When Did They Have Time to Put In A Road Behind the Oval Office? (Updated)

Here’s Biden yesterday signing his first Executive Orders and Executive Actions.  The media made a big deal about that Benjamin Franklin portrait he installed in the Oval Office (click to enlarge):

That is Not a Real Reflection of That Desktop (New)

Thanks to Pete Dynomyt, who pointed out an anomaly in the photo above.  Look at the reflection in the window behind Biden.  The window reflection shows multiple small piles of white paper on the desk top.  On the real desk, there is only one piece of white paper.

Also, the chair back is in the wrong position in the reflection.  There are other discrepancies as well.

That is not a real reflection of that desk.  That is Biden sitting in front of a green screen.  That will be important when we get to the photos below.

Now look at the big trucks directly behind the Oval Office window in the photo below (click to enlarge).  Biden’s wearing the same tie and jacket.  Where are the White House grounds?  Where are the big trees and evergreens that are supposed to be right outside that window?


Here’s another view out those windows.  A street is right behind him with white lines for parking spaces marked out?

Some people point out other photos of Biden in front of those windows where there is greenery behind the windows.  You can see one here.  It’s a different angle on the top photo (the one with the fake reflection in the window) and is likely a green screen photo as well.

In any case, you can’t have greenery in half the photos and no greenery in half the photos without it being clear someone’s faking photos.

Biden’s wearing the exact same tie and jacket in all the pictures, both with greenery there and greenery missing.

And although there are service drives on the White House property, they are not that close to the Oval Office windows.

They are now also faking a Trump photo with a road close by the Oval Office window.  I can’t find it or anything similar online but someone posted one in the comments.  It had an odd shadow on the right of Trump’s head that made it clear Trump was cut and pasted into that background.

In any case, you can’t have it both ways.  Either the greenery was cut or it wasn’t.  I think when people started pointing out the anomalies in the Biden Oval Office photos, they pasted together new photos, including the photo at the top.  But the new photos have anomalies as well.  Again, see the top photo.

Note the Fake Curtains in the Second and Third Photos (New)

And we’re just getting started with the anomalies.  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Kathy Berkshire, DeeGee, Ruth and Anonymous, I can now point out that the curtains in the second and third photos are fake.  Those are not the high-quality gold brocade curtains Trump left in the White House.  The fabric in the Biden photos is cheap and wrinkled.

Since we’ve already established that the top photo has an impossible reflection and has to be Biden in front of a green screen, we have more proof that Biden is not in the real Oval Office.

Again, here’s what the real curtains look like and what’s really outside those windows (click to enlarge):

Here’s the Oval Office exterior below.  (Click to enlarge.)  I don’t see that asphalt street with parking spots marked.  I see lots of trees and shrubs instead of space for that truck:

Here’s the view out the Oval Office windows in winter, when the leaves are off the trees. Still lots of evergreens and tree branches.  No road in sight out that window on the right.

Here’s the Castle Rock Pictures replica of the Oval Office used for Disney’s Nixon and 20th Century Fox’s Independence Day.  Finally, a blue carpet to match Biden’s!  (Click to enlarge.)

Q said the final step before the take-down of the Deep State would be “CASTLE ROCK.”  Click to enlarge (ignore the red highlight, that is from earlier):

Please take my word for it that we passed through all of the other steps.

We are watching a movie!!!  What have they done with Biden?!?!?!

In one of his final messages before inauguration day, Simon Parkes said he thought the media might show a faked CGI inauguration, staged weeks earlier. He says that right off the top of the video through the link.

On the 18th, he said his source had said Biden would be arrested before he could take the oath of office, but it was possible the media would show a fake CGI inauguration.

I think Biden’s been arrested. 

Why Didn’t Anyone in DC See the Inauguration or Hear Anyone Singing Yesterday?

A veteran who lives in DC, with contacts in DC law enforcement as well as the National Guard stationed in DC yesterday, as well as many other locals, says neither he nor any of his DC friends or contacts saw an inauguration take place yesterday or heard the singing at the event.

He asked over 50 people.

Yesterday, Charlie Ward said he received a tape of the inauguration in Spain at 7 am.  That’s 1 am EST, or 11 hours before the event supposedly occurred.

Business Insider Reports the Pentagon Blocked Biden’s Team from Accessing Info on Military Operations All the Way to Yesterday

This is reporting from today, not two weeks ago.

Even info on distribution of Bat Plague vaccines was reportedly blocked all the way through yesterday at noon.

Yesterday, Biden said his team would have to start from scratch to figure out what’s been going on.  That suggests the Pentagon still isn’t telling him.  Trump officials are gone, so why doesn’t someone in the National Guard hand over the info?  The National Guard has been distributing the vaccines for over a month now.

Is General Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard, in a state of MUTINY???

This is exactly what Simon Parkes said the military would do if the plan was still on and Trump would return to power.

There are 30k+ Troops in DC; Why Are None of Them Leaving?

MonkeyWerx expected to see beaucoup troops being flown out of DC last night, what with the inauguration over and all.

And he expected to see the build-up of military aircraft at the Mexican border fly away to their home bases.

Didn’t happen.

Instead, MORE National Guard troops arrived in DC after the inauguration supposedly occurred.

Why has the House of Representatives Been Told To Go Home?????

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert just tweeted:

The House was told to go home. Next week’s schedule is cancelled.

Why has Congress suddenly been sent home, hmmmmmmm?

And Why Has the Senate Impeachment Trial Suddenly Been Postponed to Mid-February????

See for yourself.  Hmmmmmmmmm?????

If Biden’s in Charge, Why Are the JFK Assassination Files Suddenly Getting Declassified?

See photos from the newly-declassified JFK autopsy here.

No wonder Jackie said it wasn’t Jack.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s working fast.

Why Does Hunter’s Voice Break Into Biden’s Speech Saying He Has a Plea Deal???

WTF is happening?

Go to exactly 1:16:39.  This is supposedly an official WH video.  It’s posted on the official White House Youtube account.

Biden is speaking and suddenly audio of Hunter breaks in saying he’s accepted a plea deal.

Former Head of the Vatican Bank Convicted of Embezzlement and Money Laundering

Sentenced to 9 years.

Was it for laundering $34 quintillion????

MonkeyWerx Says No Signs National Guard Left Today

But he says big military birds headed in to DC today.  It’s going to be very interesting to see where they head to when they leave.

More weirdness coming tomorrow, gang.

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147 thoughts on “When Did They Have Time to Put In A Road Behind the Oval Office? (Updated)

  1. 808, all you have to do is explain the wallpaper in the Biden Oval Office photo.

    Did they repaper the Oval Office in the handful of hours before Biden signed orders there or did they use the Castle Rock set?

