Why are the Lights of an Oval Office Stage Set Reflected in the Real Oval’s Windows?

This photo of an Oval Office set was tweeted by the verified account of the German Foreign Office yesterday with a quote from foreign minister Heiko Maas.

In their next tweet, they say it was shot at the set of a German TV channel Maas joined for an interview on inauguration day.

Maybe it’s normal in Germany for government officials to pose on TV in replicas of the Oval Office. I don’t know.

But why do the same studio lights show up in the Oval Office photos below?

The photo below, showing the same lights, is from cleveland.com.

You can see a slightly different version of the photo here from kshb.com.

There are no studio lights mounted in the Oval Office.  There is lighting embedded in the molding near the ceiling, plus there are lamps.

When they want to take photographs in the Oval Office at night, it appears they turn up the lighting in that molding near the ceiling.

I’ve looked at many photos of people photographing and filming Trump in the Oval Office, and they never appear to bring their own lighting.

Was Biden on the Oval Office set of a German TV station on Inauguration Day?  Or do they use the same studio lights at the Castle Rock Pictures set?

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7 thoughts on “Why are the Lights of an Oval Office Stage Set Reflected in the Real Oval’s Windows?”

  1. Let me say again that people who insist that everyone see a photo their way and insult those who don’t see it that way will simply not have their comments approved.

    After you do it three or four times, I’ll simply ignore your comments and send them straight to the trash.

    I’ve edited yesterday’s post to both add other people’s insights and remove mistakes that were pointed out in the comments. I’m grateful for every comment that legitimately points out a mistake.

    But you people who are emotionally invested in forcing us to believe the mainstream narrative can shove it.

    1. this is obviously a set from castle rock entertainment. As of right now there is military in every capital in the US and at dc. The military has taken control of this country and at some point in the coming weeks or months we will start seeing all the evidence of more treason crimes by all involved in the attempted coup of President Trumps administration. Godspeed.

  2. Arnold: What do you think the timeline is, if any, for a change to the current situation? It really doesn’t make any sense that if President Trump really were going to be around or if he were still in power that he would have let it get this far. It doesn’t make sense that sources that were once so vocal are now silent. If he truly had the power of the military, it wouldn’t make much sense to let the country go this way. I was a Trump fan, but it seems that many theories are being disproven, especially those that outright claimed that Biden wouldn’t be inaugurated. I sure wish I was wrong! Just wondering your concrete thoughts on the future? Do you still believe what may be a Biden charade will only be a few months?

    1. Ronald, my take is we have already compiled evidence that there was a plan to keep Biden out of the White House. I just posted a video that adds to that evidence.

      But the military obviously didn’t follow through with the plan.

      Now we have sources telling us the military is going to have another go at the plan. I think we have evidence that these sources passed along at least some genuine information. So now it’s a question of whether they’re right that the military will try again.

      It seems to me that if they were stopped on their first try, that’s not a great reason for optimism. But I’m keeping my eyes open for now in case a reason for optimism shows up.

      Parkes says the next goal will be by mid-April. I’m keeping my eyes open but not holding my breath.

    2. Arnold, in all due respect, there are often situations our small minds cannot wrap around. One extreme one I have been considering is the rumor that CCP has placed container missiles in key places throughout DC and in other key locations, as well as off the shores of both coasts!
      Have u heard what these are? They are shipping containers being hauled by a semi or freight train or cargo ship. Inside are ballistic missiles. They are controlled by CCP satellites, so the top opens and missiles rise out of them and are launched and guided towards a target! What if Wednesday evening, when arrests were planned, key leaders received notice that if any arrests were made, these would be launched all over the country?

      Yes, this is extreme and maybe unlikely! However, we are dealing with some very evil people who will stop at nothing to gain power. Plan B will come in due time! Be patient and please pray for our country and our leaders!

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