, they predicted 688 hospitalizations by March 23.  Actual number? A handful.

Virginia was supposed to have 342 hospitalizations by March 23.  There are only 45.

Virginia shut down non-essential businesses just yesterday.  The incubation period for Chop Fluey is 14 days.  Georgia and Tennessee never shut down.

Exactly 44 coronavirus patients have been hospitalized in all of Nevada, home state of the tourist capital of the world, which has been getting millions of visitors from virus hot spots like California, New York and countries all over Asia while the virus was spreading.  ConExpo left Vegas just before the shutdown a week ago.  Plus we’re still all out there packing the aisles at Costco.

We were told 94,000 would need to be hospitalized for coronavirus in Nevada, with 19,000 in intensive care.  The virus has been spreading for months.  Where are the patients?  Where are all the corpses being stacked up like firewood?

With so few Kung Flu patients to replace all the lost revenue from cancelled elective surgeries, hospitals are already starting layoffs.

Did you know Covid Act Now, the group mobilizing media and politicians around mass lockdowns, was founded by Democrat activist Igor Kofman, who works full time to defeat Trump in 2020?

NV Gov. Sisolak Illegally Bans Life-Saving Treatment on the Advice of a Fake Doctor

Yes, the magnificent moron has illegally banned the use of the safe anti-malaria drug choroquine for coronavirus patients in Nevada.  The drug has already been shown effective for coronavirus.  Complete cures are typically achieved in six days.

Patients in every other state in the country are either now getting chloroquine or will soon.  Chloroquine treatments began for patients in New York yesterday.  [Until Governor Cuomo illegally banned chloroquine today after 350 cures in NY.]

Law professor @ProfMJCleveland looked up the case law yesterday.  Sisolak’s action is in direct contradiction to the FDA’s off label approval and the patient’s Right to Try.  No competent judge will uphold this ban.  If you have a loved one in Nevada who needs the medicine, seek emergency relief from the court.

Sisolak has no background in science or medicine whatsoever.  He has a B.S. in business and ran his own “communications company,” a business whose success he’s so proud of it’s impossible to find its name.

Even Fauci (“Please tell Hillary that I love her more than ever”) publicly stated yesterday that he would prescribe chloroquine to a patient with coronavirus.

Since when do state politicos get to control your medical treatment?

Turns out Nevada’s chief medical officer Ihsan Azzam, the guy who advised the governor to prohibit chloroquine treatment, is not even licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.  He doesn’t have a PhD either, yet he lists himself as an MD and PhD everywhere.  This is Nevada’s top medical officer!  

He claims to have practiced medicine for a few years “in Africa” before he moved to the US in the 1990s.  He is famous for claiming asbestos has no negative health effects and suppressing a study on dangerous levels of asbestos fibers in and around Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City.

You know why he claims he was a doctor “in Africa?”  Because if he said he was a doctor in Kenya or Senegal, it would be easy to prove he lied.

This con man is behind Sisolak’s mandatory shutdown too.

It’s now become life-threatening to live in Nevada because Nevadans elected a fool.

Chloroquine Bans:  Another DNC Election Rigging Move

Democrat NY Gov Cuomo and Democrat Governor Whitmer of Michigan just illegally blocked pharmacists from filling prescriptions for the drug hydroxychloroquine for any uses not approved by the FDA, despite FDA off-label approval of the drug and the Right to Try law.

That means a NY doctor who successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine can no longer prescribe the drug.

Democrat NV Governor Sisolak did the same thing this morning, which strongly suggests this is being coordinated by the DNC.  Especially since Google is suddenly blocking a white paper showing the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus.

Watch for this to spread to other states with Democrat governors.  The Democrat governor has just shut down businesses in New Mexico until June 27th!  The state has 112 cases, one WuFlu case in a hospital, and one death.

I lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years of my adult life but someone has to say it: Democrats are literally willing to kill you to keep this hoax going.

Update:  Here is an alternate link to the blocked March 13, 2020 white paper, “An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (Covid-19).”  I want you to see what Google is trying to prevent you from reading.

The Democrat governors were forced to back down on the bans within days because of public outrage.  The FDA formally approved chloroquine as treatment for coronavirus shortly after they were forced to back down.

Quote of the Day

“Is COVID-19 a global crisis? Certainly for people who can’t add.  The vast majority of infected people spread the disease to precisely no one.”

Richard Schabas, MD, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health for 10 years and chief of staff at York Central Hospital during the SARS crisis in 2003.

More Hospital Layoffs for Lack of Patients

Now Central Maine Medical Center (three locations), which is at 50% of patient capacity, is at the point where they’re laying off nurses.

There are only 118 confirmed WuFlu cases in the state and only a couple in the hospital (no deaths).

And here’s Boston Medical Center laying off 700.  There are 7700 cases in Massachusetts as of the decision to lay off employees, but only a trivial number required hospitalization.

Prisma Health Hospitals in South Carolina are laying off nurses and other hospital employees as well.  The 1300 cases in South Carolina haven’t produced enough people with serious symptoms to replace the revenue from all the elective and non-urgent surgeries cancelled.

Just more Bat Soup Death Plague disappointments.

Imperial College Retracts Dire Predictions for Scaryvirus

The Collapse of Another Hoax

Even Imperial College has now been forced by reality to retract their Kung Flu predictions.

They now say the virus will subside within two to three weeks.  (Just last week they were saying an 18-month quarantine would be necessary.)

The death rate will be lower than last year’s flu, mostly patients with conditions that would have killed them this year anyway.

This retraction is all over the UK media, though the US media are apparently going to avoid reporting on the collapse of their hoax (they’re deleting panic tweets by the score).  Still, looks like the end of the hoax is near.  And we still get $6 trillion in TrumpBux!

The Coming Mini-Hoax

The U.S. infection rate curve has flattened everywhere, including in NY.  Florida’s mortality rate is only 0.000001 (that’s one in a million).

So the new mini-hoax will be that it was the lockdowns that saved us from a Monty Python “bring out yer dead” scenario.

Bring Out Yer Dead!

But Chop Fluey cases may appear 7-14 days after infection and hospitalizations take another few days. So the flattened curve this week is based on infections from 8-12 days ago, when most of NY and everywhere else were fully open.

And don’t get me started on the “ventilator shortage” mini hoax!

In any case, the success of this hoax, the third major hoax by the same crew in three years, ought to give all of us pause.  At least this hoax only took a week and 20 million+ unemployed to collapse.

But if you still believe you’re in danger from the Communist Bat Soup Death Plague, I’ve got a Nigerian prince to introduce you to.

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