    1. There was a person walked by behind the windows and it’s very close to the window. Based on the picture of the back yard of the oval office, there is no walking path directly behind the windows. Watch the video at 0:48.
      This is very strange because there is no entrance or pathway directly behind the windows. Who is this mysterious person? Does it look like President Trump???

      1. Randy, when that figure enters the screen from the lower right of the windows, there’s a little crowd of people entering or leaving a door at upper windows left.

        There’s literally a sidewalk to that door. The entire show is preposterous.

    2. Hey Arnold. I just found another video of CB signing another EO. It looks like there is some kind of plastic cover behind the windows. Do you think it is the real oval office being renovated or the prerecorded at the fake oval office?

      1. Randy, DPotcner and Mustang Medic, who are both citizen journalists in DC, both keep saying that there’s no sign of anybody at the WH or Capitol. Potcner said yesterday, “How long must we put up with this charade?”

        I think everything is theater right now.

    1. Paul, don’t be a dumbo. There are numerous recent photos of Trump in the Oval Office and he didn’t redo the wallpaper.

      Nor would Biden change it to that crappy pink wallpaper. He’s on the movie set.

  2. I’m enjoying your new site, Arnold. I like the color scheme.

    My current theory:
    I don’t think Biden is actually president. I don’t think he has any power. The media is trying very hard to trick the public into thinking that he does.
    I think we currently have no president. The military is in charge of the country for now.
    I think there is a secret operation taking place that we couldn’t even imagine. I remember someone saying in regards to the arrests: when they happen, they will happen in a way we never expected.
    I think Trump will be our president again soon.
    How does my theory sound?

    1. I want to agree with you but, if this is a charade, then ANY executive order he signed would not have any teeth no? But yet 50,000 + pipeline workers are out of jobs right now. How can this be??

  3. Ok I did some digging. During Trump’s presidency, the wallpaper changed from stripes to that current one. The rug isn’t wall to wall carpet, it’s just a circular rug, so that can be changed in a few minutes. The thing that still puzzles me is the window. I can’t explain that background, even if the trees are dead cuz it’s winter. I did enjoy the article, but I would hate to see it get debunked and discredited. Keep digging, patriots. We are over the target.

      1. Trump=gold brocade curtains. Biden plain and wrinkled gold. Castlerock set=brocade also. Maybe the others are out for cleaning? Vehicles are oddly visible as stated. Harris wants remodeling before moving kn.

        1. Or… maybe the Vice President residence is a “Crime Scene”… Pence is a pedophile & he lived there (4) years.

  4. Ok something else that seems odd to me is if you those are the same curtains why are they all wrinkled in B’s pix but not in T’s pix??? Curtains don’t wrinkle themselves WHILE HANGING… THIS IS DEFINITELY A HEAD SCRATCHER

    1. I notice the T curtain fabric is embossed with a nice design the B drapes are not & obviously just removed from packaging which caused the wrinkles

    2. Hey does anyone see the cartoon lion in the windows behind Biden? The picture with the red line showing the trucks in the back ground. I swear in the upper portion of window I see a cartoon lion. Am I crazy or do you see it too?

  5. Why did Trump wish Biden good luck twice ? Maybe because he was doing a performance? Makes total sense. Why was his not very generous? Maybe because he let him off fairly easy. This will be the best movie ever

    1. He didn’t ever use Bidens name. He said, “The incoming administration.” I paid attention to that. It really stood out to me.

  6. Arnold, there appears to be another Ray on your site. I am the one who has been around for the past few months and earlier I posted a comment about my theory. I did not post the comment questioning the wallpaper in the oval office. So from now on I will be using my last initial and posting as “Ray R” so you can tell us apart. It looks like your new site is attracting new visitors which is great. It’s important for real news to reach as many people as possible.

    Anyway, I hope Trump or the military lets the American people know what’s going on soon. I hope this phony president hoax won’t be allowed to go on much longer. I’m still looking forward to the GBS kicking in and watching some military tribunals for a few days.

      1. Who walked by from the background when Biden was reading from his white paper note? Is there a walkway right next to the windows because the person seems very close to the windows? There was an article stated that might have been President Trump.
        Starts at 14:20.

  7. Not to mention all of the headings on the White House social media banners say White House Washington….as if it needs clarification.

  8. Hi Arnold. Im a bit puzzled with the window theory. I did Duck Duck Go search and it shows Biden with the same trees in the background. Ive also seen a pic of Trump with the oval office window behind him and could see a couple cars there. Idk what do you think?


  9. Hey Arnold, I found pics of Biden in the oval office and there are similar trees in the background.

    Ive seem pics of Trump with the same windows behind him and you can find cars in the background as well. Just pointing thay out.

  10. So have you noticed the lack of numbering on all of Biden’s Exec Orders? Trump’s always had the number at the top of his on the white house page. Example: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/01/21/executive-order-establishing-the-covid-19-pandemic-testing-board-and-ensuring-a-sustainable-public-health-workforce-for-covid-19-and-other-biological-threats/

    And then look how none have been listed here: https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders

    1. I’ve done research today on the EOs . They do not have to be numbered and they do take time to show up in the register. Executive Actions also do not have to be numbered nor recorded in the Register. This does not mean Biden is legitimately signing legitimate (we know they can’t be since the election was fraudulent, but that doesn’t mean the agencies will not go along with it) Executive Actions or Orders, but it does mean that the lack of them being numbered and in the Register, especially this early, cannot be counted on as evidence of anything. Just to make sure we are thinking critically here and not jumping to conclusions that we want.

      1. Country Bumpkin, I believe Executive Orders do have to be recorded in the Federal Register, but it takes a few days after signing. So I’d expect to see Biden’s EO’s posted Monday.

        1. A couple of sources state:

          Executive Orders
          Washington – Biden

          The form, substance and numbers of presidential orders (jump to table below) has varied dramatically in the history of the US Presidency. Numbering of Executive Orders began in 1907 by the Department of State, which assigned numbers to all the orders in their files, dating from 1862 (Lord 1944, viii). Through those efforts, the frequency of unnumbered orders declined sharply. President Hoover attempted to bring further order and regularity to the processing and documenting of Executive orders (ibid).

          But it was not until the Federal Register Act in 1936 that a more thorough contemporaneous documentation of Executive Orders began. Before then, and occasionally afterwards, discovery of an order not previously counted has resulted in assigning a number already in use together with an associated letter (e.g., 7709, 7709-A). This practice explains why the total number of orders issued may be greater than the result that would be obtained by subtracting a president’s first order number from his last (and adding 1).

          Today virtually all numbered Executive Orders are published. However, the Federal Register Act specified that such orders need not be published if they had “no general applicability and legal effect.” Thus, the text of some orders is not available.

