“We Haven’t Finished Yet!”

A supposedly random person on the golf course thanks Trump for his service.  Trump thanks him and responds, “We haven’t finished yet.”

This video showed up on social media two days ago.  I don’t believe Trump is in Florida right now (the flight restriction over West Palm Beach was lifted the night of the 21st and hasn’t been restored).  But I do believe Trump made this video to be released now as a message to us.


Meanwhile, here’s Biden. A reporter asks him if he will be required to break up his Covid bill into smaller pieces to get it passed.  This is a question about tactics, not somebody bossing him around.

But he answers, “No one requires me to do anything!”  It’s such an odd reply that it basically confirms Biden is acting under the orders of others.

But who?

I’ve mentioned before that Dan Scavino had hinted that Biden had asked for a deal on November 29 at a meeting with Trump set up by Mitch McConnell.  A few weeks later, Great Source Terrible Timing confirmed Biden had gotten a deal. Reportedly the deal was for a Biden concession in return for protection for Joe and his family, plus freedom from prosecution.

Later, we heard Hunter’s voice break into an “official White House livestream” saying he’d gotten a sentencing deal.

Plus, Biden looks so happy in his little fake Oval Office appearances.  He looks like he’s having fun.  I believe he’s playing a role as part of his deal with Trump.  So, in a way, he’s right.  He’s got a deal with Trump, so he’s finally free of the people who controlled him through blackmail.

When the time is right, I believe the military will present the election fraud evidence we’ve all been waiting for and we will see Biden be a statesman and concede.

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6 thoughts on ““We Haven’t Finished Yet!””

  1. Hi Arnold, do we have any idea why it’s taking so long? Why don’t they just release ALL of the evidence right now? Why keep dragging this out?

    1. Ronnie, I believe it’s because there’s a much bigger thing going on and the military considers the election small potatoes compared to the bigger thing.

      Trump had the power to do all kinds of things way back in November. He could even have prevented the election fraud (reportedly, the military reversed it in 2016).

      I think we’ll know more soon.

      1. Is that bigger thing child trafficking? Trump heads to Senate in Feb for impeachment trial. Do you think hell present evidence then?

        IMO, one reason why Covid was released by the Deep State as cover up so the people would not hear about child trafficking.

      2. The video above did not show the secret service wooden button block. I am still a little bit lost about allowing CB continue to sign EO even he is not the legitimate president. The EOs are hurting the
        American people. Do you think this is part of the plan that allow CB to sign EO? Why though?

        1. Randy, I can’t be sure but I’m doubtful those are real EOs. For example, there’s a video going around of a woman crying because she can no longer afford insulin for her son, a Type 1 diabetic. Her husband works two jobs, she works full time and goes to school, etc.

          But that’s the only video I’ve seen complaining about insulin prices going up and I’m not hearing from loved ones that their insulin prices have gone up.

          Also, I saw a truly fake post on social media by someone saying she’d been stopped from boarding a plane because of facial recognition at the MAGA rally January 6. This is just not credible. They’ve been using facial recognition in casinos for over 20 years and I don’t know a single professional blackjack player who’s ever been recognized that way.

          In the casinos they can zoom in on you from multiple angles and get a really good photo. At a MAGA rally of a million people, on a very cold day when people were wearing scarves and usually face masks, how on earth would you get a photo of each person for a facial recognition database?

          Very hard to know what’s real right now.

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