What a Beautiful Day Not

Here’s a screenshot from CNN’s coverage of the Biden inauguration.  The time is helpfully marked on the shot; it’s 8:43 am PST, which is 11:43 am EST.  Kamala Harris had just been sworn in.  Biden was sworn in 7 minutes later.  (Click all photos to enlarge.)

A few little nothing puffs of cloud and a big bright blue sky.  Look at the bright light and shadow on the Capitol dome.  What a beautiful day!

And look at the bright light and hard shadows in the close-ups, and all with no studio lighting set up on that balcony at all.  Look at the shadow on Amy Klobuchar’s yellow coat.  Look at Kamala and Roy Blunt squinting in the glare.

Now here is footage of the event from someone I actually know.   You can watch the whole video through the link, but here is a screen shot.  Amy Klobuchar spoke at 11:30 am EST; this is between her speech and the swearings in minutes later.

The sky is completely overcast.  It’s not partly cloudy, with fluffy clouds occasionally shading the sun.  It’s solid gray.  The reporter says the temperature is 25 degrees with snow flurries.  He says there are about 100 people at the event.

Note the complete lack of shadows.  Note the complete lack of bright light hitting the balcony where the speeches and swearings in took place.

Here’s a screenshot from when he scans his fellow TV crews.  Note the heavy jackets, the lack of shadows, the gray light, the need for special lighting for the on-camera reporters.

Here’s another screenshot from when he scans the reporters’ balcony.  No shadows.

Now here’s a screenshot from the Fox coverage of Amy Klobuchar speaking just moments before.  Look at the bright light and shadow on the balcony rail.

Frankly, they’re not even trying.

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