          In addition to the numbered executive orders, there are many unnumbered orders (see Lord 1943). The best known compilation includes “over 1500” unnumbered orders, but the editor notes that the true total is unknown. Estimates have reportedly ranged as high as 50,000. The editor, Lord, notes emphatically that “no distinction can be made between numbered and unnumbered Order on the basis of subject matter, general applicability, public interest, or legal effect.”

          There have always been many forms of Presidential orders in addition to the numbered Executive Orders and Executive Orders included in the published “unnumbered series”. Currently, these commonly are called “Memorandums” but can have many titles. Decades ago, such documents were commonly titled “Letters.”

          In this table we present the total number of Executive Orders issued by presidential term (not calendar year). Thus, this table does not include other forms of written presidential orders (such as memorandums), or discretionary executive actions not accompanied by a published presidential directive.

          The table below is modified and updated from time to time. This table includes our own original tallies for the first FDR term based on Lord (1943, 1944). Our numbers still differ slightly from the numbers posted in the NARA Executive Order Disposition Tables. But we are confident that we have correctly counted the Lord entries (and the NARA figures are very close to ours).

          Our APP document collection of numbered Executive Orders is complete with respect to published Orders starting in 1945. We are adding earlier orders to the collection as possible, and welcome (and will gladly acknowledge) contributions to this effort. We will also be adding our independent tallies for unnumbered orders. ” That is from https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/statistics/data/executive-orders and this: “EXECUTIVE ACTIONS VS. EXECUTIVE ORDERS

          Joe Biden issued more than a dozen Executive actions on his first day in office, and people have asked how they are different from Executive orders.

          Executive orders are published in the Federal Register and are legally binding. They give presidents the power to create unilateral directives, though they can be overturned if a court rules they are unconstitutional. Executive orders remain in place until rescinded or modified by a president, reversed by a court, or nullified by legislation.

          Executive orders, around since the founding of the Republic, are allegedly the powerful ones.

          Executive actions, by contrast, bear little weight. They’re not published in the Federal Register and aren’t subject to legal review. But these so-called threats-to-orders often draw reactions as sharp as the responses to orders themselves.

          #NotMyPresident Biden issued Executive actions yesterday. One might say, well, it’s good they’re not as powerful, yet the thing that is striking is they are not subject to LEGAL REVIEW!”

          And more but essentially it looks like, yes, you are correct that anymore Executive Orders are numbered and published in the Federal Registry but Executive Actions , (which it seems Biden has been signing thus far), are not required to be numbered and registered, as is the case with Memorandums. The interesting thing is they, particularly Memorandums, even though not law, are not often subject to legal review and are legally binding but yet not law. Figure that one out. ( :

    2. Trump’s last EOs from the 18th just were published yesterday, the 22th. So it takes a few days, we need to look on Eednesday and see if they have been added.

  11. Dos you mention the curtains? The real curtains in the real Oval Office are made of quality damask, whereas Bidden’s curtains are made of cheap, plain material, rather creased. I really don’t think if he bothered to change the curtains on his first day in office, he’s going to decide on a cheaper, nastier version in the same colour.

        1. Harriet, let’s assume all the sources have been right and the military is attempting to take on the ClA. I would say the failure on inauguration day means the ClA just had a big win.

          That would suggest the military is not, in fact, in control.

          Parkes says his best source says they’re going to try again. I don’t think we really know whether that will happen and, if it does, who will win.

  12. The reflection in the window behind JB shows a desk with white papers on it – does not match the desk he is sitting at where we see a white coffee cup and a phone. Maybe he is sitting at a desk on that photo, but the backdrop is a photo from another day/time when the desk had different items on it. I mean – hes sitting in front of a green screen and the wall/window behind him is a real image from another time. Lots of anomalies.

      1. There are 2 phones on the desk. Hard to tell in the 1st picture but if you scroll down to 2nd picture of sky news post, you can see that there are 2 chairs, one on each side of desk. I think in the reflection it does look like a chair is there but hard to tell. It is fun to be an investigator, my cousins and I have been doing it since before Jan 6.

  13. The curtains are not the same, Trumps have a woven pattern in them. Also wrinkles signify “traitor” in the military. American flag on Bush Sr. Casket was wrinkled and not perfectly put on during his funeral etc.

  14. So I’m confused Arnold… looking back at your post from yesterday it looked like we were done for, betrayed and lied to but today you seem more positive. So which is it? You think THE PLAN will follow through or not?

    1. Hannah, since it became clear they’re posing Biden in a fake Oval Office, I’m more positive.

      I’m also watching some other developments that should become clear by Monday.

      1. Hey Arnold, if all of these information about fake oval office and the military or President Trump are all in this plan to take down the Cabal and all corrupt politicians and bankers, why not have executive orders that are less impact on the American people and thousands of jobs are lost?

        1. Randy, I don’t think anybody is doing anything in reaction to those “Executive Orders.”

          There was a story yesterday that ICE was continuing to deport people despite Biden’s EO stopping deportations for 100 days.

          I don’t think Biden can stop the Keystone Pipeline with an EO that cancels Trump’s EO permitting it. SCOTUS said Trump couldn’t cancel Obama’s EO’s.

          I think it’s all theater.

          1. Hope so because there was a press conference from one state said they were laid off and construction of the border wall has stopped. Any thoughts Arnold? Gas price started to inch up a little as well.

          2. Randy, any headline will affect short-term trading prices. There are literally bots that trade based on headlines.

            I saw the press conference with the supposed Keystone pipeline manager in the yellow hard hat. I think it was fake. If you mean a different press conference, let me know.

            Construction on the border wall has not stopped. There is $1.3 billion already budgeted for construction this year and numerous officials have already said Biden’s EO was illegal. So construction on the border wall continues. I really think these are fake EOs.

  15. Comments on everyone’s comments:

    First, thank you for your comments.

    To the people pointing out the wrinkled curtains: You are right. In the second and third photos from the top, those are definitely not the Oval Office curtains. They are not brocade and they are very wrinkled.

    I will add that to the post.

    To the people who commented about the White House service roads:

    Yes, there are service roads on the White House grounds. There is not an asphalt service road that close to the Oval Office. There is one further away. So I didn’t approve your comments.

    To people posting that there is greenery through the windows of some Biden Oval Office photos, I agree. There are also brocade curtains in the top photo, but not in the next two.

    These are all photos of Biden, purportedly at the same time, in the same Oval Office. Biden is wearing the same jacket and tie in all the photos.

    To the people posting the photo of a road behind Trump, that is clear a cut-and-pasted photo. Look at the weird shadow outline on the right of Trump’s head. Where is the tree right behind that Oval Office middle window? It’s so obvious I’m not approving your comments.

    To Pete Dynomyt, thanks for the observations on the reflections. I’m going to look at them more closely.

      1. Randy, I disagree with that article.

        Why would Democrats tell us Democrats are pedo murderers?

