Welp, Here’s Time Admitting The Swamp Rigged the Election

Good God, the dam has burst.

Here’s swamp rag Time admitting powerful DC swampers rigged the election, only they thought of it as “fortifying” the election.  They’re apparently claiming they wanted to teach the public the “system’s fragility.”  Here’s a direct quote (click to enlarge):

Yeah, well, good luck with that.

In any case, as Steve Pieczenik just tweeted:

For you young’uns
Time mag was always a ClA tool
Just sayin’

So this is huge. It appears it’s popcorn time.

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4 thoughts on “Welp, Here’s Time Admitting The Swamp Rigged the Election”

  1. CE, I didn’t post your comment because how can you possibly feel discouraged when Time magazine just admitted that a cabal of elites rigged the election?

    And when an interrogation of James Clapper is released in which he says the entire government and all the judges are perverts who are blackmailed and controlled?

    Clearly, Charlie is right. Today is the day.

    Twitter is desperately trying to censor the Time story, but it’s frigging Time! For Grandpas and doctors’ offices! The horse is out of the barn!

    1. Hi Again AS:
      Thanks for the reply and for the consideration.
      Since my earlier post, you’ve written some things that have provided clarity that was lacking at the time I shared my sentiments. Thank you for that.
      I still believe the longer this rolls on and the unenlightened continue to fall for the fake reporting, we’re at risk.
      This worries me.
      I have precious elderly friends- veterans who love this country with their full hearts- and they’re suffering greatly because of what they see and believe to be happening to this nation they’ve served so well.
      I worry for what this is doing to them. Saw one yesterday and he was nearly suicidal with despair and righteous indignation. He believes everything he sees on MSM and I can’t get him to understand.
      The longer this rolls on, the more damage it does to him and others like him.
      I realize this is a war we’re in and war doesn’t run on a timetable that caters to the masses but, egad.
      I didn’t know of you up until 2 weeks ago and you’ve fast become one of my most trusted sources for true info.
      I will continue to bide my time and try to slow simmer from now on. But I will NOT be believing any projected times/dates from now on. Too many have come and gone to be believable.
      Thanks for what you do.
      I’m a fan.

      1. CE, I agree with everything you say. I have friends about to lose their home because of the lockdowns, other friends sick with stress.

        But what I also see is Time, a ClA-controlled rag, trying to get ahead of revelations that elites rigged the election. They’re still censoring Mike Lindell, having Youtube take down his video, suspending accounts that tweet links to the video. Why on earth would the ClA have Time admit they rigged the election if they weren’t in very deep shit?

        And why would Clapper be talking about Rosenstein’s crimes and Mike Pence having sex with young boys from Epstein’s channels if Clapper weren’t scared out of his mind? He made a deal because he thinks his team is going down.

        When sources speak, I always want to hear what they have to say, but I assume it’s a message for the enemy. Then I watch how the enemy reacts to the message. So, nobody official has told us anything about arrests, but we have their messengers saying arrests will be revealed, we have Clapper flipping and a fake Hillary at the inauguration and Biden in a fake Oval Office and a ClA rag admitting a cabal of rich elites rigged the election.

        We’re winning.

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