        And Q was the first to tell us what Epstein was up to. That’s all been confirmed. And Johnheretohelp has already confirmed Schiff’s pedo acts that killed a young black boy at either the Standard Hotel or Chateau Marmont in L.A. Q was first to tell us of that.

        Q was first to tell us Obama launched and funded ISIS. That’s been confirmed. I could go on all day.

        I think Holt’s just another normie who never followed Q. Trump had many opportunities to disavow Q and never did.

  16. Maybe you’ll let this one through: Can ANYONE explain how this theory makes any logical sense? Why would Biden be on a movie set? For what? Why would he go along with it? What purpose does it serve? Who is in the White House, then? Nobody? Why?

    IF you’re going to tell me “because the Military is in control” then explain to me why they are letting Biden issue Executive orders from a “movie set?” There is ZERO logic in this theory.

    1. EA, there is also no logical sense in Biden posing in front of a green screen, or posing in a fake Oval Office with obviously fake curtains and an obviously fake view through the windows.

      There is also no logical sense in a tape of the inauguration reaching Charlie Ward 11 hours before the inauguration.

      Also, why does a friend who lives in DC, with endless law enforcement friends in DC, say he can’t find anyone who saw or heard the inauguration?

      And there are other discrepancies I’ve been watching. I wanted to give them time for a logical explanation to emerge. I may post on them today.

      I can think of alternative explanations for everything. But why are we being lied to?

      1. Also, after just now searching for a clear picture (why is yours so blurry??) of the “window reflection photo” I can once again say, it’s perfectly normal. You can see the reflection of the white cushion on the chair next to the desk (which you think is paper on the desk), you can see the desk itself, the phones on the desk, and the coffee cup, all perfectly matching up to their non-reflection counter parts.

        By continuing to block my comments, you’re only proving that you do not want honest discussion here. You want validation of your “theories” with no scrutiny allowed.

        1. EA, there is no chair cushion between that desk and window. And there certainly aren’t three chair cushions grouped like that.

          I will post any polite comment that furthers discovery. If you’re rude but further discovery, I will post the part that furthers discovery myself and credit you.

          1. There are so many unexplained events occurred before the inauguration of Biden. The fake oval office or CASTLE ROCK from Q, inauguration ceremony was shown in Europe 11 hours prior to the actual date and time, police cars and buses went thru the white house, bright light beamed at the white house but was not on after power was out, the white house went dark and then fireworks started going off when the lights were back on. Why were these events happened? For what? Since everyone is wearing masks at the white house, are they actually real or replaced by someone else to take up their rolls for those who got arrested? If the theory is that the military is in control and must be top secret, are we all just speculating from clues and unexplained events occurred?

    2. Hey EA, I don’t think anyone on here wanted to lie to ourselves and hopelessly hoping to have our democracy and freedom back. I don’t think President Trump just left and give up when he knows all the corruption going on in DC and lots and lots of evidence of voter fraud. Plus, he continuously telling us that he would never give up. Watch this video and see for yourself. 2:35 marker.
      I have the same question as you about the EO, why allowed JB signed lots of EO in a fake Oval office if he was arrested or detained? Why was Hunter voice can be heard when JB was addressing to the nation? Why did the MSM broadcast the fake or prerecorded inauguration and commentators as well? The Old Guard gun salute, why he didn’t get the presidential gun salute but rather the foreign/cemetery salute? There are lots of unanswered questions but I believe President Trump did not just walked away and gave up. I have faith in President Trump.

  17. A timeline..it would take time to put things in place to show the world..and to make arrests..using Biden to give an appearance of normal procedure to assure the public till the media agree to televise the Truth exposed..of course they wouldnt actually want him in the real Oval office to do this

      1. Arnold, Rudy’s Tweet was posted on FB earlier but I don’t know how to put an image in here. The FB link on my page is: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=745858553032712&set=a.593566561595246&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZXy4ha5-TLUjHFdEHyyi53kMPyIKH-trJ6yXWgpVJH_G3ZScdlGShqXuVx7vFbRZS9pPLdneF0mEKEL707B5K7bypC9CxpWYa_LM3H469g228d-7pvPMGYflwC3lW4hwjs&__tn__=EH-R and the link to his tweet is :


        I think those will work. His words were:

        Rudy W. Giuliani
        Jan 21
        The American people were at best virtual participants in today’s inaugural.

        It was a purely staged media event for the elite.

        All other Americans were invited to watch from afar, very afar.

  18. We’re being lied to in order to avoid major riots in democratic cities across the nation and to also capture people involved outside of DC. This is bigger than just Biden.

    1. Cindy, only thing we’re sure of right now is they are posting fake photos and they taped an inauguration in advance and showed it.

      Also, Pelosi kept designating temporary Speakers of the House that last week before the inauguration, even though she supposedly showed up in Congress those days.

      And we now have several photos of Pelosi with some kind of unusual law enforcement escort.

      So, for example, maybe Biden and Pelosi had to be hidden because of some extreme threat, so they posted the fake photos and tape to keep the public calm. All we know right now is we’re being given fake info by everyone, both weird and mainstream sources.

      1. I’m sorry if I was not clear. I think they are under some kind of arrest. Nancy has US Marshals with her. One of them from the ‘group’ photo in the Capitol was with her at the inauguration designating where she needs to go. My comment about the rioting is for the government to avoid rioters by people who will be upset about democratic arrests. This has to be exposed to the public when the top people are rounded up because the streets will burn again in the major cities. That’s why we have military stationed across the US.

    1. Randolph, I don’t see vehicles in the first photo.

      The second photo could be a little garden cart. We can all see a little stone path in the photos. That’s different from an asphalt road that big trucks could drive on.

      But thanks for weighing in.

  19. What do you make of all the sources repeatedly saying that there would be the global broadcast… and that never happening. Should we assume that it’s all over and just be ready to vote in the next election?

    1. Gabe, I’ve seen enough evidence that I believe there was a genuine plan and that was part of it. But it got called off.

      Parkes says they’re going to try again. Even if that’s true and they don’t back out a second time, we don’t know whether they’ll succeed.

      So I’m keeping my eyes open but not holding my breath.

      1. Hi Arnold,
        Thanks for creating this forum to analyze these bizarre anomalies and fakery. Just my opinion based on analysis about Simon Parkes. He’s been proven wrong on a lot of his videos, then he just deletes the video as if it never happened. One video around Jan 14, he claimed to speak to the real Q on the phone. When I called him out on it within the comments (There are no outside comms beyond 8Kun), then he deleted that video. There are also earlier videos from him where he claims to have met space aliens, and spoke to them. IMHO he craves attention and clickbait; although he’s very intelligent, I could see in his eyes his relish in delivering deception, spreading false Hope Porn.

        1. Youtube deleted Parkes’ videos, not Parkes. But even if Parkes deleted that particular video himself, it doesn’t mean he didn’t talk to Q. He may have done it because he realized he’d breached a point of etiquette.

          Of course Q talks to other people. He’s a human being talking to people. He just doesn’t post official Q messages to us except via 8kun.

          On the other hand, I’ve seen Ezra Cohen-Watnick “like” a twitter post that said he was Q. That’s a Q communication outside of 8kun.

          The Q people have used at least a dozen people to communicate their messages that I know of. They just use other names than Q but all the messages are the same.

          And I’m aware of the space aliens and I think about that as I listen to him. But Parkes was elected a Member of Parliament AFTER he went public with his alien stuff and he was reelected twice. He never lost an election. He decided to leave the job. He’s got a large movement called Creative Consciousness, or something like that, as well. He’s helped a lot of people.

          IMHO, Simon Parkes has been proven right over and over again and I’m not going to automatically reject someone who may have had different experiences than the norm. Even if Parkes’ alien experiences were to be proven a delusion, it doesn’t mean he’s wrong on other things. My first wife was a schizophrenic who saw little green men outside the windows. She was also a brilliant writer and the smartest, funniest, most perceptive person I’ve ever met. She certainly knew whether she had talked to someone on the phone and she could transmit information about the call.

          Doesn’t mean Parkes is automatically right on everything. One of his sources is Charlie Ward, who has a good source (the general), but also does a lot of “research” of dubious value. But I take Parkes seriously about his military intelligence source.

          I think the Q people deliberately chose odd messengers for their messages, because all of them are a little off. Probably it’s because normies can’t be moved off their belief in whatever lies CNN is spouting no matter how many times CNN puts out major lies, and the Q people were reaching out to more open-minded people.

  20. I see a cartoon lion in the windows behind Biden? The picture with the red line showing the trucks in the back ground. I swear in the upper portion of window I see a cartoon lion. Am I crazy or do you see it too?

      1. It’s a big head of lion to the left of the red line. Like a reflection in window or out there artificially. On the top photo of two picture showing the red line.

  21. Arnie, if I may call you that, you are delivering all speculative info. For 2 months I have waited with bated breath every time I read anything positive only to be disappointed again with the outcome. However, it is a nice diversion to watching soap operas but General Hospital can only do so much. It’s all so confusing to me.
    So, as I understand it, you say the military wants to assure the public by planting fake curtains in the office that aren’t designer (I myself have no curtains) and the new gardener has a problem with trees. Maybe the office has been remodeled already.
    Everyone is going to go crazy anyways if this is all true so why the wait? Why proceed forward with an impeachment? Why I ask you why???

    1. Harriet, I am not posting speculative info. I am posting concrete evidence that a fake inauguration was staged before another one. And I’m posting concrete evidence that Biden’s big EO signing happened in a film set.

      You are reading things into my posts and replies that I didn’t say. I didn’t say the military put Biden into that film set to reassure the public. More likely the Biden team staged that because they were worried about the inauguration taking place as scheduled.

      Obviously, they’re proceeding with an impeachment because they’re still worried about Trump’s power. Why are they still worried if he has no chance of regaining the WH? Why I ask you why???

      1. Ok I don’t follow directions well and I am having trouble with this so please have patience and give me guidance. Top ten questions to be answered please. First I have to make dinner.
        1)Fake inauguration before which other one?
        2)Why would the Biden team be worried that the inauguration would take place. Wouldn’t they want it to take place?
        3)Why would they worry about Trump’s power if Biden wasn’t truly inaugurated?
        4)If they have already been arrested, then isn’t it pointless to worry about Trump’s power as he still has it?
        5)If the military is not in control, then obviously no one was arrested.
        6)Why didn’t the military come out before and declare election fraud?
        7) Who would show this to the public Anderson Cooper? I hope he does something with his hair if he does.
        8) Military taking over. .What happens if they don’t?
        9) Maybe they are worried looking ahead at 2004?
        AND the most important question of all…..

        10) Why did Kamal Harris’s niece wear that awful coat
        considering she is an aspiring designer? Why I ask you why???

        1. Harriet, here you go.

          1. Parkes says he was told that there was a small real inauguration in DC AFTER a fake one recorded earlier that all the important people like Obama attended. But now we are questioning what Parkes said, because it doesn’t really make sense. See my new post on the National Guard for what doesn’t make sense.

          2. The Biden team recorded the fake one because they were afraid the real one wouldn’t take place. They wanted the PR advantage of showing people Biden had been inaugurated, so they staged a fake one for the media to show if the real one was stopped.

          3. That is the Big Question indeed, Harriet. They are obviously worried that Trump is going to win this battle and that Biden’s inauguration, real or staged, was illegitimate.

          4. We’re not 100% sure they’ve been arrested, and even if some have, there may be important people who haven’t been. The reason we worry about Trump’s power is because he appears to be out of the country right now instead of in the White House being president. (See my new National Guard post.)

          5. The military may have failed, it may be in control but there are loose ends to tie up, or the battle may be raging. I think we’re either in the middle of a raging battle or there are loose ends to tie up. Things keep getting better as new evidence comes in.

          6. Yeah, why not? Still pisses me off. We know that military intelligence people gave Sidney Powell affidavits, because she posted the affidavits online. And they said there was election fraud and foreign interference in the election. But they never did a big public presentation. I don’t know why.

          7. What was supposedly going to happen was that generals were going to go on TV as part of a national presidential address and lay out the evidence to the public. lol on Anderson Cooper.

          8. The military has to have taken over in some sense, otherwise why would Biden be posing for Oval Office photos in fake Oval Office film sets? And why would inauguration videos be put out showing disappearing granddaughters? If the military should lose this battle though, it’s very bad for us, in my opinion.

          9. Not sure what’s worrying them or what they still have to do to finish this up, Harriet.

          10. The million dollar question, Harriet. And thanks for making me laugh.

          1. Thank-you for the detailed response
            I can appreciate a good shoe sale with a passion for color detail but I don’t quite understand being “hung up”(excuse the pun) with curtain design! It is questioned whether the inauguration and oval office scenes were” fabricated” (excuse the pun). Perhaps the conclusion is that they were but not for the reasons stated. All were to protect the political elite, including Biden, from rioters although no “material” (excuse the pun) evidence.
            Now about the fake movie sets.
            The fake inauguration, if indeed so, was “The Greatest Show On Earth” with “Psycho” Nancy there supporting (literally) “Dirty Biden”, the “Rebel Without A Cause” as he supposedly enters the “Casa Blanca.” So it is no longer “All About Donald,” , but more about “How To Steal An Election” . “Mutiny In The Whitehouse” might occur if “Kamala In Wonderland” pulls “The 25th hour.”
            In the meantime, we have to wait “From Here To Eternity” as our dreams are “Gone With The Election.”
            So, in conclusion, to all those out there who are in a web of “Deception” and in the “Jaw” of denial here are 2 “Reality Bites” to remember
            1) to Sasha Obama stealing from White House (better than election I guess) “You Can’t Take it With You.”
            2)Concerning Donald and Joe. Maybe the USA is just “No Country For All Men.”

          2. Harriet, there’s no question at this point that the inauguration footage and Biden Oval Office footage were fabricated.

            Just keep watching the evidence. I’m working on another post right now.

  22. Has this picture been discussed? The drapes appear to be brocade in this view, and can see what appear to be trees pretty close outside. Only reflections can be seen in the far right window. I haven’t compared the wainscoating yet and can’t see much of the floor. I’m not sure we are always seeing original photos but so hard to say. https://www.npr.org/sections/president-biden-takes-office/2021/01/21/959170860/biden-administration-prepares-to-overturn-trump-abortion-rule

    1. Countrybumpkin, that’s another one of the photos with the TV set lights reflected in the window.

      There appear to be two sets of fake EO-signing photos. One set has clearly fake curtains and clearly fake views through the windows.

      A second set has good curtains and the shrubbery in the windows but fake TV set lights reflected in the windows.

      The lights should be reflected as a continuous stream from the molding near the ceiling, broken only slightly for the different window panes.

      1. Thank-you for your reply! Is it possible that maybe all of this was fabricated (excuse pun on everyones’ bizarre fettish with curtains) just to protect Biden from rioters? The obsession with the movie theme on “Dirty Joey” (harry) in the “Casa Blanca” might end “Up In Smoke”. Jan.6 was “The Greatest Show On Earth” with “Psycho” Nancy there , the”Rebel Without A just Cause.”
        Will we be doomed with this “Deception” “From Here to Eternity” or will there be “Mutiny In The Whitehouse” (bounty) and it will once again be “All About Donald” (eve).
        Donald or Joe? Maybe neither as this is “No Country For All Men.”

        1. Anonymous, a great source said months back that Biden asked Trump for a deal and got one. Dan Scavino seemed to confirm that with a video he posted at the time. And more recently a video of Biden speaking came out in which the voice of Hunter Biden suddenly popped up saying he had gotten a reduced-sentence deal.

          I think all this was fabricated because Biden got a deal and is off in witness protection somewhere while the other traitors are getting arrested. I’ll see about uniting all this material in a single post.

        2. Hey I wrote that but that’s ok

          If Joe can plagiarize, so can anyone.

          Come on man, (oops ), you are all right. The evidence shows it. He wasn’t in the office and the inauguration was not real. But what does that prove??? He wasn’t in the office and the inauguration was not real. That’s what.

          1. Harriet, no. It proves we’re being fed lies. Why are we being fed lies?

            I think we have a few decent pieces of evidence that we’re being fed lies because Biden isn’t president. One is that Trump is still flying on military aircraft. Another is a source who said Biden got a plea deal from Trump. Another is Hunter’s voice breaking into an “official White House video of a Biden speech” with news that he’d reached a deal for a reduced sentence.

  23. Per Trump being out of the country…..Not sure that monkeywerx is getting it right, or something else is off. Reports are that Trump was seen and spoken to at Mar-A-Lago yesterday and today, Friday. He was dining today and spoken to. The Washington Examiner printed this article: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trump-golf-club-florida-palm-beach-plans-talks

    Now, why on earth would the FAA not have the same flight restriction protection for Trump that they have and still do for other former Presidents? It was there earlier. Possibly did it disappear right after his term officially ended and monkey didn’t notice and/or report on it? Doubtful, but possible. But again, why? If he is in Florida and he has no flight restriction over his residence there, that would almost have to mean, to me, that there are no “white hats” in control at all now. Anyone else have input?

    1. CB, trust Monkey and the FAA over media reports. The FAA is hard data. The rest is fake news from both sides.

      And I never mentioned it because I figured I’d sound crazy, but I never believed Trump was at Mar-a-Lago. I saw a supposed photo of him golfing and I didn’t believe it was him. It looked like a bad double.

      The FAA would never remove that flight restriction if Trump were there.

      1. Okay, good to know your thoughts. You’d think if the good guys wanted everyone to think Trump was in FL they’d have left a flight restriction in place anyway. Maybe they really couldn’t do that, I don’t know. I now Trump really tries to follow all the laws in place and the procedures so nothing can be challenged. Anxious to see what monkey turns up next. I see nothing new yet. Glad to have found you, Arnold. It was due to Scott Mckay. Thanks for what you’re doing! And, btw, I’m not a “he”, but a 66 yr old grandma who’s really pissed at what’s been going on! But I answer to anything. ( :

        1. Country Bumpkin, you are one hell of a granny.

          Thank you for the terrific Monkey Werx find. He’s been so blue lately I hadn’t planned to listen to today’s update.

          This is just a terrific development. I just wrote a new post about it. I’ll go check to see if I called you a he.

  24. I listened to Simon and Doug Billings today and Simon mentions to watch the ladies shoes through the inauguration…. He says half way through they change colors….. I have not had time to go back and look at this but may be worth a look…

  25. I also noticed in the first picture you show that there is a stripe of blue fabric about 4 inches above the floor on the bottom of the curtain that doesn’t show in the 3rd picture. There is just the gold curtain.

  26. Just did a close look at the film set and that curtain has the blue stripe on the curtain. The picture with Jared? looking out the window in the winter does NOT have the stripe on the bottom of the curtain! Biden’s pictures are FAKE!

  27. It’s definitely all very strange and seems more like a circus show than a president taking office, but look at the actual window frames themselves. In the pics with T and O, the molding and window frames are the same color…not so in the pics with B.
    And why in the video is B signing EOs at that tiny little desk? Odd!
    Also the drapes (which one reporter claimed were the only thing NOT changed in the Oval Office) are definitely not the same drapes.
    Sure looks like a staged set…
    Have heard they did do a lot of remodeling at GITMO recently! 😉

  28. I don’t want to get off subject but this may be related. I found an article about the jet Biden allegedly flew used to fly to the inauguration: https://renespoints.boardingarea.com/2021/01/20/joe-biden-boeing-business-jet-bbj/. There are two separate issues involving this jet but they maybe related to the theory of the Castle Rock movie set (or one like it – see this article: https://www.cnet.com/news/youtube-builds-oval-office-replica/) For what it’s worth, I believe this is all a show. But here’s some information worth review on the jet article:

    1) The article references the jet information as follows:
    “Side note: the flight’s call sign was “JetEdge 34.” I wonder why they didn’t go with “JetEdge 46” in honor of Mr. Biden becoming, y’know, the 46th POTUS. Maybe it was security? (FWIW, the plane’s tail number is N834BZ, so the “34” may come from there and that had something to do with it. Maybe 34 is a lucky number. Who knows.)”
    N834BZ is a Boeing 737 Business Jet. You can search https://www.jetphotos.com and view many photos of this aircraft in its history (you’ll also need this info for part 2.)
    With that being stated, the flight activity for this tail number shows that N834BZ, under flight number EDG34, left Van Nuys, CA on 1/18/21 07:26 PST and arrived in Wilmington, DE at 14:47 EST the same day. On 1/19/21, EDG34 departed Wilmington, DE at 15:30 EST and arrived at Camp Springs, MD (Joint Base Andrews or Andrews AFB) at 15:57 EST. One the same day (the day BEFORE the “inauguration”), EDG34 flew from Camp Springs, MD at 18:12 EST to Washington IAD (Dulles) airport, landing at 18:23 EST. No additional activity was recorded for this flight or tail number after those flights as of 1/22/21.

    Q1: Why did the plane need to fly all the way from CA to fly Biden on a 30 min flight to DC?
    Q2: Why is all the activity on the day before and not the morning of as everyone stated on MSM?
    Q3: Reports state that Biden came in from Andrews AFB to the inauguration but this flight goes to Dulles last. What is the conflict information?

    2) The photo of the aircraft used in the article has a text description of “The Boeing Business Business Jet Biden Took to DC for His Inauguration” when you over over it but the article has a disclaimer at the bottom stating “(The featured image above is not the BBJ that Mr. Biden rode yesterday and is ©iStock.com/Boarding1Now)” If you look at the metadata of the photo, it was created 10/02/19 @ 8:58am on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera (assuming the clock was set properly.) Zooming in on the jet, the call sign is paritally visible with the letters “VP-…” the next three letters are obstructed by the wing but the 3rd digit is almost definitely a C and the 4th digit appears to either be a K or an R. the 5th digit could be a C, G, J, O, or an S. VP numbers are assigned to the Cayman Islands (eh?) and are listed on the Civil Aviation Registry. A quick review shows that the most likely candidate is the tail number VP-CKG as it is the only combination resulting in the Beoing 737 Business Jet. This plane is owned by Polywise International Holding Complany (refer to Hunter Biden’s Laptop for more info ;-p) and assigned to Sino Jet (again refer to Hunter Biden’s laptop.) jetphotos.com show that the plane using this tail number was “upgraded” to a Gulfstream Jet around 2016 but the photo was taken in 2019.

    Q1: Why was this particular photo chosen for this article?
    Q2: What does a Chinese plane from the Cayman Islands have to do with the Bidens?
    Q3: Where is this plane now since Polywise was dissoled in 2016?
    Q4: What other information is there on Sino Jet Airlines?

    I’ll leave this all with you, the American People, to take it and run with it.


      1. Arnold,
        I haven’t researched and not sure where to but…
        Monkey says that wherever the President is that isn’t permanent, (such as D.C., or his residence, etc. which have red dots for flight restrictions), there is a yellow dot on his maps denoting an FAA “temporary” flight restriction. Now, wouldn’t someone as important as a President-Elect, especially the couple of days prior to inauguration also have temporary flight restrictions over his residence or other location? Maybe not, but it seems a President-Elect has other services and is also afford gun salutes of varying types depending on the situation, and of course normally has government aircraft. Can Monkey check back in time on this data if indeed FAA restrictions would be in place? And who follows the location of a President-Elect the week of inauguration?

        1. CB, good idea, will look into that.

          I watch every Monkey video and read every blog post and I don’t remember him pointing out a flight restriction over Wilmington. I believe I would have remembered it if he had, because it would have depressed me.

    1. TomSH, the car in the Biden fake Oval Office is about 12 feet away, not 100 feet away.

      I’ve already posted that there are service roads on the White House grounds. But they aren’t closer to the Oval Office windows than that stone path. The Biden car is closer than the stone path.

      Also, the car in the Biden photo is on a road with a curb. There are white parking lines on the road. Neither of these things exist on the White House stone path or farther away service drive.

      But I appreciate every attempt to disprove the hypothesis.

        1. TomSh, the stone path is at least 30 feet from the Oval Office windows.

          The car in the Biden photo does not look the same distance as the car in your photos. In the Biden fake photo, the asphalt road is right on the other side of the low hedge.

          Hence, it’s about 12 feet away.

          And you neglected to respond to my point about the parking lines and curb on the edge of the asphalt road in the fake Biden Oval Office photo.

          You also neglected to respond to the fake curtains, the fake reflection, and the phony film set lighting.

  29. Ok. We are all living in the Truman Show. Nothing is real. The Oval Office was fake as well as the inauguration. But in this show he is in charge and we are all living in it The election was fraudulent, the military failed to cancel this show or at least change the program and who knows if they will have another chance. Perhaps we all want this so badly that even evidence that Trump is still using a military plane may be true but not for the reasons we want.. Maybe all of this was created for security reasons.
    The reality to us is that Biden, whether legal or not, is acting president and until proven other wise, will continue to do so. Now, instead of all this fuss about wainscoting, how about facts telling us when this Truman Show will have its finale and taken off the air. I would much prefer a good reality show starring Trump. How about THE VOICE?

    1. Harriet, I no longer think the military failed. I think the military is doing exactly what they planned to do.

      Here’s my current view, which could be changed as more evidence comes in:

      I think there’s a good chance police escorted three buses to the White House inauguration night and arrested everyone there. I think they arrested people like the Clintons and Obama earlier, and that’s why they staged a fake inauguration with them.

      I don’t believe Biden was in DC on inauguration day. I believe they made a big deal about that private jet to further the narrative but somebody else came into town on it.

      I think there have probably been a lot more arrests than the ones that may have occurred on inauguration day at the WH. They just shut down the Standard Hotel in LA where a pedo ring was operating. I’ll bet they’ve arrested a lot of the people, including big stars and politicians, who were involved in that pedo ring.

      I think Biden probably got a deal as my source said, and is cooperating with the show. They are probably carrying out the show because there are 200k+ sealed indictments and they truly are rounding up all the crooks behind them.

      There is weird stuff going on between China and Taiwan and I believe the military is dealing with that as well. All of a sudden a huge number of Vatican Cardinals have suddenly disappeared and the Pope is suddenly too sick for any appearances. So arrests are going on outside the country as well.

      And I may be doing a post later on a new political party just registered by the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. I have to look into it further but it looks like there may be a redo of the election coming up and Trump may run in this new party rather than as a Democrat or Republican.

      So, it looks to me like the military is taking care of a lot of business, there may be a complete redo of the election (including all the down-ballot races), and this may be the end of the Democrat and Republican parties. A great source whose timing is terrible has said since early December that Biden would concede. I’ll bet that’s coming.

      I don’t think Biden has any real power or any of his orders will be carried out. I believe there’s a show going on while we’re in a holding pattern and the military cleans up a mess.

  30. How long does it take to clean up a mess??? I still believe that the military has the constitutional duty to protect the people and thus present all corrupt evidence. I really can’t agree about Biden being arrested. No one could put up that good a pretense, especially this man, and even the corrupt media would have slip ups in terms of leaks. I had heard also that Biden was going to concede but obviously did not.
    Apparently a reason the military did not act on inauguration day was fear of civil war as Biden still has his following. It was suggested to wait until his popularity dwindles so the people would be more accepting of this!!!!!!!! First of all, the left will always have him on a pedestal no matter what. If Biden is still here in perhaps the summer or fall while waiting for his popularity to be driven down, his presidency will be already validated. Saying the military is in charge is just a matter of semantics.
    The charade is quickly becoming a reality. There might be an election coming up, but what is the timeline for that? Next year. Remember we need evidence not “It looks like, I don’t believe I think or I’ll bet!”

    1. Harriet, if you notice they are carefully keeping the media at a distance.

      Biden was obviously not inaugurated on inauguration day.

      Trump is obviously still being treated as president by the military.

      They had over 200k sealed indictments. They probably had around 10k people to arrest in DC and it appears they’ve done that, although the cages are still up around the White House complex and the Capitol. But there are more people to arrest outside of DC and China and Italy and others have to be dealt with.

      Biden’s not in charge of anything. He’s not even in the White House. They posted a fake photo on Instagram of Biden and Harris walking in the Children’s Garden Friday. Biden was in shirtsleeves. The high that day was 50.

      For another example, there was a big story about how even though Biden had issued an EO stopping deportations, ICE was continuing deportations.

      But I don’t really care if anyone else “believes.” I can see from the evidence that Biden was not inaugurated and Trump is still being treated as president by the military. I’m posting for those who are interested. I don’t care if I convince anyone.

      1. I understand and if I may be speak for others, we definately want to be convinced. Asking questions is the only means for answers and hope.

        I can’t answer if the media is being kept at a distance but CNN and all other left outlets are in our face 24 hours with new Biden Executive Orders. They may be only orders but these words affect our lives in examples of say short term trading and gas prices. He may not be a legitimate president, but do not underestimate the power of words.
        Biden ordered the cancellation of contracts with the pipeline. Is that not legitimate? Maybe not but wasn’t there the firing of app. 10,000 workers? Were their jobs not terminated? Is there not a halt on border walls being built? Biden is apparently being sued for this termination of new oil and gas leases on federal public lands and offshore waters. Is he not being sued? Biden’s deputy press secretary announced that “conspiracy” organizations are not allowed in conferences. So now it is very likely that there might not be any conservative voices at these meetings. No freedom of speech when it comes to opposing views.
        Paxton sued Biden over deportation freeze. The judge issued a “temporary” restraining order from implementing this order. Why bother at all with the lawsuit?
        App. 8,000 Honduran ayslum seekers attempted to reach the U.S. southern border and were repelled at the border due to Trump’s agreement with Mexico and Guatemala to stop illegal aliens. However, they continue to march based on “Biden’s” words. He might not have the label “president” but unfortunately his words are beginning to have devastating consequences..

        Why would Trump announce “Office of the Former President” if he does not recognize Biden as president? Wouldn’t “Office of the Other President” be more accurate? Words matter especially when the whole world is listening.

        1. Harriet, I haven’t watched CNN or any other fake news outlets in years. I saw a few tweets on some of Biden’s EOs and just thought they were ridiculous.

          I don’t think anything we’re seeing is legitimate. Note how there is always a counter to every EO. He orders construction on the wall to stop and other people immediately say that’s illegal and construction for this year is already funded. He orders deportations stopped and a judge pops up within a day or two to block the EO.

          Yesterday a guy I’ve followed for 4 years on twitter suddenly did a video in a yellow hard hat and vest saying he was just laid off from the pipeline. He doesn’t work on the pipeline. I’ve followed him for four years and this is the first time he’s ever mentioned a pipeline.

          I don’t think there are any real press conferences. There are staged fake press conferences.

          And we don’t know whether 8000 Hondurans are marching or not. Always remember that MonkeyWerx video about the media and ClA staging the fake crash of that Boeing 737 in Ethiopia.

          Trump is an actor in this play as well. We have plenty of evidence that things are being staged. We don’t know fully why. I would just feel confident that things will turn out okay and watch the show.

          Look at how much fun Biden is having. He is joking around and having a great time. He’s safe and his family is safe. We should be enjoying his performance.

    1. The three “Republican” Senators most likely to be involved in Deep State crimes or working for those who’ve committed Deep State crimes.

      Think of how stupid it would be to pick those three to build a bridge to the GOP.

      Obviously fake. They’re probably all under arrest.

      1. In order to stage a photo like that and operate a second white house you need an awful lot of complicit people: assistants to the policitians, photographers, journalists, drivers, caterers, decorators, perhaps CGI-artists, etc. It would be hundreds or even thousands of people who would have to know that the whole thing takes place in California. Or how else could they produce hours of material without such a crew?

        From http://blog.planet5d.com/2014/05/crew-sizes-on-highest-grossing-hollywood-films/ :
        “On average the top films of the past two decades have each had 3.5 writers, 7 producers, 55 people in the art department, 32 in sound, 55 in camera / electrical and 156 in visual effects.”

        And these hundreds of crew members have spouses and friends. How come the puppetmasters (or movie producers) would not need to be afraid of someone giving the secret away?

        1. You’re very naive, Innocent Bystander.

          The media is completely complicit and controlled by the ClA. The entire government and judiciary are blackmailed.

          What does it really take? We just had the media spend four years on a Russian Collusion hoax. None of them spoke out. Cameramen, on-air talking heads, “reporters”, secretaries, sound engineers. None of them made a peep.

          It took much less collusion for the fake Biden inauguration. There was obviously only a single cameraman. They all show the same photographs, so there was only one photographer as well. Same for Biden’s inauguration day “Oval Office” photos. There was a single photographer there too. The ClA has some photography guy and a couple of fake reporters feeding info to a world media that is controlled by, literally, six people.

          People like you won’t even look at the fact that inauguration day was completely overcast, with no shadows, but somehow all the inauguration footage is in bright sunlight, with harsh shadows. You won’t even look at the supposed Oval Office photos and recognize the fake curtains and the asphalt road 12 feet outside the windows, which is obviously not at the White House. I post a video that literally pans past the red-painted building on the Culver Studios lot, but you can’t see it.

          It takes absolutely no effort at all to fool someone like you. Any dufus who pretends to have authority can do it. I watch people like you in Vegas everyday. You’ve been brainwashed from age 3 or 4 and are determined to stay that way.

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